Colorado Business Groups Ask Feds to Enforce Marijuana Laws Against Amendment 64

Colorado Business Groups Ask Feds to Enforce Marijuana Laws Against Amendment 64

Some 20 Colorado business organizations wrote a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder last Friday urging him to enforce federal laws barring the sale and possession of marijuana. In doing so, the business groups are taking direct aim at the will of the voters, who passed Amendment 64 legalizing marijuana with 55% of the vote last month.

“Passage of Amendment 64 left considerable uncertainty for employers and business in Colorado with regard to their legal rights and obligations,” the letter said. “We encourage enforcement of the [federal Controlled Substances Act] to provide the certainty and clarity of law we seek.”

Amendment 64 legalizes the possession of up to an ounce of marijuana and the cultivation of up to six plants by adults 21 and over. That part of the amendment will go into effect by January 5 at the latest. It also directs the state to craft a system of regulations for commercial marijuana cultivation and sales. The state has until October 2013 to complete that task.

Still, marijuana remains illegal under federal law, but the Justice Department headed by Holder has yet to signal how it will respond. The Obama administration initially backed off enforcing federal laws in medical marijuana states, but for the last two years has stepped up enforcement actions.

For Coloradans and others who want to know who is attempting to undercut the will of the voters and respond in an informed and appropriate manner, here is the complete list of signatory organizations:


  • Jose Gonzales

    The letter, written primarily by the Chamber of Commerce, is paid for by Saudi money. This Chicken Little letter to AG Fast and Furious Eric Holder is an assault on our democracy from Citizens United.

  • James

    Ok ask them if alcohol use has impacted thier rights? Get over it you Prohibtionist scumbags you lost by a 10 point margin. Now cry at home while you spy on your neighbors you nanny state morons. Ah ha ha ha you lost somebody call a whaaaambulence!!!

  • jeff419

    In other news, multiple companies across Colorado will soon be declaring bankruptcy after being unable to recover form massive boycotts in retaliation for their attempts to subvert democracy and continue a failed drug policy.

  • Citizen80919

    We are already compiling a list of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce that supported this letter. This is a big list of businesses.
    If you wish to see if a business is a member, use this link:

    Be sure to write a letter telling the business that you are boycotting, recommending that your friends boycott, and that you are doing it because the business intends on circumventing the will of the people by their actions.

    • Tannim

      Question is this, though: was the letter written with the members’ foreknowledge and approval, or without it?

      • Jason Thompson

        Doesn’t matter, boycotting and telling them why you are boycotting will bring pressure on the Chamber itself, and is prob. the only way to send a message.

        • Tannim

          Yeah, it does matter, because it isn’t fair to the businesses to boycott them for something they had nothing to do with–and hypocritical, too!– and small businesses in this recession need all the help they can get.

          • Small Biz Owner

            It does matter but The Chamber of Commerce should not have a stance against it unless all members of the chamber voted for it. I would be pissed if the Chamber I was a member of made this kind of decision without my knowledge. All that being said I agree with Jason, tell the members why you are boycotting so they will know the Chamber is speaking for them and we the people do have a voice. Maybe not in DC anymore but at the local Chamber level we still have a voice. I am a small business myself and a Chamber member. The Chamber is there to help small business’ not hurt them by taking on political issues.

          • Tannim

            No, it makes more sense to talk to the business members about it first, and if they agree with the Chamber, *then* boycott them. No need to jump to the conclusion without the proper information first.

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  • robot999


  • robot999

    Email them and tell them you are Boycotting.

  • Stephen

    Read loke a boycott lost. I was planning to vacation to Colorado and Washington from now on. You would think businesses would welcome the tourism.

  • Stephen

    Reads like a boycott list. I hope the new regulations go into effect before Jan 5. I’d rather have Christmas in Colorado over Washington.

  • Ted

    All these groups represent the same companies that are lobbying very hard to be the ones chosen to sell it, if the end of Prohibition is any guide. The liquor stores want to sell it, the Farmers want to grow it AND sell it at Farmers Markets, the convenience stores want to sell it, and the pharmacies and grocery stores are there, too. The Freedom lovers who allowed us to be repressed now want to profit from it. I bet they wish they had never conceived this war on an inanimate object.

  • steve

    ok dammit it is time for President Obama to get off his ass and do what is right,make it a non- federal case,legalize it tax it and make money or let the cartel bring in their dope to sell to anyone,can’t u see that.because it’s not going away its here to stay u know that,either legalize it or build more prison’s,,,

  • steve

    And people have given u ideas what to do with marijuana,fibers,oils,fuels,clothes,shoe’s and on and on.and more jobs for people,it is a win win situation all around,,,

  • rob

    alcohol is what has kept them in buisness. and they were waiting for this moment. the companys want to be the ones to distribute the product so they cant have private marketers taking there profits. many people will smoke more pot than drink alcohol and that would take from there profits. so get the doj to poll against it then give them 8 mil in bonuses and trips then convince them the big corps are the only ones who can distribute marijuana compatently. the whole problem is the doj doesnt believe we know better than them. and the science we provide is false unsafe and non-legitamate such as harvard, ucsd, and oaksterdam the best example of science before fiction.

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  • spkavyo

    This is bullshit! The voters have spoken in CO and WA, and if anything the Feds should declassify marijuana, not enforce stupid laws.