Texas: Anti-Drug Politician Arrested by DEA for Marijuana Trafficking

Texas: Anti-Drug Politician Arrested by DEA for Marijuana Trafficking

EL PASO, TX — A critical opponent of drug law reform in Texas has been indicted on charges of trafficking 50 kilograms of marijuana and money laundering.

Guillermo Gandara Jr. (image/EPCSO)

Guillermo Gandara Jr. (image/EPCSO)

El Paso County Commissioner Guillermo “Willie” Gandara Jr., 37, who is currently a Democratic candidate for the Texas legislature, along with Juan Canales, 50, were arrested late Wednesday night following a multi-agency investigation that included the DEA and FBI.

A federal grand jury indictment charges the defendants with one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 50 kilograms or more of marijuana, and one count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana. The indictment also charges Gandara with three counts of maintaining property for the distribution of marijuana.

The indictment alleges that from November 2010 until the present, the Gandara and Canales conspired to possess and distribute over 50 kilograms of marijuana using property owned by Gandara in El Paso County.

“Elected officials who engage in drug trafficking violate the public trust,” Joseph M. Arabit, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s El Paso Division, said in a statement.

“As this lengthy investigation attests, DEA and its law enforcement partners are committed to holding drug traffickers accountable for their illegal activity, regardless of their position, and we will not allow the actions of a few to tarnish the honorable work that other government officials perform each day. The residents of El Paso County deserve no less.”

Throughout his political career, Gandara has taken a hard-line anti-drug stance. In September, he told the El Paso Times he thought drug legalization was a bad idea for the country.

“Legalizing drugs is the coward practice of combating cartels, it is an insult to our men and women in law enforcement, and the laziest form of parenting our children and youth about the effects of drugs,” he said.


  • Visarg

    With his declaration he was just protecting his racket. Drug traffickers, police and prisons have a common interest – they all benefit from this senseless war on a different state of mind that is induced by drugs.

    • http://twitter.com/ProfBluntston Professor Bluntston

      So in 2012 the DEA and other law enforcement agencies are NOW committed to holding drug traffickers accountable for their illegal action. Which mean in the mid 80’s when Oliver North got caught trading U.S. Military weapons for cocaine the DEA and the other law enforcement agencies weren’t committed. Fact Oliver North received NO JAIL TIME , and became an anchorman on a major Network. Hmmmmm

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  • Revoran

    This isn’t surprising.

    1. Most politicians are hypocrites and many are corrupt.

    2. The DEA and drug dealers are on the same side – they both want drugs to stay illegal because they both profit from it.

  • No

     he thought drug legalization was a bad idea for the country.because he works for the cartels.
    how many politicians fall into this same category? 
    dea +1
    fbi +1

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TN4EO3HGP3ITIVKK3265IJQBFE John P

    Hey, it was jut the family bidness.

    50 kilos?
    A drop inna bucket.
    Leave the pistol, take the weed, Willie…

  • dwharbin

    The last people who want to see drugs legalized are the dealers and the cartels. You could could shut them down overnight by simply taking the money of of their hands and putting it directly into our tax base,,,but it’s easier to just throw everyone in jail apparently.

    • Roger

      How else will we keep the privatized prisons in business?

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  • Iraq Vet

    The drug war is an absolute fraud and all those pigs & prisons profiting off it are the lowest scum of the earth. 

  • Fake

    This is the way the war on alcohol worked too.

    Even Elliot Ness, the ‘hero’ of the untouchables was in fact, later convicted of bribery.

  • yoderabides

    Just another politician selling out the common good to deliver for special interests.  Who’d have thought that the prison industrial complex and mexican drug cartels would have so much in common.

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  • Bbothwell1989

    for one fuck all you haters marijuana grows out of the ground and can be used  without altercation…it is a wonderful medicinal herb that helps alot of people on a daily basis…Maybe the fucking DEA should worry more about the damn opiates and other harder shit…

  • Sinistergurlie

    pharmaceutical drugs are much more of a danger to lives than marijuana is

  • Betty Guillen

    OMG! Another embarrassment for El Paso! My poor city of birth! I still can’t believe The El Paso School District didn’t do a back ground check on y’alls Superintendent…the one that corrupted the Dallas Independent School District! OH! But they can all pass drug tests! Geez Louise!

    • bricknthwall

      I can pass a drug test, too and I hung out with Mary not 30 minutes ago… ;]

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000070644829 Carmel Garcia

    growers also fall into this category.

  • Killerchefrob

    This shows us exactly what out government is about…they bring the drugs into this country to make a profit but if we try to make a profit or hell just have it on our person we just busted and thrown away. The drug dealers and the government even the medicinal shops want it kept illegal so no one can profit from marijuana but them. This country is one big fuckin screw job to keep the lower and lower middle class down and basically run us out of existence

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  • d chambers

    Hmmm? Why does this seem so farmiliar? OH YEAH! haha. The 20’s of course. didnt work then, isnt working now. Same s*** different century. Legalize, regulate, and educate!!!

  • Apts62

    Just proves that the cartels don’t want drugs legalized because it will take the value away from them and therefore destroy their profits. Legalizing marijuana is the best way to cripple the cartels.

  • Tom Sawyer

    The War On Drugs is a business and they want their business protected.