Pastor Bob’s Hysterical Anti-Pot Rant Makes Good Argument FOR Legalization

Pastor Bob’s Hysterical Anti-Pot Rant Makes Good Argument FOR Legalization

Pastor Bob Enyart of the Denver Bible Church wrote a hysterical, and often incoherent, anti-marijuana legalization piece in today’s Huffington Post.  But if you can overlook his lemming-over-the-cliff beliefs such as “smoking pot makes you stupid because it does” and “pot’s quick intoxicating effect will weaken a man’s moral compass”, you will find that Pastor Bob actually makes a compelling argument as to why marijuana should be legalized.

Pastor Bob writes:

“It’s wrong to get high. For in doing so you reject the counsel of the God who made you. And by intoxication you lose what should be a full control of your mental and moral faculties. You become a threat to yourself and a risk to those around you ... It should be illegal to get high and any substance should be controlled whose normal use makes one high.”

Read that last part again: “any substance should be controlled whose normal use makes one high.” 

Let’s take a look at alcohol, which in itself is an intoxicating substance, but is accepted by society because it is controlled and regulated. When was the last time you picked up the newspaper to read about alcohol cartels shooting police over black market booze?

What Pastor Bob, and thousands of others across the country, fail to realize in their hysterical anti-marijuana beliefs is that with legalization comes control. Anti-marijuana activists believe that the only way to control marijuana is to prohibit marijuana, but as was the case with alcohol, prohibition only leads to lack of control, not lack of access.

I’ve got news for you, Pastor Bob: Marijuana is everywhere, in your city, in your neighborhood, in your congregation. It’s not controlled. And it’s not taxed.

Although the corner liquor store ID’s their customers to ensure that they are of legal age, I can assure you that the corner dealer does not. Although your city, state, and federal governments reap the benefits of taxes on sales of alcohol, they do not get a dime from marijuana sales. Although employees at liquor stores, bars, breweries, distilleries and distribution centers pay income taxes to the state and federal government, your friendly neighborhood pot dealer does not.

With marijuana legalization comes control. All medical, sociological and economic benefits of marijuana aside, a legal marijuana market is a controlled marijuana market.

Pastor Bob also argues that the effects of marijuana are more instantaneous:

“Billions of people cannot get drunk on a sip of wine. Hundreds of millions cannot get drunk even on a glass of wine or a can of beer. Conversely, there are countless millions of people who get high with the normal use of even only one, two, or three drags on a joint. Thus for billions of people, normal use of alcohol does not automatically get them intoxicated but the opposite is true for marijuana.”

Once again, Pastor Bob is unknowingly making another pretty good argument in favor of marijuana legalization. Pastor Bob forgot to mention hard liquor, which is much more potent than beer or wine, and can cause intoxication with just few sips, or a shot. And I can’t remember the last time I lost “full control of your mental and moral faculties” (to quote Pastor Bob) after just one hit off of a joint — that would have to be some pretty killer bud.

The point here, is that because of controlled, regulated alcohol sales, alcohol manufacturers must test the potency of their product, and clearly display it on the label. Breweries and distilleries even provide us with choices as to the potency of their intoxicant, be it 100 proof vodka or a 9% alcohol by volume microbrew. This is all possible because alcohol is a legal, controlled, regulated product.

With marijuana, potency can vary enormously. One of the common anti-marijuana arguments of late is that “marijuana today is (insert random number here) times more potent than the marijuana of the 1970’s.” Well, thanks to advances in agricultural technology, so are pretty much every vegetable found in the produce section of your local supermarket (and, once again, made possible by regulation and control).

Marijuana, in a controlled and regulated industry, can easily be scientifically tested to determine potency and THC levels. Laboratories such as Bud Genius already provide this service to dispensaries in medical marijuana states, allowing patients to select potency and characteristics appropriate for their use and budget.

Pastor Bob concludes (after a brief attempt to scientifically back his assertions):

So when the normal use of a substance makes a person high, then the government correctly outlaws and classifies that drug as a controlled substance. Thus while marijuana-based medications should be available on a prescription basis from a pharmacy, pot use should not be normalized and the marijuana drug should be illegal.

Think about it, Pastor Bob. You want marijuana controlled, not prohibited. With legalization, you get control and regulation. With prohibition, you get crime and violence.

As a man of the cloth, which do you prefer?

  • Gannon

    The only point I’d add is how ludicrous it is for us to assume we can ‘make better’ a plant that’s been selectively cultivated — uniquely for drug use — for *thousands* of years.

  • Scott Evans

    It’s Denver Bible Church, not Denver Baptist Church.

  • Cameron

    well guess what? Separation of Church and State, if you don’t like pot oh well it’s not religions decision whether pot is legal. People get intoxicated by drinking in religious ceremonies so wtf is he talking about?

  • Rebecca Candia

    uniquely for drug us is complete b.s.  Hemp can be used to make 99% of the products petroleum makes,  it was used for hundreds of years to make rope sails! The FORD Diesel engine was originally built to run on hemp oil.  This is not about drugs it is about the threat to the oil  and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Chris Harmon

    I pay sales taxes on my cannabis, it is grown without chemicals- Certified Green- and the levels of THC, CBDs and CBNs are all tested and labeled so we patients can get the medicine we need for the problems we are having. Cannabis is a complex plant and we are only beginning to understand what it can do. It has been an important part of my healing process, and I have lost 95 lbs and no longer think of myself as disabled either. 
    And how about those of us who do not believe in a creator- why should my life be ruled by rules you follow for yourself?  I certainly don’t expect you to follow my life morality (although you should- ;D my way is better ;P) so I think you should grant me the same courtesy.

  • DaniKekoa

    Cult Leader, Bob Enyart is also on
    the same side of the drug war argument as the cartels. The losing, murderous
    side of the argument. Pro-life with exceptions all the way. A lifetime of
    hypocrisy condensed into being slammed on the Huffington Post, and that’s just
    the latest. 

    From Bob Enyart asserts
    with authority, “Likewise, the pot user’s child will likely
    grow up to smoke pot…And it is from that harmful influence that the pastor
    and elders of Denver Bible Church want to protect the adults and the children
    of Colorado…”

    *How far would pastor Bob Enyart & DBC leadership go to “protect” our own
    children from us since he thinks we are so “harmful and
    Apparently “pastor” Bob feels so strongly about this medical issue
    that he will call Child Protective Services on members of his own church if
    they have to consume cannabis for any health reasons whatsoever, and Bob will
    deliberately try to destroy any family if they dare not “abide by his
    agreement” or leave his cult. Currently, Enyart’s cult (church) and radio
    program are failing miserably because he’s a *Christian*
    hypocrite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing involved in a scandal with my family
    because we left his church last year. A Christian homeschooling family whom Bob
    Enyart conspired against to levy false allegations of child abuse to social
    services.  Also, as a “Pastor” or a person in leadership, Bob is
    a mandatory reporter, so if he really believes the garbage he preaches, he
    would have to report us to Social Services. Either way, he’s a lying scumbag!

  • DaniKekoa

    Bob Enyart is a convicted child abuser who’s on a third marriage. He’s
    also an adulterer; his first wife killed herself. Enyart also likes to secretly
    meet with married women behind their husbands’ backs and encourage them to
    divorce. But everyone around him ignores this fact. Enyart’s oldest son, 27,
    uses cannabis ILLEGALLY and has done so all of his adult life and for much of
    his childhood.  By Bob’s standard, it’s
    because he, as the father, must be a pothead. Enyart’s hypocrisy doesn’t end
    there. Not even close.  In his cult,
    Enyart’s surrounded himself with drug users including meth heads and
    prescription pill poppers, his own niece’s drugs of choice are Xanax, Zofran
    and Zoloft, a former elder in his church was addicted to methadone for 10 years
    and Bob didn’t care. Bob even partakes of prescription narcotics himself, last
    time in 2010 when Enyart’s back problems were too much too handle while he was
    serving time in El Paso county jail for trespassing at Focus on the Family
    headquarters in Colorado Springs.

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