Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Bill Killed by Senate Committee

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Bill Killed by Senate Committee

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — A bill that would have allowed patients with serious illness to obtain and use medical marijuana if recommended by their doctors was killed by a committee of the Oklahoma Senate at a hearing Tuesday.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted 6-2 against the measure in a party-line vote with Republicans in opposition.

SB 710, introduced by State Sen. Constance Johnson (D-Oklahoma City), would have allowed patients with debilitating medical conditions to privately possess up to eight ounces of marijuana and grow up to 12 marijuana plants in their homes. Patients would have also been able to obtain marijuana through state-sanctioned collectives.

Senator Johnson has introduced several measures over the last six years to ease the penalties for marijuana possession or allow medical marijuana in the state, but they typically have not even been granted a hearing.

Despite the bill’s defeat, she remains optimistic that attitudes are changing, seeing the hearing as a sign of progress in the conservative state.

“I consider it a victory for the citizens of this state,” said Sen. Johnson after the hearing. “I think it’s a step in the right direction in terms of moving it forward and getting some indication of what people’s reservations are so we’ll know what to address.”

A hearing on a separate marijuana-related bill will be held Wednesday, Feb. 27 by the House Public Safety Committee. HB 1835, sponsored by Rep. Cory Williams (D-Stillwater), would remove marijuana from the list of substances for which a second or subsequent possession offense results in a felony conviction.

Currently, a second marijuana possession offense is punishable by a mandatory minimum sentence of two to 10 years in prison.

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  • http://health.usnews.com/top-doctors/directory/best-in-oklahoma-city-ok Danial Garcia

    I think that criminalization of the drug may prevent its use in keeping diseases at bay and so forth. I understand that people have reservations but maybe alternatives need to be considered.

  • Jon

    I’m embarrassed to live in OK. Not allowing medical marijuana for the terminally ill is a war on sick people that only the tobacco and alcohol lobbyists are fighting anymore, and some republicans who don’t read about issues they vote on. Marijuanna has been tested and proven again and again to kill over a dozen types of cancer cells (including brain, lung, breast, prostate). Marijuana alone has not been liked to the cause of a single death, the now-popular gateway arguments have been baseless and disproven in the wake of critical analysis. The war on drugs is a flop and is wasted focusing on marijuana rather than actual drugs.

  • katietaylor

    Oklahoma is the single worst state in the whole country. I’m saying this as a christian church-goer myself that these ultra conservative prehistoric idiotic ideals are destroying the state. I can’t fathom the amount of idiocy it takes to not allow wine to be sold in normal stores like back home in the east coast because “kids might get ahold of it” (because teens totally drink wine). I can’t fathom the amount of pure idiocy is involved in revoking an HERB from being used by dying cancer patients. If hell was a state, it would be Oklahoma.

  • CODY HAYScdogg199088@gmail.com

    I’m not embarrassed to live in Oklahoma what so ever but i am against the health and human services voting against decriminalization or so called legalization in our state for this is just my opinion for everyone has there own, the health and human services don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to marijuana nor does anyone else in the government they make the vote to just keep there jobs and care less about the economy or the environment they say they say they do but yet they don’t i studied medical marijuana and just plane o’l marijuana plants the growth all the way to the consumption of it but yet to still find anything bad about the plant all i can find is the good as in what it does for our people that actually need it to the people that just smoke it to relax or for what it does for our economy u can plant trees all over ur property and have a big tax deductible which just takes off property taxes what about what it doe’s for the planet the environment our economy the money the government makes to actually help fix what they have messed up to this day help come out of dept the food consumption that will go up that helps farmers fresher produce the crime rate dramatically drops and my proof for that look at Colorado, California, Washington, and yet any other state that has been decriminalized or like i said so called legalized look what it has done for there state its self the fact has proven its self, and i will stop here for now cause i can keep going on and on about the facts and the good that it does for the states other then our states criticizing and being prejudice for an HERB i quote HERB that is naturally grown by its self from a seed and soil no chemicals other then pesticides that are organic and are released from the plant into the earth as natural matter as of any other plant that grows, i think they should take a better look at and another look at the NATURAL HERB other then criticizing it and actually study it like the rest of anyone else that has actually done it for years and don’t try and say it can kill u or cause medical problems cause u are wrong its been proven to slow down or yet even reduce sizes of tumors, cancer, leukemia, glaucoma, and other medical problems and for the fact i have seen a’lot of reports and paper work of lists of deaths which are due to marijuana and i proved that they were false for the fact they had other drugs in their system that are chemically made which caused their deaths marijuana is blamed cause that is the most seen and sold drug and easier to buy then other drugs IT IS A PROVEN FACT THAT IT IS GOOD FOR THE HUMAN BODY AND THE ENVIRONMENT ALSO THE ECONOMY, Thank you for reading and i hope u agree with me against our prejudice government that knows nothing about this herb so until next time stay strong and never give up my 808 and 420 friends….

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