Washington Marijuana Legalization Initiative I-502 Leads in New Poll

Washington Marijuana Legalization Initiative I-502 Leads in New Poll

OLYMPIA, WA — The latest poll of Washington state voters shows Initative 502, which would legalize and allow for the sale and regulation of marijuana, would pass if the election were today.

Of those polled, 47% of voters support the initiative while 39% oppose it, while only 15% remain undecided. The poll, which was released by Public Policy Polling last week, also included questions about political elections and same-sex marriage.

“Washington appears to be headed for a close state election this fall,” said Dean Debnam, president of Public Policy Polling. “The Governor’s race, gay marriage repeal, and marijuana legalization issue all appear to be things voters are pretty evenly divided about.”

Washington among the first states to legalize medical marijuana, doing so in 1998. The passage of I-502 would make Washington the first state to legalize the possession and commerce in marijuana, putting it on a collision course with the federal government.

The question asked by Public Policy Polling.

The measure would allow adults 21 and over to possess up to an ounce of pot or a pound of marijuana edibles, and they could buy it through state-run stores, much the same way the state handles liquor sales. The state stores would obtain their product from state-licensed growers and processors, with a 25% excise tax at each stage.

 Almost half (49%) of those polled were 46 to 65 years old, a critical demographic in any election, and were evenly divided politically with 36% Democrat, 32% Republican, and 32% independent/other.

  • Herr_Hur

    When are the voters allowed to vote on this?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Thomas-Childers/541860270 Thomas Childers

      “Washington appears to be headed for a close state election this fall,”

      • Herr_Hur

        Thank you. I am wondering if this is held together with the presidential election on November 6 and all the other states’ ballots on marijuana reform.

        • Guest

          Yes, Nov. 6

        • Devo

          Election day, where we vote for state and federal officials in addition to whatever initiatives and referendums have made the ballot, has been the Tuesday after the first Monday of November ever since 1845. By this system, Election day can be as early as November 2nd and as late as November 8th.

          • Herr_Hur

            Thanks, very useful!

  • TWallace

    I can’t imagine buying it in a store and paying 25% tax on it. Would it still remain illegal to grow your own? Seems like if it were legalized, everyone would either grow their own or buy from someone they know who grows it rather than pay 25% tax on it.

    • Devo

      Good question. While I don’t know the real answer to that, I would assume you would still be able to produce your own but would have to have a permit and/or license similar to people who privately brew their own beer for consumption or sale. I bet this is a topic that would fall under the “regulation” part of the bill. Here is a link to a summary of the bill I just read which in turn has a link to the actual bill itself which I have not read because it’s over 50 pages. Let me know if you find an answer. 

      • Steve Sarich

        Simple….you can’t grow your own….period.  You’ll go to jail.  You have to buy it from the state licensed stores at the price they set for you.  I’ve read the whole initiative….many times.  

    • annon

      Of course with would remain illegal to grow your own. There is no money to be made if everyone grew it.

      • Steve Sarich

        Isn’t that what “legalization” was supposed to be about?  Or was that the “old” definition of “legalization”?  The new definition of legalization SUCKS and why anyone would support it is totally beyond me. 

        These idiots passed legislation to add sin taxes to bottled water and candy!  The voters had to repeal it!

        They’ll tax you to death if you let them.  Are you incapable, or unwilling, to stand up for your own rights?  At what point do we just say “no mas!”….enough….quit that crazy spending spree that you’ve been on (with OUR MONEY) for the last 20 years!  If you don’t quit…we’ll fire you!

        Ask yourself who the biggest employer in the state is.  If you can answer that question, it will explain where the problem lies here in Washington.  (Hint: it’s not Microsoft or Boeing).


        • Bmwmx5

          (Hint: it IS Boeing in the private sector) the federal AND state government make up the largest employer in the nation (this is excluding the USPS). Has always been that way and will most likely stay that way no matter what laws pass

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/PYIF2TVN4YCYN2PGOFZJ6IAHIA BleneS

      If it were legalized, the drop in price would more than compensate for the 25% tax.

      Overall, prices will still go down, but now your purchase will go towards funding social services

      • Steve Sarich

        Please explain why the prices would drop?  Please don’t just spew this stuff like you actually have some factual basis for it and we should automatically believe this wild assumption that you’re making. Defend it!

        Prices will actually go DOWN????  That’s certainly not what the sponsors of I-502 have posted on their own website.  They are assuming that the price from the grower will drop in half (though give no explanation why this would happen…perhaps they didn’t consult with any growers), but the end user price would be double (or more) what it currently is on the street….after they add in all the state taxes.  

        Don’t argue with ME….argue with the sponsors of the bill.  They’re the greedy ones who wrote this bill.  If you’re happy to pay $600-$700 an ounce for “legal” state schwag to help fund “social services”, like more law enforcement to enforce this new law, just come right out and admit it.  If that’s not what you want, then read up on this piece of crap legislation before making statements like “the price would drop”.

        You may be voting for something you really don’t want.

        • Bmwmx5

          So $600-$700 an oz. is totally factual? Highly. Unlikely

        • kaden

          take micro economics and you will understand of why the price will drop. When there’s multiple companies producing weed or stores selling it for sale they are all going to drive down their cost in order to have more of their product bought. Simple as that.

    • Steve Sarich

      It’s not a 25% tax.  It’s far worse.  It’s 25% each time it changes hands.  That 25% added each time it passes from grower to processor to distributor to retailer to buyer….plus another 10% sales tax on top of that whole amount.  The “state dealer” is obviously far more greedy than the “street dealer”….and they can arrest you if you don’t buy your pot from them…which is something the street dealer can’t do.  This is your worst nightmare come true.

      This is ANYTHING but true legalization.

    • http://disqus.com/notspicoli/ notSpicoli

      If you are a medical cannabis user with a doctor’s recommendation, you are permitted to grow marijuana under state law and would be permitted to do so under I-502.

      I-502 does not replace, supplant, amend, or change the state’s medical cannabis law in any way.

      It would be illegal to grow marijuana if you were not a medical cannabis user, just as it is now. But you would be able to purchase and possess cannabis legally and safely, unlike now.

  • Bmwmx5

    Sin taxes to water and candy? Way to troll dude. Do I mind paying a premium so I can walk to 7-11 and pick up nugs? Hell no. I’ll pay that premium all day. Not only that, its a consumers market, like any other store bought product if its not flying off the shelves the price will drop. Economics 101. So the price will be accessible to the common person/stoner.

    Any current medical marijuana users will still be able to grow for personal use I’m pretty sure. BUT LEMME DOUBLE CHECK SO THE TROLL NATION DOESN’T BLOW UP THE FEED. Just like any other business, you’ll need a license to operate (tobacco, alcohol). So if you’re honestly dedicated to growing, be an entrepreneur. It probably won’t be any more difficult than getting a brewing license.

    And as for the dui enforcement/limit…I’m personally not too sure about the 5ng limit but I really don’t think that’ll stay like that for long. Not only that, don’t f**kin drive if you’re high as a kite! Pretty simple. I don’t blaze blunts and get behind the wheel of my swedish death machine, because its dumb, and i have common sense. This is the step in the RIGHT direction finally, we shouldn’t let this slip away! And just like the prohibition law, when this passes it too can be reformed and changed

    I support, and will be voting yes on I-502 come November.

  • Rev. Spaminator

    I see a lot of debate about what is and isn’t free. It may not be total freedom, but better we can posess it, smoke it and test positive for it and not be considered felons by the state.  It is still illegal to distill your own spirits in Washington, but as long as there is a legal supply most people don’t complain.

  • http://www.addvalue.com.au/ Danielle Russell

    You can’t treat a health problem (addiction) with criminal penalties. That’s not how mental health is treated. If we are going to keep criminalizing health issues, I say we start by making wackness illegal.

  • http://www.addvalue.com.au/ caseymadison

    The government could make an absolute fortune from the legalisation of marijuana. Competition from different producers would make it cheaper, driving sales off the street, and with the government taxing it, they could claim back so much money that would have otherwise been spent on trying to crack down on its usage.

  • http://www.lowbudget-pharmacy.com/ Vendor

     Forbidden fruit is
    sweetest – so who knows, may be it would be even better…

  • Herb Green

    If this passes the only thing we’ll actually get out of it is a new DUID limit that’s rediculous . I probably wake up in the morning twice the 5 nanogram DUID limit . Most regular users are always over that limit , even when completely sober , so everytime they drive they’ll be subject to a DUID . DUID’s can never be taken off of your criminal record . If you get a 5th DUID within 7 years you can receive 5 years in state prison .There’s not going to be any stores that legally sell marijuana for recreational use , the federal goverment will never allow it . It will shut down the good medical dispensaries we have now . Growers and sellers would have to fill out paperwork to register with the state and the feds ( who aren’t going to allow it ) . Pretty much giving up any defense in court when they are charged because they’ve filled out paperwork admitting what they’re doing . When they’re arrested they’ll probably be charged with the Continuing Criminal Enterprise Statue , which carries a mandatory minimum 20 year federal prison sentence if convicted ( even if you’ve never had any previous criminal record ) . This is far from legalization , it’s a step backwards . They’re relying on Washington citizens to be naive and believe the bullshit they’re being fed . Please Vote No on I -502 .