U.S. Tells South America to Shut Up About Legalizing Drugs

U.S. Tells South America to Shut Up About Legalizing Drugs

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has a message for everyone who thinks the drug war is bad: you’re wrong, it’s awesome.

 “I would not agree with the premise that the drug war is a failure,” Napolitano said. “It is a continuing effort to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs.” [read the news article here.]

Okay, but what do these two sentences have to do with one another? Yes, we know the drug war is “a continuing effort to keep our peoples from becoming addicted to dangerous drugs [and marijuana],” but I don’t understand what that has to do with whether or not it’s been a failure. This is like saying, “I would not agree with premise that asbestos is toxic. It is a material used to insulate buildings.”

So in a metaphorical sense, you could say that American drug policy is made of asbestos, and Janet Napolitano has been given the fun assignment of convincing a bunch of frustrated foreign leaders that the sickness and death presently surrounding them was caused by something other than the one thing that’s obviously causing it.

It’s a ridiculous situation that lends itself to some really ridiculous arguments, such as Napolitano preposterously comparing Mexican Drug Kingpin Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman to Osama Bin Laden:

“It took us 10 years to find (al Qaeda chief) Osama bin Laden and we found him, and you know what happened there,” Napolitano said.

Yeah, but the fact that these drug lords are as slippery as Osama f#$king Bin Laden ought not to inspire confidence. Seriously, I don’t even know what her point is supposed to be, because it’s gotta be pretty damn obvious to Latin American leaders that we don’t have enough SEAL teams to track down and kill every wannabe drug boss all over the globe. Their services, unlike Bin Laden’s, are actually popular with much of the American public.

Calls for legalization in Latin America are going to get louder the longer this idiocy continues, and it should surprise no one that the U.S. government’s latest attempts to suppress it are utterly and predictably devoid of substance as always.

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      uh… you’re 31 minutes too late asshole.

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  • Wateristasty

    Santorum is a closet homosexual.

  • Max

    :o i thought this was a work of satire…WTF

  • Nomjuice

    This kind of close minded thinking is exactly what is killing America. God for fucking bid we do something different like decriminalize drugs which has worked in many other countries already and is clearly gaining acceptance worldwide. Politicians such as this stupid twat should not be allowed to procreate or hold any position of power ever. Wal mart door greeter seems to fit her intelligence level.

  • myerscb

    The link to the news article seems rather pointless…

  • http://www.facebook.com/michaelthrillmas Michael Thomas

    Remove the money made by filling prisons and treatment centers with scumbag stoners and we would be in a real financial mess.

    • theDude

       “scumbag stoner”
      …sounds like you’re a fruitcake, pole-smoking lemming… Why don’t you wake the hell up and do a little research? Is it because you, like so many others, fear knowledge? You’d rather Big Brother dictate your life for you?
      Either that, or you’re just a stupid troll. Either way, I hope you die a most painful of deaths.

  • http://www.stopthewarondrugs.org Gart Valenc

    The sad thing regarding Janet Napolitano is that she is not stupid, clueless or incompetent. Far from it, she knows exactly what she is saying, doing and asking others to do. And she is not alone. 
    As a matter of fact, such levels of utter cynicism and blatant manipulation permeates the US government from top to bottom, starting with the US congress and president Obama. It involves every branch of the US government and every official in the US administration—from State Secretary Hilary Clinton to Drug Czar Kerlikowske , from DEA supremo Leonheart to  William Brownfield, US assistant secretary of state for international narcotics and law enforcement affairs.
    Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they keep arguing that the War on Drugs is a success. And to top it up, keep repeating  the same mantra again and again: the only way to solve the so-called drug problem is doing more, not less, of the same. 
    Gart Valenc
    Twitter: @gartvalenc

  • Maz3163

    The war on cannabis has not been targeted to the right place. If you go to most university’s campus, you can buy Mexican or Latin American cannabis in the middle of the day and many times while authorities are on duty.
    If you want to buy any stronger drug,  go to most of high schools in America you will find the real market and the real area where to fight the drug war.
    Most dramatic, the parents of those middle school and high school kids are the ones who are buying and consuming the drugs (at least marihuana) and setting the sample, that is why nobody say anything about consumption of drugs being the reason of many death people in Mexico and Colombia. Latin America wants to legalized Marihuana becasue there is not a real problem in Latin America with people addicted to Marihuana non the less heavier drugs, its USA the problem.
    Here in USA is where we should invest most of the money destined to the drug war, we would even create an important amount of jobs but the question is: Will USA open a can of worms by trying to eradicate a drug that was introduced by the US Gov to the baby boomers in Vietnam? Lets not forget the shipments of Marihuana to Vietnam so soldiers can feel better while in war…..
    In short terms, the Mexican and other Latin American countries drugs lords are simple seagulls which found food in USA, we in American showed them the money and they became producers. If we stop the flow of cash to those countries, we will stop the cycle of Mexican drug Lords. So one recomendation, lets work in education in our families or lets allow American farmers to grow the commodity that will make them keep the dollar in USA and pay taxes, you’ll see how fast we drop the Gov debt. JUST SAYING……..

    • theDude

       I had a horrible time trying to read your debacle of a post. Here are a couple of quick points:
      1. You can’t be addicted to Marijuana. Weak-minded idiots can THINK they’re addicted, but that’s like telling someone who enjoys playing video games to stop playing video games because you like to play video games…it’s stupid…

      2. The drug war is a flop, it doesn’t matter where you fight it. If there is a need, it will be filled. Prohibition didn’t work for booze back in the day, and it sure as hell ain’t working now.

      3. Creating jobs for NARCs to go around ruining peoples’ lives for possession of a plant sounds like the worst freaking idea since some jackass said that weed was addictive…

      4. I don’t if you’re saying that the US Government introduced us to weed back in Vietnam… but if you are….wow. Christopher Columbus brought Hemp from Britain when he found this land.

      In closing, learn how to speak.