Michigan Medical Marijuana Grower Charged with Manslaughter following Home Invasion

Michigan Medical Marijuana Grower Charged with Manslaughter following Home Invasion

MILAN, MI — A Michigan medical marijuana grower has been charged with manslaughter after shooting and killing one of two men who tried to rob his home on Thursday in the small town of Milan, about 35 miles southwest of Detroit.

Milan police say 50-year-old Robert Goupill chased confronted 28-year-old Jerald Ogden and an unknown accomplice just after midnight Friday, after they had allegedly broken into his home, fatally shooting Ogden. When police responded to numerous 911 calls, they found Ogden next to a parked car, about 200 yards from Goupill’s home. Ogden was pronounced dead at the scene from a shotgun wound to his back.

Goupill, who is licensed to grow medical marijuana, was arraigned Monday afternoon in 1st District Court in Monroe County on charges of manslaughter and manufacturing a controlled substance.  Milan Police executed a search warrant Friday on Goupill’s home, and found he was growing more medical marijuana than he was permitted to under state law.

It is unclear at this time what property was removed from Goupill’s home by Ogden and his accomplice, who fled on foot and remains at large. Milan police describe him as a “light skinned black male, approximately 6’3″ and in his early 20’s.

If convicted of manslaughter, Goupill faces up to 15 years in prison. He remains jailed on a $100,000 cash or surety bon



    • Poot

      No law against shooting an intruder in the back. If he was outside running away that is another story. I am not sad he got him. One less thief on the streets.

  • Governorjohn

    If the guy who got shot wasn’t in possession of private property nor an immediate threat and was fleeing, the gun shot was not warrented.
    You have the right to REASONABLY defend your rights, liberty and property.
    Just like you can’t just stab someone for saying they wanna hurt you. There has to be a threat, capability and intent. If they are fleeing empty handed, the threat is no longer warrenting deadly force.

  • Calvin

    Overgrowing??? Who are you to say that the patients he was caring for didn’t need all that he had growing? Some varieties do not produce as much as others… And as for shooting a man in the back… the only problem there is that he chased after them to do so.

  • Lp_fan_in_dtw

    what ever happened to the make my day laws?  i remember Michigan being a state that has this… if someone breaks into your house and is on your property you can shoot to kill with no breaking of the law they just had to be on your property… this is some straight up bullshit

  • http://www.facebook.com/gus831 Gustavo Mejia

    the owner of the home has EVERY right to protect his or her home, by ANY means necessary Including lethal methods, what happened to our rights of privacy?  If i was the Owner i would COUNTER sue whoever brought up these charges, i would even pay a top lawyer as the owner did what he had to do, PROTECT his home .  as for the amount of growing cannabis plants, each state and county has different amounts in which a medical patient is entitled to his or  her right.  where our liberty/ constitutional amendment rights?    Im also a medical patient and im alive thanks to miracle of NATURE cannabis,  And if Anyone including police would invade my privacy you can bet a million dollars that i will use even lethal options

    • The_omniscient_advocate

      when the man left the property– it was no longer “in defense” of his property, There is NO LAW anywhere that declares” by any means necessary” no one has indiscriminate permission to kill based on a property crime. Ignorance would be any lawsuit YOU FILE. to demonstrate the ignorance of your claim, what would your suit be, Under what law would you be seeking declaratory ,equitable or Judicial relief???  Your claims demonstrate almost as much ignorance to real life reality as is does the man from Milan. 

      Marijuana is not lawful, it’s not a hair salon or a vcr repair which are both legal HOME business’s a cannabis grow is unlawful by federal law—SO, using your firearm to protect your property under the Castle Doctrine- would reasonably result in the shooters arrest. There are ways to protect your property and follow the law, you and this buffoon from milan — should perhaps spend some money talking to a lawyer — I FEEL IN MY OPINION that it’s not that you don’t know much, …. It’s more that YOU know many many things that just simply are not true— and perhaps a qualified attorney can do what apparently you geography-history, government teachers didn’t. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.sischo Mark Sischo

    Wrong the use of deadly force to protect property is not allowed in michigan. If he didnt shoot him in the back he may have been able to prove self defense.

    • Mjjoan 123

      I do believe you are wrong there Mark you are allowed to protect yourself with what ever means necessary against a home invader including shooting in the back just don’t let them go back outside. as long as they are in your house and shot there is nothing the law can do. but because the guy went out and died on the lawn the shooter was not protected by the law.

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  • Mjjoan 123

    I agree it is those that think they can skirt the law and get greedy and then mess up what everyone else is trying to accomplish . You can shoot a man in the back if he is INSIDE YOUR HOME but don’t let the shot one go back outside to die. that was his biggest mistake he should have dragged the guy back in the house or never let him get out to start with. I’ll tell ya if anybody breaks into my house he will be a dead MF and I will be sure he doesn’t go outside to die on my lawn.

  • The_omniscient_advocate

    the threat left the house, the man was no longer a threat running away form the home, a shot to the back indicates the man was facing a direction opposite that of the shooter, these examples indicate Murder, not defense property. The castle doctrine which applies over in michgan states specifically in the statute, you can not use a gun to protect property used in an illegal act- as a 420 friend, the law is clear in this instance- the mans goona be found guilty of manslaughter— why shot a guy running away, is the retrieval justified , were the exigent cireumstances, there does not appear to be that… this guys a murderer  simple and plain 

  • InsuranceAgent

    What an idiot. People like YOU screw it all up for the others. Stay in the LIMIT and don’t shoot people for christ sakes lol

  • Alan

    Its beyond my comprehension why these people are jeopordizing a law people worked hard to pass and more importantly, there are people who depend on medicinal mj. Then you have complete idiots who have no regard or respect for the law! Its so simple, why destroy such a fortunate situation you folks in MI have? Aha, I know… some people’s greed outwieghs their stupidity. The privelage to be a caregiver must be taken as just that, a privelage and must be treated with the a great deal of professionalism or the few WILL destroy this great privelage for the many.