WA Marijuana Legalization Initiative Makes Ballot

WA Marijuana Legalization Initiative Makes Ballot

Washington joins Colorado with legalization questions on November ballot; California, Michigan, Missouri and Oregon hopeful.

OLYMPIA, WA — The Washington secretary of state’s office announced Friday that an initiative to legalize, license, and regulate marijuana has been certified for the November ballot. Washington is the first state this year to have a marijuana measure qualify for the ballot.

The measure, Initiative 502, would legalize marijuana for adults and regulate and tax it much like liquor. I-502 is sponsored by New Approach Washington, which has garnered an impressive list of sponsors and endorsements.

But not everybody in the Washington marijuana community is happy with it. Sensible Washington, which has twice tried unsuccessfully to get its own initiative on the ballot, is critical of I-502, and so are some elements of the medical marijuana community.

Friday’s announcement came after the State Elections Division, using a random sample, determined that sponsors had nearly 278,000 valid signatures, easily enough to cover the minimum 241,153 required. The initiative campaign had turned in 354,608 signatures.

The initiative now goes to the state legislature, which can pass it, reject it, or ignore it. If the legislature rejects or ignores it, it then goes to the voters in November.

At least one state will have a chance to legalize marijuana this year, and it could soon be two. In Colorado, the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has turned in nearly double the number of signatures needed for its initiative to make the ballot and is awaiting certification from state officials.

Marijuana legalization initiative signature-gathering campaigns are also currently underway in California, Michigan, Missouri, and Oregon.

  • asdfj

    Reddit and stuff.

    • yeah


  • asdfj_2

    If this passes, I’ll never move from WA

  • Dougrochford

    This sounds pretty logical and progessive.  I am all for decriminalization and legalization of this plant.

    • Anonymous

      So if it means $700 an ounce pot, felony charges for anything over 1 ounce, no provision for growing your own, and a DUI provision that will land you in jail every time you’re caught driving….you’re totally down for that?  That’s you dream legalization bill?

       I just want to be clear as to what your level of pain is when you support just any fucking thing that has the “legalization” stamp on it.  These things will happen to you if you vote for this bill.  Be VERY careful what you ask for….you might just get it.  Then you can call NORML for a lawyer referral.  No wonder they are supporting this bill.


  • poop

    Legalize it…

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but have ANY of you put down the pipe long enough to actually READ I-502?  This bill is horrendous!  

    Here’s a direct quote from one of the key sponsors of the bill.  You can see exactly what these people think of you.

    “I DON’T smoke pot. And I pretty much think people who do are idiots.”

    “we should give serious consideration to heavy regulation and taxation of the marijuana industry (an industry that is very real and dangerously underground). We should limit pot’s content of the active ingredient THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), regulate its sale to adults who are dumb enough to want it and maintain criminal penalties for sales, possession or use by minors, drivers and boaters.”

    “As my law-enforcement colleagues know well from chasing bootleggers and mobsters, this new regulatory and criminal approach will still require many years of intensive investigation and enforcement before organized criminal elements are driven from the vast marijuana market.”- John McKay, Sponsor I-502(Seattle Times – September 2010)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BAVOAUDO7ED4LYRIFGUFFJ6XXU Kimmarie

      Thank you! Finally,  A realist.  I only made it through the “INTENT” section of i502, and this hit me:(3) Takes marijuana out of the hands of illegal drug organizations and brings it under a tightly regulated, state-licensed system similar to that for controlling hard alcohol. but Really Says:  Takes marijuana out of the hands of the PEOPLE and put every plant, leaf, bud, seed, under CONTROL OF THE STATE and then, REGULATE THE (THC) OUT OF IT.  Decriminalization and Medicalization are the answers.  NOT Legalized State Run Schwag

    • Trdtrdtrdburg

      then why do you care honestly honestly care? medidate on this itl be allittle hard i would think

      • Anonymous

        If you’d put the pipe down and write something that I could understand and respond to, I’d be happy to answer you.  I suspect that this is just another BS response from a troll….”medidate on this” response.

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  • Trdtrdrtd

    if it passes the wa economy will have a major boost

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  • http://twitter.com/GregDiablo1 Greg Diablo

    Steve S. is right; as much as I want weed (and hemp) legalized, 502 is a shit bill and I will vote “no”.

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  • Kabuki1000

    Is WA a swing state, really?

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