Where’s the Blunt? Boston Quietly Bans Blunt Sales

Where’s the Blunt? Boston Quietly Bans Blunt Sales

BOSTON, MA — If you’ve been noticing that the blunt selection at your corner store has been dwindling down lately, you’re not the only one.

It seems that convenience stores have been selling down their supply of blunts in preparation for February’s impending ban on blunt sales in the city of Boston.

What? You didn’t know that Boston was about to ban blunts? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There has been little publication or media reports of the Boston Public Health Commission’s decision to quietly ban the sales of blunts, or any cigar costing under $2.50.

But, yes, it is true. On December 1, 2011, the Boston Public Health Commission, who have already banned tobacco sales at pharmacies, smoking outdoors in public spaces, and the sale of blunt wraps within Boston city limits, quietly passed a city ordinance banning the sale of any single cigar at convenience stores, including all of your favorite blunts.

Boston banned the sale of blunt wraps in 2008.

The ban is effective February 1, 2012.

But for those upper class cigar aficionados, the elite few who are still allowed to smoke indoors at their pricey cigar bars, will still be able to purchase single cigars. A stipulation in the city ordinance allows tobacco shops to sell individual cigars, as long as they retail for $2.50 or more.

The new regulations will still allow convenience stores to sell cigars and blunts, but only if they are sold in packs of four or more. Boston banned the sale of blunt wraps in 2008, a ban that was upheld last July in a ruling by the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

The regulations apply only in the city of Boston, so those of you tokers in Cambridge, please feel free to puff, puff, and pass your blunts over the river.


  • Yourmomma

    F..U!! I’ll just buy a bunch elsewehere come to boston walk down the street with a fat ass blunt in hand…what now? as-sholes

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SMTZPGDXX2QK6CAYAUZ6SUXKD4 Joe D

    I give it until May and there will be tables set up all over the hood with dudes selling blunts……….just like they do with DVD’s and CD’s nowadays.

    • Guest1234

      Thats already going down and it isnt even the end of Feb.

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  • http://www.anthonytaurus.com Anthony Taurus

    That’s like when Bloomberg banned flavored tobacco products in NYC. I was so upset. No more honey dutch for me. SIKE!!! Still get my flavored cigars at the corner store. Funny thing tho, for a short time I could only get plain. It allowed me to taste the bud bettet. I used to just use my bong for taste tests. So, thanks to Bloomy I use more reg blunts and enjoy my weed better. If I was a store owner, I’d expand my collrction of papers. I always have bob marley hemp but I like RAW too. I’d carry more pipes as well.

  • Kaylaplante

    I honestly think that fucking stupid ….

  • Mrouge06

    Boston sucks!

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  • Fantom NightS

    Who only buys singles?  

    • anonymous

      literally. fuck. you.