Feds Raid San Bernadino Medical Marijuana Dispensary Chain

Feds Raid San Bernadino Medical Marijuana Dispensary Chain

SAN BERNARDINO, CA — Federal agents and  local authorities raided a chain of medical marijuana dispensaries and a private residence Wednesday.

The Drug Enforcement Administration served search warrants simultaneously at all three locations of Kush Concepts in San Bernardino, as well as a private residence where “marijuana proceeds and/or pertinent documents” are located, according to the search warrant.

Aided by local police, city inspectors and code enforcement officers, DEA agents marched patients out of the dispensaries and siezed medical marijuana, edibles, cash and business records, but no charges have been filed.

“Once the evidence is processed the U.S. Attorney’s Office will make the final decision if any criminal charges will be filed against Kush Concepts,” said DEA spokeswoman, Special Agent Sarah E. Pullen.

Medical marijuana dispensaries were banned in San Bernardino in April 2011, but City Attorney James F. Penman says 52 dispensaries have opened, violating the ordinance.

Twenty six of the dispensaries have since closed as a result of a city-wide crackdown, Penman says, and the rest have been put on noice.

The raids come just one day after arguments were heard by the California Supreme Court in a case  to determine how far cities and counties can go in banning or restricting medical marijuana businesses. Although a ruling isn’t expected until May, justices suggested that the dispensary bans will likely be upheld.