Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in North Carolina

Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced in North Carolina

North Carolina NORML will sponsor a Legislative Day at the state capitol in Raleigh on Tuesday, February 12

RALEIGH, NC — As expected, House lawmakers have formally re-introduced legislation that, if passed, would allow the medical use of marijuana in North Carolina.

Representative Kelly Alexander (D – Mecklenburg) introduced House Bill 84, the North Carolina Medical Cannabis Act, February 7 to the floor of the House.

If Passed, HB 84 would protect North Carolina residents who suffer from HIV/AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments from arrest and prosecution for using marijuana if their physicians recommend it.

The legislation would also allow for the creation of medical marijuana centers where patients or their caregivers could purchase their medicine.

“The introduction of such a strong bill is the culmination of a growing movement to allow patients to choose which medicine to put in their bodies. The Federal Government has failed the people in regards to medical marijuana, and the people of North Carolina have had enough,” siad Robert Dalton, Vice President of North Carolina NORML.

“It’s time for our state to show compassion and restore freedom to the individual. Hundreds, if not thousands, of studies show the efficacy and safety of medical marijuana, having never once shown to cause a death by overdose. I’m hopeful that this our year to finally pass the NC Medical Cannabis Act.”

A statewide poll by Public Policy Polling, conducted in January 2013, reported that 58 percent of respondents approve of allowing for the medicinal use of marijuana.

This is the third legislative session in a row that a medical marijuana bill has been introduced in North Carolina.   The 2011-12 legislative session also saw lawmakers consider, but not vote on, a bill to reduce penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana, also sponsored by Rep. Alexander.

On Tuesday, February 12th, North Carolina NORML will sponsor a Legislative Day at the state capitol in Raleigh to educate lawmakers on House Bill 84.

Currently, 18 states and the District of Columbia allow the medical use of marijuana.