Pot Cops: New Discovery Channel Series Focuses on Marijuana Raids

Pot Cops: New Discovery Channel Series Focuses on Marijuana Raids

LOS ANGELES, CA — For those who want to take a look inside the ongoing crackdown on the medical marijuana growers in California, a new three part mini-series on the Discovery Channel will give you a first hand look.

The series follows a drug enforcement unit in Humboldt County, California, where much of the state’s medical marijuana – legal under state law since 1996 – is grown.  The unit is made up mostly of officers from the Humboldt County sheriff’s department, who contracted with Colorado-based Hoggard Films to make the series.

In a press release, the Discovery Channel says the drug enforcement unit’s raids are focused not only on the  illegal Cartel-funded guerrilla grows hidden among the Redwoods, but also on “Average Joe” growers who operate out of the area.

“This determined Drug Enforcement Unit works day and night to keep the upper hand in the drug war against the dangerous and unpredictable growers. This three-part series follow Humboldt’s Pot Cops as they locate, raid, arrest and cut down illegal crops,” according to the release.

Sheriff Mike Downey said while some restrictions were set on what could be filmed, the crews gained unparalleled access to raids that took place across the county.

A promotional video for the series shows a large number force of law enforcement officers from several agencies conducting an early-morning raid on a suspected marijuana grow, guns drawn, kicking in doorways.

“We do it first thing in the morning. Hopefully we catch them still asleep,” a task force member says in the video. “When you breach that door, you never know what you’re going to encounter.

In the video they encounter Zacharias, 300 pound man who shows no resistance to the officers.  After handcuffing Zacharias, the video shows officers kicking in doors until they discover a marijuana grow room in his garage.

“They drove by two dead hookers to get here,” said Zacharias, the target of the raid. “Its their job, whatever, but they don’t have to break shit.”

The Discovery Channel bills the show as showing police officers “fiercely attacking the problem by raiding the suspected locations and taking down those who cause harm to their community. This determined Drug Enforcement Unit works day and night to keep the upper hand in the drug war against the dangerous and unpredictable growers.”

But as marijuana reform efforts nationwide kick into overdrive, and as polls continue to show America’s approval of marijuana continue to rise, the series could show viewers first hand the overkill of law enforcement resources spent on eradicating a plant.

“Pot Cops” airs Wednesdays at 9:00 pm beginning February 20 on the Discovery Channel.

The first episode, “Cartel Threat”,  focuses on Mexican Cartel growers who are running huge, clandestine weed farms in the Redwoods and shooting at local children on the Hoopa Indian Reservation.  The second episode, “Buried in Weed”, which airs February 27, is centered around the busiest week of the harvest season. The mini-series wraps up March 7 with an episode titled “End of Harvest.”

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  • DeeperDish

    In January, the federal government admitted there’s no proof of cartels. According to Tommy Lanier, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s National Marijuana Initiative, “Based on our intelligence, which includes thousands of cellphone numbers and wiretaps, we haven’t been able to connect anyone to a major cartel,” he said. The San Francisco Weekly reported, “Lanier said authorities have long mislabeled marijuana grown on public land as ‘cartel grows’ because Mexican nationals are arrested in the majority of cases, and the narrative of fighting drug cartels helps them secure federal funding.”


    So the first episode, “Cartel Threat,” is specious.

  • Sinsibility

    This is how anti’s like “SAM” will be fighting dirty to scare the uninformed population.

    We need to insist that MJ is not portrayed negatively in TV and movies, like the American Motorcyclist Association did a decade ago when motorcycles were only ridden by the bad guys in every show.

    Public opinion is swayed by how subjects are presented in dramatic productions, and it doesn’t occur to them if it’s fictional or not.

    I’d like to see some shows and movies created that present MJ with the modern understanding of the substance. My 70yr old mother even got caught up in the Weeds series.

    Oliver Stone could make a movie that has the ability to show MJ use with the light of modern understanding in a way that would not be dismissed as a documentary.
    The truth has to be snuck in with the drama so the average citizen (voter) buys it.