Idaho Senate Declares Opposition to Marijuana Legalization "For Any Purpose"

Idaho Senate Declares Opposition to Marijuana Legalization "For Any Purpose"

BOISE, ID — Lawmakers in the Idaho Senate made their position on marijuana clear Monday with a 29-5 vote in favor of a resolution proclaiming that the Idaho state legislature officially opposes “efforts to legalize marijuana for any purposes,”  including medical marijuana.

The bill, Senate Concurrent Resolution 112, now advances to the House of Representatives for a vote.

Although no medical marijuana legislation has been filed at the state house this session, former Republican Rep. Tom Trail of Moscow failed to get a bill approved to legalize medical marijuana last year.

Author of the resolution, Republican Sen. Chuck Winder of Boise, said the statement is a response to the growing acceptance of marijuana use in neighboring states.

Winder said law enforcement along Idaho’s western border are dealing with an influx of “drug trafficking” since Washington voters approved the recreational use of marijuana by adults, in addition to the the medical use of marijuana  allowed in neighboring states Oregon and Montana.

While the resolution is only a political gesture in nature, the anti-marijuana attitude of state lawmakers has prompted medical marijuana activists to begin a 2014 ballot initiative campaign to legalize medical marijuana in the state.

“Instead of wasting their time on resolutions that puts Idaho on the wrong side of history, legislators in Idaho should be debating the best way to protect their seriously ill,” said the Marijuana Policy Project in a statement. “They need to understand that medical marijuana is popular and would be welcomed by their constituency.”

A February 2011 Boise State University Public Policy Survey found that 74% of respondents favor allowing “terminally and seriously ill patients to use and purchase marijuana for medical purposes.”

A second bill, Senate Concurrent Resolution 101, which would have urged the federal government to heavily enforce federal marijuana laws in the states of Washington and Colorado, whose voters overwhelmingly voted to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol last November, failed by a 21-13 vote.

Boise Republican Sen. Curt McKenzie said the federal enforcement proposal contradicts the idea of states’ rights — a principle his party used to oppose federal health care and endangered species laws. McKenzie doubted how the resolutions would make Idaho safer.

Under current Idaho law, an individual charged with possession of up to an ounce of marijuana faces a year in jail and/or up to a $1,000 fine.

  • Mike

    Kind of reminds me of the church when it went after Galileo for being presumptuous enough to insist that the sun was actually at the center of the solar system. We all know how that turned out.

    Being most of those yahoos are probably bible-thumping Christians, they ought to consider God doesn’t make mistakes – and he made marijuana a long time before there was an Idaho or silly people elected to sit in judgment over His policy.

    BTW, those folks will all be up for re-election. Voters that value freedom should take note.

  • Jeff

    I live in Idaho, and this state is currently hell on marijuana users. Several months ago, I was caught with lass than an ounce. Unfortunately, it was packaged separately, and in my phone they found proof that I had broken off about $35 worth to one buddy. I was not dealing. I have 3 bulged discs in my back and was partaking of the best medicine I know of to remedy it. Now, for having less than an ounce on my person, I am on felony probation for 5 years, with an underlying sentence of 5 years should I screw up. The marijuana laws in Idaho NEED to change, the sooner the better, so that otherwise law abiding citizens don’t get their lives ruined due to a “victimless crime” (ie, not a crime).

    • Jose

      Move the hell out as fast as you can.

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  • Guest

    I’m not sure why anyone would want to go to Idaho anyway, you would think they wouldn’t want to scare off the few people the state manages to attract.

    • Mike

      Actually, Idaho is a beautiful state with a rich history. I can see why people would want to live there based on my one, all too brief attendance at a conference in Boise a few years back. Things like this do make me wonder if these same folks were so quick on the trigger about what’s an acceptable conversation to have when your state becomes infested with right-wing militias…

      That said, it’s an unfortunate American pastime to trade off the human and civil rights of others so long as “we’ve got ours.” Why do you think things like slavery, violence against women, child labor and other issues both well-addressed and still ignored in our nation fester for so long?

      Largely it’s because we’re all too willing to write off that other group, let them be oppressed, ignore their suffering, get comfortable with the idea that in that other state, there be devils and there’s nothing that can be done about it.. Americans as real patriots and connoisseurs of freedom? Mostly not, so long as the 1% doesn’t have its boot on your own neck.

      If we instead put ourselves in the boots of others, the only reaction to the blow against liberty struck by those political perverters of our Constitution and rights should be to ask, “What can I do to help my fellow Americans achieve real liberty?” I’m a bit taken aback that people think people should move to a couple of states as the best solution to a massive human rights problem that festers throughout our nation in 48 other states still.

      We’re all Americans and we are all OWED equality of rights, not a diversity of oppression.

      • Jose

        If you look at someone with an electron microscope that just had their head cut off it looks beautiful too. It’s when you zoom out and view the whole picture that you see the repulsive image of reality.

  • Jon

    To Jeff- Move to Washington next door where its legal. Heck maybe your felony doesnt count there!

    • Jeff

      Yeah, I plan on doing this as soon as I possibly can. I very well might have to satisfy my probation first, so it might be several years, but by then my son will also be old enough to be in school and I will probably have switched from getting to see him every weekend to doing the school/summer custody schedule, which honestly was the biggest reason that I was still living here long enough to pick up this stupid charge. I have a lot of family up in Seattle, so I will definitely be looking to move up there asap!

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  • Jose

    It’s no secret that Idaho is the land of retarded potato heads.

  • Deeman9999

    If you have seen Napoleon Dynamite, you would understand the backwards mentality of the State and how they are a century or so behind everybody else. The people in the State Legislature are probably mentally on par with Lyle the Farmer.

  • nightman

    well that settles it deres the state for any one who is anty legalization let them all move to idaho and they can all be happy and drug free nothing wrong with that but i bet at least half of those people wouldnt think twise about poping the top on a beer or the cork on a bottle of vine and keep fighting a ever loosing battle on pot and dont fear as soon as pro legalization states pass your pot heads will be leaving your up tight short minded state
    as for the rest of us pro legalization we will be happy in our legalized states with less pot crime and prisoners serving time for something as beneficial as pot for physical as well as psychological use

  • NewHackCity

    so why aren’t they banning booze? Just read the ‘whereas’ statements… it’s one piece of propoganda after another.

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