VIDEO: Same Ogden, UT Police Force Killed Man Armed Only With Golf Club in 2010 Raid

VIDEO: Same Ogden, UT Police Force Killed Man Armed Only With Golf Club in 2010 Raid

OGDEN, UT — The same Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force that was involved in a shootout with a US Army veteran last week, which led to the death of one police officer and the wounding of several others, was caught on video lethally shooting 45 year old Todd Blair in a similar raid on his home in September 2010.

The video, originally aired by the Salt Lake Tribune, shows police serving a “no-knock warrant”, kicking in the front door yelling “Police! Search warrant!” Just seconds in, Blair is seen emerging from his bedroom, no doubt startled by the commotion and sudden intrusion in his home, holding a golf club above his head.

He is instantly fired upon by a police officer and drops to the ground. There is no calls from the officer to drop the weapon, just three gunshots, killing Blair. A search of the home turned up a small amount of marijuana.

The Weber County Attorney’s Office found the shooting to be legally justified under Utah law. The very same Weber County Attorney’s Office is seeking the death penalty in the Matthew Stewart case.

Stewart, 37, shot and killed a police officer, and wounded five others, in a raid on his home last week by the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force.

Warning: The video footage below is graphic and disturbing, and shows a police raid in which a man is shot to death. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • Sativa Galore

    Holy shit!

  • Info


  • the police are the terrorists

    Join the police so you can legally kill innocent people in their own home . And were told the talibanare the enemy .

    • Guy Falkes

      Cops are WAY more dangerous.

  • noname

    i am happy that at least one of those fucking asshole cops died, I hope more are to join him in hell. how is this doing their job? protect and serve rigth? well protect and serve who? not the people, thats for sure

    • DJSundayTowers

       They protect and serve themselves to keep their jobs. Its them who have jobs against us, who do not and not by choice, but the unemployment they have created in their smart thinking. They save themselves at the cost of our tax payer money and we let them, cause they have armament, but we have God on our side, for this plant is His and one that He will protect, against man’s intellectual arrogance.

      • Waiting4WW3

        Amen. The tyrants shall perish

  • Anonymous

    What I saw was an officer react in a split second on what was a perceived threat, was he justified? no but it did happen. Its an all around tragedy

    • Guy Falkes

      You saw a traitor and a COWARD shoot an American Citizen.

      The fact that this cowardly traitor is still walking around alive is a travesty of real justice. 

    • Brokenfang

       yeah my first thought would be tackle him, golf club vs. swat gear

  • Pooeprt

    How bad do you think this man is going to feel when Marijuana is legalized. The man had a small amount of pot, and the cop shouldn’t have shot him no matter what. I bet that guy feels like a champ. FUCK THE POLICE.

    • Guy Falkes

      Cops that support the DEA are just traitors needing a long drop on a short rope.

  • Jdgreenfields

    Killing a man for marijuana. Kicking in doors in the dark. What the fuck is wrong with this country? I think they should be chargeg with murder, thats just what they did. A man’s home .My son and daughter are both caregivers in michigan. Fucking  cops raided us FOUR times this summer finding only medical marijuana  OUR STORY. youtube.Gerald Duval Jr Jeremy Duval Medical marijuana

    • Trdmr284

      WTF is wrong with this country? Are you serious? We are what’s fucking wrong!  Who lets the police get away when injustices are committed by our government, its us, we do nothing, it’s our fault.

      • DJSundayTowers

         You are absolutely right, but not we, but the rest of the hypocrites, who pretend not to see.

    • DJSundayTowers

       I would say first degree murder it is, since the entire swat team had amour bullet proof vest on. If the swat team leader  thought in that instant that the victim was going to be a deadly threat , then instinctively they should had fire their weapon,  at his legs to incapacitate rather than to kill. They are trained to fire their weapons to injure, but not to kill if the scenario demands it. However no matter what the case, Marijuana is not that type of substance and its user that demand such aggressive and deadly action, since Marijuana users are mostly passive and peaceful people.

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  • Jessica Signpost

    Such slanted journalism … why would I even believe this crap when you can’t even spell the name correctly of the county attorney office? It is spelled in this video, yet you can’t even correctly spell it in the article … ”
    The Webber County Attorney’s Office” really?

    • Guy Falkes

      Are you a retard or just a fucking moron?

      You missed the story, someone was murdered by a lying traitorous criminal

  • Brett Huelsmann

    One man and a golf club vs. Swat and assault rifles. Um yea sounds justified. You cant shoot someone unless they have a deadly weapon. You have ROE rules of engagement. You can only meet force with same the force. meaning a guy and a golf club vs. 3cops tackling you is fine.

    • Guy Falkes

      Hopefully the murdered man has some friends that can bring some justice to this murdering traitor and his family.

  • Guy Falkes

    The entire cop force of ogden need to be executed as traitors.

  • Guy Falkes

    The cops didn’t Kill….. They murdered an American citizen, therefore they are traitors and deserve to die.  Every single one of them.

  • Domingo A. Torres

    This is the USA government being arm twisted by religious and sobriety organizations, causing divisions within our nation’s citizens with the excuse that they are only doing it to protect their children. Well who do you think they are killing, grown up children of other families, like they care. Such hypocrisy.

  • don_marijuan

    get on the floor? assholes

  • DJSundayTowers

    1:21:43 AM

    Comments on Marijuana Raid:

    I think this is what is call the actions of a Police state.
    The fact that our government continues to support raids on private citizens
    homes for their possession of small amounts of Marijuana and not focus towards known
    vicious drug cartel members and criminals, is proof of the mania and paranoia the Federal
    government has created against its own citizens, just like those dictators from
    other countries who have gone against their own citizens, who have done the same
    on a larger scale in killing their own citizens, who protest against this very type
    of action going on within their countries. Such hypocrisy must have dire
    consequences to the DEA and the President of our country who has gone against
    citizens whose have life style differences apart from theirs or medically have
    a medical need to use Marijuana in their lives. These types of actions are no
    different than the past unlawfully, unjust, prejudicial discriminations of
    Blacks, Hispanics and woman. However today they gear their aggressions towards
    unjustly invented laws to justify their government employment from tax payer’s
    incomes driving the country against itself.  

     We are a country established upon the freedoms
    that were not available to them by the British establishment in their high
    society rules, where the initial US
    immigrants came from. Now it seems that the USA
    high society rules have become what, they initially fought against to create
    this democracy. They have become an overly protectionist society, that they
    have forgotten their roots. Some may become an Einstein scientist, but not all,
    and others simple laborers which simply want to relax at home after a hard
    weeks work, with their choice of relaxation medium. As long as they are safely
    doing this within their own family and property environment and not forcing it
    upon their children or other family’s children, there should be no justifiable
    reason that this behavior can be justified by any means beside it being evil in


    Tony aka DJ Sunday Towers

  • DJSundayTowers

     This is not the first time that this sort of incident has occur, in the
    same way.  There was the one about the dog that was murders also in raid
    similar to this one.

  • DJSundayTowers

    “The Weber County Attorney’s Office found the shooting to be legally justified under Utah law”.

    Any state that creates a law to justified murder in a Marijuana raid or any other types of raids where there is no return of gun battles by an alleged criminal or criminals, should be reprimanded by the Federal government in taking away their statehood and Federal economic support. I for one a tax paying citizen, do not support this type of behavior where the police become a threat as public servant rather than to protect and serve even to an allege criminal, as this type of action means that they has become an instinct Judge and Jury, passing the sentence of death in that instinct.

  • SpazomaticYeti

    Yup. Looks like murder to me.

  • Domingo A. Torres

     It is type of paranoia and fear that our Federal Gov. has cause amongst our citizens and the law enforcement community who react without concern to the life of an individual.  Absolute murder, no doubt. What I do not understand is why the news media has not exploited this story, so that our nation can see the extend to what this anti- Marijuana propaganda is causing within peoples minds. How many people have to died, before they wake up that this natural substance, which they have made illegal is not the demon they have made it out to be.  As a matter of fact it is their behavior that is demonic.

    Tony aka DJ Sunday Towers

  • Swarmi

    First off, the article is misleading – indeed there was a command to “FREEZE” which he was doing as he was so easily shot three times – yeah just standing there in “FREEZE MODE”.

    Also, you describe him as “holding a golf club above his head” which implies it is raised. The club head is above his head, but the grip is about chest high.  These details matter.

    I hope the parents file a wrongful death suit, they still have time.

  • diane marie victoria

    how is it that we as supposedly a free people must live in fear regarding our basic human, civil, constitutional rights while resing in the state of ut?  unfortunately i am coming up on my seventh miserable year here and can honestly attest, that in 1973 i visited the Poland on the Russian border and the country was still under communism, well wake up US-UT ‘s political and anti-social dynamics are identical to my experience with communism, a red state is a red state!!!

  • sanityinutah

    Utah a republican led state enacted use of force laws and implemented an immunity shield in cases like these. The totality of which amounts to an execution of both the guilty and innocent when confronted with Law Enforcement. The US supreme court ruled that Law Enforcement has no duty to protect a specific citizen. Most communities are under the false impression that all Law Enforcement are ethical, honest and forthright in their duties. Nothing farther from the truth is the reality. Utah unlike civilized states, does not have a grand jury system to independently review police killings. It is left up to a Republican LDS District Attorney to decide, Utah is an odd place we have death by firing squad to ensure the the LDS blood atonement requirement is met. Police in UTAH are not your protectors or friends. There are some good guys wearing the uniform but they are working in a permissive environment for abuse of individual and human rights.

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