Utah Medical Marijuana Patient Could Face Death Penalty for Killing Police Officer

Utah Medical Marijuana Patient Could Face Death Penalty for Killing Police Officer

OGDEN, UT — The medical marijuana patient who fired upon a narcotics task force as they raided his home Wednesday night, wounding five police officers and killing one, could face the death penalty when charges against him are formally filed.

Matthew David Stewart, a 37 year old army veteran who suffers from PTSD, and self-medicates with marijuana, was injured in the shootout and remains under police guard at Ogden Regional Medical Center.

Stewart likely faces a charge of aggravated murder, which carries the death penalty, and additional charges of attempted aggravated murder, according to Weber County Attorney Dee W. Smith.

The shooting, which left Ogden Police officer Jared Francom and five other officers wounded, occurred Wednesday night when a dozen narcotics strike force officers attempted to execute a “knock” arrest warrant for a narcotics offense at Stewart’s home.  Officers knocked on Stewart’s door and when no one answered entered the house.

Many say that Stewart, a veteran of the United States Army, was simply protecting his home from unknown intruders. Stewart, who worked the overnight shift at a local Walmart, was likely asleep when the police, in full tactical gear, entered his home.

“Why couldn’t they have done a little homework?” asked Michael Stewart, father of the suspect. “If they had, they’d have known he’d be out at 11 o’clock [in the evening],” leaving the house to go to work.  He said his son would have been easy to arrest then.

The elder Stewart said his son suffers from mental problems, possibly due to post-traumatic stress disorder. He said his son had never gone to the Veterans Administration to be diagnosed or seek help, but self-medicates with marijuana.

“He should have gone to get help, but in his eyes, it showed you were weak, and he tried to do it himself,” growing marijuana occasionally to self-medicate.  Utah does not have a medical marijuana program.

State court records indicate Matthew Stewart’s only criminal conviction was in 2005 in on a misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle without insurance.  He paid a $350 fine.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another victim of the travesty that is the War on Drugs. 

  • Anonymous

    He volunteers to sacrifice his life for his country, then his own city threatens his life for trying to deal with the repercussions of his service in a way that adversely affects no one, and now he could be screwed for life for defending his own home against intruders? Fuck everything about this.

    • Hope


  • Comanche

    I wonder how many vetrerns have been killed in this drug war. I see this too often. Ron Paul in 2012 to end this stuff.

    • Michael Kaer

      What about that one vet that thought his home was being invaded. They showed a whole ring of police unload everything on the poor basterd. Great work!

  • Jimi-the-greek

    Look he had every right to defend himself we don’t belong to the government. If a government employee brings a gun to a conversation then what is he scared of ?.well because police,Feds,what name they give them know they are not allowed to do this to people.I will do the same if it was me its called self-defence no governments no person in the world can stop any persons from using anything WE don’t belong to anyone but ourselves force of deat h was brought upon Matthew Stewart that’s what you trained him for to know the difference .This man used his traithning using the same force brought upon him ….Innocent free to go…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000523474067 Joey Ray

    I wish we could shoot when the police invade our homes.  They authority they claim to hold over us is illegitimate.  I’m an anarchist in case you were wondering.  I get really pissed off with stuff like this.  Just because I was born doesn’t mean I’m subject to any authority I don’t consent to.  Any government that I don’t cede power to voluntarily has no power.

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  • Leneethegoddess

    I am appalled at the unnecessary injuries and loss of life!  I am continually disappointed in the short sited, and willful ignorance of our security forces.  If you train a man to kill, send him home and forget about him, not ensuring he isn’t suffering silently as (most vets do) and THEN you creep up on him when its convenient for YOU, (because you didn’t bother to do a light surveillance and  learn his schedule) and people were hurt.  REALLY?  I am stunned!  Some people

  • Max Random


  • Max Random


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  • S3mplemen


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000042249931 Alexander Walls

    Innocent! You don’t raid someones house EVER. This is why people DIE. FREE MATT!

  • Shineonpeace

    Vote Ron Paul to save this guys life!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=580877779 AlWolf Sandlin

    fucking pigs need more dead when dealing with the “war on drugs”! legalize  look at portugal 10 years and going strong!

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  • Jared

    This is a tough issue.. yeah he Killed a cop, but they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. It’s just a little weed. Did they think to be civil about it, rather than raid his house? I can only imagine how confusing it would be to be woken up by men with guns. Add PTSD and that is a clusterF

    • http://Overgrow.ning.com ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüven

      When they succeed in outlawing home gardening, and your house gets raided for “manufacturing contraband strawberries without a licence”, are you going to feel the same way?

      How about farmers?  They grow THOUSANDS of plants on their farms…what happens if they decide that you need a license to possess an orange?  (They are TRYING to do that, through Codex Alimentarius – GOOGLE THAT TONIGHT!)  Is it OK to storm into the farmers house and start shooting because the farmhouse is near or within an orange grove?

      What next?  How permissive of murder and mayhem against our own citizens do we have to be before SOMEBODY GETS IT?

      I don’t think it’s a “tough issue” at all.

      They didn’t do their homework, and they shot a man in his own home after they broke in. He was ENTIRELY JUSTIFIED in his actions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000404486322 Marshall Friend

    The people that arranged to have this mans home raided. Need to be put to death with anyone involved. You jerks still don’t realize the jig is up. The people know its not the evil you have made it. The only evil come from eradication and ignorance.

    • Hope


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Aleister-Crowley/100000740532187 Aleister Crowley

    No wonder in that retrograd mormon state!

    • Pfpachief

      in chases like this is my opinion that our long time veterans , specially be given a lot of latitude in victimless crime such is this , and I mean as far as having a lot in his house ….. they had just left him alone to do his thing in his own house then no 1 would have ever been in a position to get hurt marijuana’s never taken any lives…. but it has to people from killing other people , after 37 years in the military going through god only knows what, why could they not just let him live out the rest of his life on his terms if you was not hurting anyone ????? no victim no crime!

  • dirtrider

    bullshit he was protecting his home when it was intruded by for all he knows burglers

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001637462039 Vincent Vendetti

    Damn pigs…No knock warrants are bullshit….no mention of them finding anything they were looking for either…scum!

  • noname

    america is so fucked, what about all the people such strike forces have killed? oh they were all justified by a court, right right…. everyone should put a claymore by their door, cops rush in *boom* they are fucked and dead, well hopefully they will be dead.

  • noname

    america is so fucked, what about all the people such strike forces have killed? oh they were all justified by a court, right right…. everyone should put a claymore by their door, cops rush in *boom* they are fucked and dead, well hopefully they will be dead.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Giangiobbe/100000544393333 Tim Giangiobbe

      Didn’t Leave The Army with any Claymore’s but I am sure many more armed raids over herb will happen before REEFER MADNESS ENDS and cops hurt as well as citizens all over herb.HOW SICKENING that they insist on raiding with armed thugs over HERB..

  • Ashamed to Be An American

    The war on the people has begun ,arm yourself!

  • Dieselhondas

    To bad all 6 didn’t die. Still did good hitting 6 people
    And not being shot 20 times himself.

  • Darkpopepaul53064

    funny how when they make a mistake and someone gets killed at their hands no one even goes to jail,in fact in most cases they get a paid vacation,but when one of them gets killed by someone legally defending their property and person they dont hesitate to not only imprison but off with his head for daring to make the ultimate stand against tyranny.

  • NoBo

    there are two things that are wrong that caused this to happend, the reasons is that marijuana illegal and guns are legal easy as that ..

    • http://Overgrow.ning.com ElectroPig Von FökkenGrüven

      I agree with the point ath we need to REPEAL cannabis/hemp prohibition and END the “war on drugs”, as common sense tells you that if they were really after “drugs”, they’d have a really hard time getting a block of cocaine ot a plant to speak up in court in their own defense.

      The only reasn the man is alive today is beacuse he had a gun to defend himself.  Anyone who honestly believes that guns are the problem isn’t looking at all the facts, or they’re being as wilfully ignorant as the politicians who have propagandized us all for the last century or so.

      Personally, I have never seen a plant deliberately harm any human being in my life.  (A venus flytrap once tried to bite my finger, but I REALLY don’t think that counts…)  I have also never seen a gun “eat a box of bullets”, jump off the table, and hunt down someone to shoot for no reason.

      Unless we admit to ourselves that our “protectors” are no longer in the busines of protecting us, and our “elected representatives” no longer represent us, then we might just as well roll up the sidewalks come sunset, head for the nearest FEMA camp tonight, and stop wasting our time thinking we deserve to be free, as human beings on this planet.

  • barbara graham

    Protecting the Public, one dead cop at a time.
    Moroni morons!

  • tenaciouslifeform

    It is time for the Federal hypocrisy to end. Leave the “Free and the Brave” alone to live our lives.

  • Tstar123

    This is indeed sad. I’ve heard many people murder, but this one truly sounds like self defense. Plus having PTSD can have many affects with a soldiers mind. I wouldn’t give him the death penalty for this. He wasn’t aware of his surroundings at the time and as for the police officer I’m sorry to hear he had lost his life, but many sacrifice their lives of knowing what they are getting into. For our soldiers who have gone out and fought for our country have rights as well as civilians. Though I don’t agree with killing people, but here like I read the article the young man needs help and he didn’t receive it in a timely manner from the Vet nor the military. So I will surely pray for this young man and the decision that is made on his life through the courts and the people who sits on the stand at his trial. That they will have a little mercy and grace through the power of the Lord to help him. I just know I can’t agree with killing people, but I do believe in second chances in life through God’s love and mercy of His people. So peace be with this young Matthew and may the people realize military people go through a lot to serve their country, but they also suffer when they become a civilian afterwards through their flesh, body, heart, and mind. Peace always and forever….

  • Ninjalotus

    innocent………2nd amendment rights………right to bear arms to protect your Home…….He is an Army Vet and fought to uphold that right……so yea innocent

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matt-Clampitt/1248685662 Matt Clampitt


  • Zeitgeistftw

    they are afraid fo the returning veterans.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Giangiobbe/100000544393333 Tim Giangiobbe

    Perfect example of how the law runs amok and can’t let a vet grow cannabis that sure as hell isn’t provided by the VA.
    I am a VETERAN that uses cannabis too and this pisses me off BIG TIME.

  • http://www.facebook.com/washingtonmedmj1 Rick Rosio

    All this needless suffering caused over this plant. This man served his country and deserved to be left alone and work and support his family to the best of his ability. Those ” officers of the law” acted like thugs and it is a sad statement of the times when those that where once there to “PROTECT AND SERVE” now are those that we fear.
    The person who approved this raid should be held accountable and fired and then prosecuted for this raid.
    When will the bullies stop?????????????????

  • Abc

    Good. I think Utah still does firing squad. Taste of his own medicine.

  • Mightyjoe

    good enough for the storm troopin jack-offs

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000803367100 Eric L Salerno

    This is one reason why our American soldiers with PTSD and other ailments need to be taken better care of.

  • Logic

    you people are all fucking ridiculous. Marijuana is still illegal in Utah and regardless of personal preference, it is against the law to have it. They shouldn’t have to look up “the most convenient time to arrest him” because that is just silly. Furthermore, Matt wasn’t even deployed in a battle area and returned in ’98. I have a hard time believing that he would have PTSD after that. Another thing people fail to realize is that is was a knock warrant, so he knew it was the police and chose to get a gun and fire upon them rather than submit to them. You people still don’t realize that  he fucking shot 6 officers and killed one of them. That has nothing to do with pot, that has nothing to do with protecting your property, you are shooting law enforcement officers and deserve just punishment

    • Geraldwestpoint

      Well if someone came in my home id shoot them dead too.I’m sorry for those men but come on everyone around was in danger innocent people. What harm did he cause his neibors none it was a quiet place to live I’ve dealt with cops there pushy I’m scared to death of them you are just another mormon stupid dumb ass

  • MeM

    If you enter My home and supprise me it is likely you will get shot also. Entering a mans home and supprising him what do you expect,you get shot. I hate seeing cops get shot, but they should investigate a little befor jumping the gun so to speek.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phillip.childers Phillip Childers

    They treat EVERYONE like you are armed to the teeth and willing to kill than get arrested.  That is the problem

  • Footsailor

    unfortunately need to get rid  of all current  leaders who support this  stupid war on our on own ill brothers mothers  citizens                  

  • http://twitter.com/Floyd084 Floyd

    Until everyone loses a close friend or relative we will only be motivated enough to post about it on the internet. Real change takes place out there.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=715823046 Chris Nichols

    remember you are more likely to die from a Law Enforcement Tactical Squad than you are a terrorist attacking this country; according to the statistics…….

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.baranick Steve Baranick

    u idiots should knock on the dam door,not bust in i would shot u too,he tore ur ass up now do it agin dummies,,


    another attack of a normal citizen from the ARMY “fighting drugs”. ISN’T THIS GOVERNMENT OPRESSION? The question is WHAT IS WORSE? smoking weed to just relax in your own home. OR BREAKING INTO A HOUSE WITH GUNS READY TO PUT SOMEONE IN A CELL FOR SMOKING A BOWL OF WEED?

    War on drugs is only causing worse problems we need to move to a better solution like the country Portugal who has the right idea.

    A large portion of our BROTHERS AND SISTERS living in america are naturally going to chose to use regardless of the “LAWS” BECAUSE THE WHOLE SPECTRUM WILL ALWAYS EXIST!


  • Hope

    I thought aggravated murder required ‘planning’.

  • Hope

    Ok, so we are supposed to believe this guy is guilty and the asshole that killed Treyvon Martin is innocent? Did I just fall down a rabbit hole or something?