Penalty Reduction, Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Oklahoma

Penalty Reduction, Medical Marijuana Bills Introduced in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Sen. Constance Johnson has filed separate bills to establish a medical marijuana program in Oklahoma and to reduce the penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana.

S.B. 902 directs the State Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision to develop and adopt rules that allow individuals with debilitating medical conditions to use marijuana with approval from their physicians and to establish fees for the “licensing, production, distribution, and consumption” of marijuana for medical purposes.

S.B. 914 would reduce the maximum penalty for possession of up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana from a maximum of one year in jail and a fine of $1,000 to a maximum of 10 days in jail and a fine of $200.

“There is a vast amount of evidence demonstrating the medical benefits of marijuana for individuals suffering from certain debilitating conditions,” said Mason Tvert, director of communications at the Marijuana Policy Project. “If a doctor believes their patient can alleviate his or her pain and suffering by using marijuana, that patient should be able to do so without the fear of arrest.”

“It is irrational to throw an adult in jail for up to a year simply for possessing a product that is objectively less harmful than alcohol,” Tvert said. “It is inhumane to do it when that individual is seriously ill and using marijuana to improve his or her quality of life.”

Eighteen states and the District of Columbia allow patients with qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana with recommendations from their physicians. At least ten more states are expected to consider similar legislation this year, and such bills have already been brought forward in Alabama, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, New Hampshire, and New York.

  • Colorado Mmj Patient

    Oklahoma has a HUGE problem with prescription pill abuse. Allowing medical cannabis would benefit many who are hooked on big pharma’s poison.

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  • SirCharlie

    It might be different if we were asking to legalize it for recreation, but we are only asking to decriminalize it for medical purposes, and to allow the medical doctors to be able to prescribed it without fear of going to jail. Even though the U.S. Government has U.S. Patents such as Patent # 6630507 which states that treatment with medical cannabis acts as a neuroprotectant, and can limit the neurological damage cause from neurodegenerative diseases, as well as help with the pain. Senator Crain has pulled the rug out from underneath patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, and many other very painful and debilitating diseases by allowing the deadline to pass again last month, but maybe they will pull together for them now, thanks to the efforts of Oklahoma Senator Constance Johnson. Eighteen other states have leglaized medical cannabis, and about 10 more are now writing legislation, so we are praying that Oklahoma’s senators will prove that they care enough to help the patients that need them now. This problem has been ignored, postponed, and swept under the rug for too long. Perhaps the opponents would have felt different if it had been them that suffered in such pain for years, and the only help for the pain was harsh narcotics that hurts other bodily functions and organs. It’s unbelievable that just a few men have the power to decide on whether or not such an important issue will even be discussed. That in itself should be the crime!

    It might be different if we were asking to legalize it for recreation, but we are ONLY asking to decriminalize it for MEDICAL purposes, and to be prescribed only by medical doctors. At a time when 18 states have legalized it, 10 more in the process, and the latest poll taken by FOX 23 in Tulsa indicating that 81% favor legalizing medical cannabis, it should be very clear that the people of Oklahoma should have the right and be allowed to vote for themselves and to not be ignored. Let’s quit inventing reasons why we can’t legalize medical cannabis. Let’s set up a system that works and helps everyone, especially those suffering with debilitating diseases. Let’s show the nation that it can be done right! Oklahoma should be leading the nation and showing everyone else that this issue can be done right, and help those that suffer. Let the other states follow, drag their heels, and do nothing, Oklahomans are better than that!

    • mr.nuncio

      I feel your pain. I suffer from a.d.h.d., severe migraines from a head injury, anxiety/depression, and insomnia. I live here in Oklahoma, and as a responsible adult, I could very much benefit from this bill being passed. I honestly don’t see why they’re not going to pass this bill, this time around. It’s honestly a struggle everyday, and I know it is for so many people. That’s why people have finally woken up, and realized the so called ”medicines” they were receiving aren’t so much what they are made out to be. Why are we ignoring all these actos commercials and prescription company’s themselves coming out and telling the truth about the harm they are causing to these innocent people in fear of what is coming to them. Justice. I would really like to see my family and friends benefit from medical cannabis. I think it’sdefinitely time for action.

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