Medical Marijuana Activists to Protest Obama’s DOJ Crackdown Thursday in 9 Cities, 6 States

By Americans for Safe Access February 15, 2012 Medical Marijuana Activists to Protest Obama’s DOJ Crackdown Thursday in 9 Cities, 6 States
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Coordinated day of action calls attention to unprecedented attack on medical marijuana community

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Medical marijuana activists are planning to protest the Obama Administration’s attack on medical marijuana states this Thursday by staging protests in 9 cities and 6 states. Rallies are planned to take place at an Obama fundraiser in San Francisco, as well as at the president’s campaign headquarters in Sacramento (CA) and San Diego (CA), and at federal buildings in several cities, including Trenton (NJ), Phoenix (AZ), Seattle (WA), Eugene (OR), and Portland (ME).

The rallies are an attempt to draw attention to Obama’s failure at keeping his promise not to “circumvent” state medical marijuana laws and to highlight the unprecedented attack on patients and their providers across the country. During Obama’s tenure in office, his Justice Department has conducted nearly 200 SWAT-style raids on legitimate dispensaries and growers, resulting in more than 60 federal indictments, costing the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars at a time of fiscal crisis.

The Obama Administration has also employed numerous federal agencies, including the DEA, FBI, ATF, VA, and IRS to shut down access to medical marijuana, and cut-off services for, or otherwise discriminate against, literally hundreds of thousands of patients across the country. “President Obama’s most widespread and cynical attack so far has been direct threats from more than a dozen of his U.S. Attorneys against elected officials in at least 10 medical marijuana states,” said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the country’s leading medical marijuana advocacy group, which is organizing Thursday’s protests.

“The literal and figurative assault on medical marijuana patients currently underway by the Obama Administration is unprecedented in this country’s history, despite hollow proclamations to the contrary,” continued Sherer. “The intensity and breadth of the attacks has far surpassed anything we saw under the Bush Administration and has resulted in the roll-back of numerous local and state laws.” The latest attack came this week from the U.S. Attorney for Delaware whose threats have suspended that state’s medical marijuana program.

Patient advocates are calling on Obama to end his attacks on the medical marijuana community and begin to address this issue from a public health standpoint. In addition to keeping his pledge of deprioritizing enforcement, advocates are encouraging Obama to reschedule marijuana for medical use. ASA is currently litigating the rescheduling issue in the D.C. Circuit and has also filed a separate lawsuit challenging the Obama Administration’s violation of the Tenth Amendment by derailing state medical marijuana laws.

Further information:
Rally locations and times: http://AmericansForSafeAccess.org/MMWRallyLocations
Rally signs: http://AmericansForSafeAccess.org/downloads/MMJProtest_Signs.pdf


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    i.ll b happy wen his rain of terror is over!!! i like 2 drink and smoking weed is weaker than it i think all of them in tha government need 2 grow tha fuck up i mean really. if it was legal and taxed we might get out of tha det them dumb ass.s n tha government put us n in tha first place. nsted they want 2 pic on old people and pot heads GROW TH FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trdmr284

       Speaking of growing up, maybe you can try to learn how to spell.

    • Eeeeerrrrrrrrrrttttttt

      yeah and cussing always gets you what you want too huh? I have always found i best when used in court, with police, any goverment agencies and when every you are trying to sway people to your side of an argument.

    • Eeeeerrrrrrrrrrttttttt

      yeah and cussing always gets you what you want too huh? I have always found i best when used in court, with police, any goverment agencies and when every you are trying to sway people to your side of an argument.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that ASA is really for big dispensaries, pushing the home grower under the bus and allowing the government to “tax, regulate and control” Cannabis.  Still I would support these protests.  I just think WE better insist on an inalienable right for all adults to grow without the encumbraces of “taxation, regulation and government control.”

    New Candidate for 2012 Presidency wants a “Green Economy” Based on Marijuanahttp://www.newagecitizen.com/MERP/RelegalizeNowObama57.htm

  • Steveeri

    or atleast a grow license without the need for medical reasons. il pay a lil bit if im allowed to grow for myself then.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/macm25 Corey Miller

    all of those places the DEA shut down had issues from the get-go! Why is no one talking about this! They knew they were too close to a school or a church! Get over it already… Patients are still afforded safe access, and that is what this is all about!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001880964777 Herb Budman

      the feds are NOT our zoning officers!!! they shut lynette down after being there for 14 years next to the same park that was there for 14 years. mr. nice guy was shut down for being too close to a school, the club was there 5 years before the school! states rights plain and simple!!!

  • Dkool kanuckistan

    BO is just doing what he’s told, the $ for these actions come from the CIA heroin farms in Afghanistan. That’s why the USA is really there! Your young fight & die to support the funding for chemtrails, haarp, 911 witness murders, secret technologies etc……..this is all part of the NWO(nazi) agenda. Look up Project Paperclip. I personally know a vietnam vet who loaded body bags with heroin. Dubya’s(stole 2 elections in a row) granpappy Prescott Bush had 2 of his companies shut down by congress in WW2 because of their partnership with nazis. This is all a big diversion tactic to keep people on either side from thinking about the heinous & truly dangerous activities of the elites killing machine. The truly sad part is every person on earth could be living a beautiful fulfilled life in harmony with the earth but the moneypigs won’t let that happen because it would spoil their sick money-power-control party. God help us all.