Georgia Man Busted for Growing Pot: "I’m not a drug dealer. I’m a sick old man."

Georgia Man Busted for Growing Pot: "I’m not a drug dealer. I’m a sick old man."

"You can look at my hands. You can look at my ankles. You can look at my knees. I am riddled with a horrible disease that's killing me."

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA — Medical marijuana is not yet legal in Georgia, but that little technicality didn’t stop 52 year-old Kevin Sheehan from growing marijuana to help relieve the pain he has felt from rheumatoid arthritis for the past decade. Unfortunately for Sheehan, local police see things differently, and on Tuesday seized 36 plants from his home and placed him under arrest.

Police have charged Sheehan with possessing marijuana with intent to distribute, a felony charge with a possible ten year sentence if convicted. They claim that the 36 plants have a street value of $489,000, and the local newspaper is painting Sheehan as a drug dealer with a “marijuana laboratory” in his bedroom.

“I’m not a criminal. I’m not a drug dealer. I’m a sick old man,”  Sheehan told WSB-TV after his arrest, while calling for medical marijuana to be legal in Georgia. “You can look at my hands. You can look at my ankles. You can look at my knees. I am riddled with a horrible disease that’s killing me.”

Police say they received a tip last week about an alleged “drug operation” at Sheehan’s home. Gwinnett police went to Sheehan’s home Tuesday intending to conduct a “knock and talk” investigation, and claim that when Sheehan opened the door, they noticed an “overwhelming odor of marijuana” inside the home and asked to enter. Sheehan allegedly consented.

Inside, police allegedly found 36 mature plants, lamps, timers, and 148 grams of usable marijuana, a little over 5 ounces.

Although police did not have a search warrant for the home, a police spokesperson said “”The officers very easily could have obtained a warrant at that point.”


  • Kawasaki_kirsten


  • David Lizama

    How can anyone condone the police. The laws are unfit to be followed. Anyone who breaks this law is acting as a patriot in an act of civil disobedience. Georgia must activate!

    • Malati

      agreed.  our laws are pretty much ridiculous and over-reaching at this point.  civil disobedience!  unfortunately, our chronically ill, elderly and disabled are a vulnerable population, afraid to rebel in any way because they could lose their life sustaining assistance such as SSI, and food stamps.  those of us with the ability have a responsibility to raise our voices for Them and the rest of us!

  • Zakrysmommy2010

    well congrats to the old man.. i understand the cops are just trying to do there job but marijuana is not anything that can harm you it was here way before we were and the cops should be actually focusing there attentions on actual drugs that can cause harm  to others like meth and things that actually put physical damage on your body and harm others

  • 7dumrg

    Jury nullification!

  • Lou

    “They claim that the 36 plants have a street value of $489,000″  “and 148 grams of usable marijuana, a little over 5 ounces.”   WTF?   that is 1K of MMJ at best. 
    10 years for that, they have lost their minds

    • Jimbo

       Ya that is some fucking cocaine weed at that price… christ

    • Action Horse

      lol what, (148grams)quarter-pound+ is worth more that 1K if its quality product, and each plant can crop out at around 1-2 ounces based on conditions, so thats what.. 36 to 72 ounces, or 2.25 lbs to 4.5lbs, somewhere near 3K to 4K per pound, no where near what they said, but they are plants and do grow back…..

      • Jimbo

         I was just thinking around here if you have 5lbs it’s only worth like 1-2k per pound max… especially if you wanna sell it in one day.

  • Dallas Wiebelhaus

    This is an injustice.

  • Anthony Taurus

    I doubt it was a tip. Cops probably been driving through neighborhoods with the FLIR and saw t he heat. That’s why they had to do the knock and talk. They just needed a reason to get close. If they really had a tip, they would have probably cause and could have gotten a warrant to do the search. Of course, we’ll never know where this anonymous tip came from.

  • Jimbo

    “”The officers very easily could have obtained a warrant at that point.” WTF WTF WTF WTF sooooo illegal

  • Charliegamer

    Don’t answer the door in this instance. If they can enter, they’re not going to knock, they’re just going to knock the fucking door down. At this point, I would’ve cleaned house because they were obviously on to him.

  • Anonymous

    The stories and comments on this website are so fucking stupid.  WOW I CANT BELIEVE SOMEONE GOT ARRESTED FOR BREAKING THE LAW! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO!?! Yes it sucks and yes it should be legalized, but that doesn’t mean that in states where medicinal MJ are not even a topic of conversation one should be at all surprised to get arrested for a grow op.  “Condone the Police” come on man, the police’s job is to enforce the laws that the people of the state come up with.  You can’t blame the police for doing their jobs, where they supposed to what, turn the other way and not follow the law?  And do you expect Georgia cops to be pro-legalization in any way?  Not to mention the dude had 36 plants and 5 zips of dried bud, which is quite a bit much for personal use.

    So pull your heads out your asses.  There is a route to legalization, but highlighting all the people who get in trouble for breaking the law as it stands doesn’t help in the slightest.

    • Logic

      So when you pick up your local newspaper and there is a story you don’t like, do you say “the stories in this newspaper are stupid?”  I’ve been reading the Daily Chronic for a few months now, and I can say this:  They report on articles of interest to marijuana users, good or bad. They report on the route to legalization, yes, but also stories like this, because the stories need to be told. They’re not “highlighting all the people who get in trouble for breaking the law”. If they did, their paper would be full of articles every day about someone getting busted for this dime or that joint.

      Sometimes, laws may exist that are unjust, and people may have to make choices. Is growing marijuana in Georgia illegal? Yes. But in the spirit of our country’s founding fathers, it is our civic duty to challenge unjust laws. 

      “We must become the change we want to see in the world”. — Mohandas Gandhi.

    • Nanadill61

      I 2 have rhumetoid arthritis and fybromialgia   and wish I could afford the cost of weed  it is the ONLY thing that gives me relief and yes occasionally some of my friends will give me some so until all have dealt with the pain we suffer every minute of every day  u can’t know  the relief of a little weed!!!  not bashing antine  it’s just a suffering older womans opinion    Lillian

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  • ColoradoLivin

    M0r0n!   Who cares if it’s illegal or not.   This isn’t rape or murder we’re talking about here!   He didn’t harm anyone else, you buffoon.   These stupid pigs need to go solve some real crime and leave this guy alone.   Police are disgusting cowards!

  • Louis Martin

    It is quite a change for me, Licensed in the state I moved from to Georgia. It is a beautiful state to live in ( Ga.) how much nicer if those in need of Medicinal Marijuana were being helped.

  • Malati

    how sad.  that we should be wasting resources busting sick people…meanwhile our economy is crashing.  priorities?  huh….people should be able to make their own choices.  this is a terrible use of our system.

  • TheRecoveryClub

    It is a mean world we live in.

  • April_n_lonnie

    OMG! This is rediculous!!! Isn’t there other more pressing matters than making sure an old man doesn’t get pain relief???  So sad..

  • Marijuana Growing Guide

    Why should a man like this have to defend himself at all when he hasn’t done anything to harm anyone (including himself)?

  • Deathstalker187

    Too bad he didnt move to like Michigan or some other state where it is legal for medical reasons. Too bad so sad better luck next time.

  • Super dude

    The law the Feds are standing by on weed was created by racist in a time when it was the norm to be racist (1930 to 1980) we have come along way from those bad times , people stand up and fight good fight and help legalis weed

  • john

    489,000$? haha if every plant grew a pound, that would be 13,000 a pound. where do they get these numbers?

  • Monster

    Dude had several grand cash in his house, whoops! I would say he WAS DEALING!!

  • what2?

    I know how he feels I have medical problems and have not used marijuana for over 30 years but I found that using a small amount I was able to eat again I take Dronabinol but that is just not the same, marijuana that is what was keeping me alive till they came to my home and had no warrant but that didn’t stop them from coming in my home and searching my property

  • rick

    this just happened to me in GA also I was caught with 3 plants had no lights the plants were done I grew them cause I have 7 ruptured disk in my back and I hate pain pills weed helps me sleep but now am facing manufacturing charges was a big write up in the news paper just like this poor guy im not at all for kids smoking weed I’ve never sold any at all I just know pain pills are killing me inside and they don’t help me sleep at all weed does some people really need it I wish the gov and the state of GA would realize how much so but there’s so much money to be made on prison terms and probation that I think ga will be the last state to even think of legalization ty and good luck in court we going to need it buddy.