Four New England States to Introduce Marijuana Legalization Bills

Four New England States to Introduce Marijuana Legalization Bills

Maine, Rhode Island to Introduce Bills Tomorrow, Vermont and Massachusetts to Follow

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Election Day, voters in the states of Colorado and Washington approved ballot initiatives to remove criminal penalties for adult marijuana use and regulate the substance in a manner similar to alcohol.

Tomorrow, state legislators from Rhode Island and Maine will join the Marijuana Policy Project to announce that they are introducing similar bills to tax and regulate marijuana in their state legislatures.

Joining on the call to legalize cannabis will be Rhode Island Rep. Edith Ajello (D-District 3, Providence) and Maine Rep. Diane Russell (D-Distrist 120, Portland). Both of these lawmakers have supported marijuana reform legislation in previous sessions.

In addition to Rhode Island and Maine, similar proposals will be submitted in at least two other states — Vermont and Massachusetts.

“Last week, Washington and Colorado replaced their states’ prohibitions on marijuana with a system of regulation and taxation,” said Robert Capecchi, legislative analyst for the Marijuana Policy Project.

“Both measures passed with roughly 55% voting in favor. Gallup found 50% support for making marijuana legal last year, and that support has risen over the years. We are passing the tipping point when it comes to this issue. Unfortunately, lawmakers have traditionally been behind public opinion when it comes to marijuana policy reform. With these thoughtful legislators in at least four states planning on introducing sensible proposals to remove criminal penalties and regulate marijuana in their states, it’s clear that ending marijuana prohibition is gaining momentum.”

  • jway

    When it comes to marijuana, the federal government has been hampered by decades of group think. It has insulated its core decision-makers with “yes men” until now they genuinely believe that the prohibition causes more good than harm. Unfortunately for all of us, this just isn’t true.

    We need to put the safety of our children FIRST and tell our legislators to legalize marijuana like beer and wine at the federal level.

  • rsteeb

    The prohibition of Earth’s most widely beneficial plant species is a crime against humanity. It shall NOT stand.

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