THC e-Cig Goes to Market

THC e-Cig Goes to Market

CannaCigs to hit dispensary shelves this week.

CARSON CITY, NV — A medical marijuana marketing company has announced the release of their first generation THC electronic cigarette, the CannaCig.

The CannaCig, released by Medical Cannabis Management, is an electronic cigarette containing THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol) instead of nicotine.

The first generation of the new CannaCig will soon be on dispensary shelves.

The second generation, currently in development, is expected to be launched by spring and will be much smaller in size, and more closely resemble an electronic cigarette.

Users of the new CannaCig will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Smokeless – the new CannaCig with THC will allow the patient to consume the product without all of the harmful effects of actual smoke.
  • Eliminate the need to consistently keep inventory of medical cannabis – rather than using actual plant material, the THC is in an oil form that provides the same medical effects as the natural cannabis plant.

“We have been working very hard over the last couple of months to get this product into the marketplace as quickly as possible. We want to get California covered and then embark on a national campaign to get the CannaCig into medical cannabis dispensaries and to physicians in other states,” said Mike Amezquita, CEO of Medical Cannabis Management.

  • Michelle T.

    Anyone tried this ? And this has to go international, not only Cali. 

    • Mike

      It is international haha. It is a nice clear vape high

      • Mic.Cannactivist

        Appearently not international enough, it’s not in norway. 

  • jonrocket

    Omicron, AtmosRX, Atmos Stratus. These vapes have been around for at least a year. Why so late to the party for these guys?

  • jonrocket

    Omicron, AtmosRX, Atmos Stratus. These vapes have been around for at least a year. Why so late to the party for these guys?

  • densk

    so its an vaporiser basically?

  • densk

    so its an vaporiser basically?

  • XaltedSmoke

    Welcome to several years ago.

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  • Pippin

    Although this is sweet, the Stealthvape comes out tomorrow, and that looks a bit better:

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  • Asdg

    i’ll stick to my magic flight launch box.

  • rbbb

    not a vape per say..its only for concentrates. no bud can go into this, and rfmk will be selling cartridges with different strains


    RFMK   Rapid Fire Marketing/ Medical Cannabis MGMT
     SCAM  if there ever was oneThe SEC needs to shut this down immediately    Rapid Fire Take your Money!

  • onblooo

    definitely not a scam lol! cant wait to try one of these bad boys 

  • Elaine Triquetra

    So, will these be available here in Carson City this week? Since we have no dispensaries will they be at the pharmacy or directly from our Pain Management Drs? Very interested in knowing.

  • Whack

    they are so late because theyve been scheming on gentlemans and omicron vapes, on rapid fire marketing forums to make this company. its obvioiusly an omi cart on a gentlemans style pen.

  • Dave

    You can do this now by putting your cush in a bottle of e-juice and letting is soak.
    No need for fancy units. The effect is nothing like smoking.  You can funtion just fine on vapor THC with day to day life. This is the answer to medical THC for sure as smoking is bad.

  • Thatgirl

    I wish I could invest in this industry because its going to soar. Medically, this can be sold to doctors to prescribe to patients. Even in those states without dispensaries but way way back in the law book marijuana is technically legal (like in VA) it can be sold and prescribed to cancer and glaucoma patients. Awesome. Now they need to let everyone who can medically benefit from it use it as a preventive medicine, or what not. How can they sell addicting cigarette POISON but ban a natural and beneficial plant that our GOD created? So thats what they mean by “money is the root of all evil” cigarettes are evil…

    • Deadguy420

      Your “GOD” created tobacco as well…

  • ree

    I live in wa. Where itvis legal now, do you know of any vape stores in tacoma-seattle area where they sell it i have cronic pain and have stopped allbpsin pillscwould love to try this option thx ree hopkins

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  • working of e cigarette

    E cigarette does not contain tobacco and nicotine so now a days e cigarette goes into medical market for the purpose of the study for medical students. And also now some doctors suggest their patients to use e cigarette instead of normal cigarette for getting better health.

  • Greg

    Yea these will be great! I saw some like it on

  • Tom Davidson

    An obvious advance in technology…All that remains is for the Medical community (FDA, AMA, etc.) to prove/approve it for real therapeutic effects for a defined medical problem.

  • Grimmie

    Just tried a e-thc cig. Pretty cool. Tastes like bud but blows water vapor and 0 smell. Pretty cool. Nobody would even know.