GrowLife to Begin Production of Medical Marijuana Grow Chambers

GrowLife to Begin Production of Medical Marijuana Grow Chambers

WOODLAND HILLS, CA — GrowLife Inc. (OTCQB: PHOT), a provider of highly effective indoor growing technologies that service the blossoming marijuana industry, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic alliance with GrowOpp, LLC, a Nevada based company, for initial production of the MEDIGROW climate controlled grow chambers for production of medical grade organic cannabis.

According to GrowLife’s CEO Sterling C. Scott , “MEDIGROWs are the first medical grade growing system on the market. We are not aware of any serious competition. It is a very significant addition to our line of growing chambers which started with the single plant Phototron brand some 25 years ago.”

As Scott explained, “MEDIGROWs produce between 32-64 ounces of medical grade cannabis per 8-10 week flowering cycle, depending on the selected genetics and strain.”

GrowLife is on the leading edge in supply of specialized equipment for cannabis production systems. MEDIGROW is an important innovation that is expected to showcase GrowLife’s lead in technology, especially technology for production of medical grade organic cannabis.

MEDIGROW systems incorporate a lot of GrowLife company technology including the SG Sensors product line, for professional grade monitoring and control of hydroponic dosing, temperature, humidity, CO2, lighting, and many other features from the communication device of choice and Stealth Grow LED lighting products all to produce the highest quality organic products in an energy efficient manner.

GrowLife and GrowOpp, LLC have agreed on cross licensing and incentives to produce the initial MEDIGROW production units.

MEDIGROW’s will be available for sale or lease only in States with legal medical marijuana programs.