Pennsylvania Marijuana Legalization Bill Formally Introduced

Pennsylvania Marijuana Legalization Bill Formally Introduced

HARRISBURG, PA —  Senator Daylin Leach’s long anticipated bill to legalize and regulate marijuana in Pennsylvania has been formally introduced at the State House.

“This past November, the people of Washington State and Colorado voted to fully legalize marijuana,” said Leach. “It is time for Pennsylvania to be a leader in jettisoning this modern-day prohibition, and ending a policy that has been destructive, costly and anti-scientific.”

“Demographics and exposure will in time defeat irrational fears, old wives tales and bad science,” Leach continued.  “This bill furthers the discussion, which hastens the day.”

Approximately 25,000 citizens are arrested annually in Pennsylvania for marijuana-related offenses, at a cost of some $325 million dollars.

Senate Bill 528, the Regulate Marijuana Act, would allow adults 21 and over to grow up to six plants and possess the resulting harvest. It would also allow adults to transfer up to an ounce to other adults.

The proposed bill would also direct the state to come up with a system to regulate and tax marijuana commerce.  The bill includes safeguards to protect against driving under the influence of cannabis, and youth awareness and prevention measures.

“Cops see the ineffectiveness and harms of marijuana prohibition up close, every day,” said Neill Franklin, a retired Baltimore narcotics cop and the executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

“Keeping marijuana illegal doesn’t significantly reduce use, but it does give tax-free profits to violent gangs and cartels that control the black market. Now, thanks to Sen. Leach’s proposal, Pennsylvania has a chance to join Colorado and Washington in letting police focus on the job we signed up to do — keeping the public safe — instead of being distracted by chasing down marijuana users.”

“NORML applauds Sen. Leach for taking this important step forward to end the failed policy of marijuana prohibition in his state. Pennsylvania has long been considered a bellwether state that sets the precedent for politics across the country, as such it is both exciting and encouraging to see the Keystone State take up this crucial dialogue,” said Erik Altieri, Communications Director for NORML.

“Marijuana prohibition costs the state of Pennsylvania over $300 million a year in enforcement costs and tens of millions a year in lost potential tax revenue, while doing little to keep the substance out of the hands of children or lower use rates. It is time for a new policy that works for the state and its people. We encourage all of Sen. Leach’s colleagues in Harrisburg to join him in this call for rational marijuana laws.”

It could be an uphill battle. Leach spent the last two sessions trying to get medical marijuana bills passed, to no avail, and that was with strong public support for medical marijuana. A recent Franklin and Marshall College poll had support for medical marijuana at 82%, but support for legalization at only 36%. That’s up 14 points from 2006, but still well below majority support.

The bill has been referred to the Senate Law and Justice Committee.

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  • AJ Miceli


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  • Justin Shedaker

    Lets face facts. It’s a plant that will continue to be sold and smoked regardless if its legal or illegal. It is time to Legalize regulate and tax marijuana already. If you are against legalization you need to learn more about marijuana or ask someone with cancer about why they want it to be legal. It’s not going anywhere so it should be legalized for profit.

    • Bugi

      I agree but I’m not very hopeful that PA legislature or Corbett will allow legalization. So sad.

      • Sam Twain

        Yep. Corbett has a suite of luxury VIP boxes up his ass for any lobbyist that comes down the pike.

    • Ck

      I have a sleep disorder. As I researched off the Internet, this disorder, I have learned that marijuanna would be a great help for me. Instead because of it being illegal, just to live a normal life , I have to put costly drugs into my body each day. No one knows what the long term effects of these drugs are. I am afraid for my future health.

      • Anthony Lukens

        This is extremely sad and it really hit me hard for some reason while reading it. As a PA resident I agree by saying FINALLY. I acquire marijuana everyday of my life and have never been arrested. The fact that this great state is spending so much money, resources, and manpower into stopping flow of a simple plant is idiotic. People are being MURDERED over this plant, it would literally save lives by legalizing it.

      • cmk72

        Sounds like my life, too! Every day I take things for my sleep disorder that are likely extremely toxic to my body. These are HIGHLY regulated, prescribed medications (that cost a ridiculous amount every month) but the toxicology of them has not been identified over an extended period of time yet… meanwhile, I know for a FACT that cannibas is very helpful to my disorder and would eliminate almost all of my prescriptions… I see a clear picture of OVERWHELMING benefits of legalization and really no drawbacks… hope this get’s moving and fast before my health further deteriorates from my LEGAL medications.

    • agnar150

      We can send men to the moon yet we can make the correct decision regarding marijuana. It actually should be a priority for the government not gay marriage.

      • Sean Alan Romanek

        I say, we haven’t sent a man to the moon in a very long time. I see this as a glaring marker of where our country is at economically, morally and mentally. Americans on the f”cking MOON man! that used to be TOAST.

    • chuckcandy

      i see everyone saying how great it would be legalized to help people and taxes and the state but i think everyone is forgetting… president reagan banned it and started the “just say no” campaign becuase marijuana as a natural resource would take over the logging industry which he partook in! cannibas is a resource that could replace cutting down hundreds of acres of forestry each year and taking away homes to defenceless (and dare i say cute) animals. legalizing would be a truely great thing for this country! and im a part time smoker myself which i feel is harmless considering i work every day and pay taxes every year like everyone else. i function fine–up with the LEGALIZE!! :)

  • Sinsibility

    Make an effort and use the NORML website and the MPP site to show PA senators and representatives how their voters feel about this bill. Pass SB 528!
    About Corbett, he’s already made a lot of enemies. We’ll vote him out in 2014.

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  • mel.64

    best thing to do ! it dose not harm anyone .. it tales away streess and makes people more relaxed

  • Kenny

    In Russia Marijuana is drug! And people who sell and use weed have a chance to go to jail for couple years, to me it is pitiful the young people who smoke their mind stop think…..

    • DC4_TEGGZ

      …yeah well Russia blows bro.

    • Rachel Vessels

      young people .All the people i kno r my age an older ( im 54 )….they r productive members of sociaty….

    • Lance Smith

      Over the years people start to lose that sense of wonder and creativity. I in the past have lost it going to school and doing certain things. In time people get in the routine, whats wrong with coming home and sitting down, smoking a little and relaxing… Letting your mind explore things that some times you may not think of, things you may not always see..

    • Eric Jacobson

      Typed out like the very stereotype you’re trying to portray. Well done.

  • Preston Smith

    This is logical. I don’t smoke, but it simply makes normal common sense, always has, always will.

  • Mark Elrod

    The government might intact Marshall law, seeing as states are taking matters into their own “hands” & legalizing things the government doesn’t want legalized.

    I mean, according to the 10th Amendment, states have the right to govern themselves, but seeing as the DEA has been raiding dispensaries in California, Colorado & Washington state on the grounds that federal laws trump state laws, the 10th Amendment doesn’t seem to mean anything.

    • CC30

      so sad

      • Eric Jacobson

        Yes, it is sad how he can’t spell Martial Law correctly…

        • agnar150

          Stop with your stupid spelling and grammar comments, they are out of place. Everyone here understood what he meant.

          • Sam Gross

            Are you serious? First of all, he didn’t only misspell Martial, he used it incorrectly. Martial law is not the legal process that allows the government to raid dispensaries. Also he is using the 10th amendment wrong. If he actually READ the constitution(would take 15 minutes), he would realize that the 10th amendment only applies when there is not a Federal Law in place already (there is for marijuana). Technically, the 10th amendment doesn’t protect against the raiding of dispensaries, if it did, then it would, but clearly; from what we have seen, it does not.

            Federal Law trumps state law, Read a book.

            So Sad was said because his entire comment is full of misinformation that he heard from someone as dumb as him.

            Giving a bad name to the rest of the people who smoke!

          • Mark Elrod

            Federal law should not trump state law. States should have the right to govern themselves.

            Thanks for your pointless insults. You must feel like a big man, now huh? Nice guy.

          • Sam Gross

            Take it up with the supreme court. I’m not here to argue what it SHOULD be, rather I am just telling you how it is.

          • Mark Elrod

            I understand, how it is. I am expressing my opinion that I don’t feel it is right.

    • agnar150

      The agents doing the raids are criminals who are going against the voters of these states.

    • Diane Pinson-woods
  • Jim Geesman

    Anyone voting against should be either investigated for graft from alcohol, pharmacy and incarceration industry lobbyists, or recommended for a mental health check. The writing that’s been on the wall for forty years is showing more and more. Ending Nixon’s legacy is the right thing to do. Nixon? He founded the DEA and Controlled Substances Act, before resigning in disgrace. He was a crook and the prohibition is a crime against Americans.

  • DoTheRightThing

    Weed has ruined my sons life. Those, like my son, who started as teens are much more likely to get addicted and the drug pushers convinced him that weed would not hurt him. Now he is addicted, gets sick more, and is demotivated. Congrats if you aren’t in the category of addicted. But that does not change the statistics and does not change his life.

    It is ironic that the bill would make more weed available and increase prevention efforts. Tells you something about the effects. If you want to know the biological effects do not search the web or go to something like yahoo questions. Go to the researchers like those at the NIH. It is common to read bloggers who say “it is better than alcohol.” We’ll it is better to brake your leg then have it amputated but that does mean you should seek out amputation.

    There are so many international, national and local issues that need to attention more than the legalization of weed. Many children need someone to just spend time wth them. Join a big brother or sister organization. Take a walk in the woods and help pick up the trash we toss into animals homes. Work to decrease mountain top removal for coal. Work to prevent the erosion of access to birth control in Africa.

    • killa

      “is common to read bloggers who say “it is better than alcohol.” We’ll
      it is better to brake your leg then have it amputated but that does
      mean you should seek out amputation.” Re-read this sentence. You high, bro?

      • Sam Gross

        It was just a troll. you are on thedailychronic. The question is “are you high” because that was a 0/10 troll too easy to spot

    • CC30

      Your ignorance is baffling. Break your leg or amputate it? Are you kidding me? And if you REALLY think alcohol should be legal while marijuana remains illegal, then you truly have no clue what you’re talking about. Quit referring to what you were told by the government. Look at the old government propaganda in the media, research the actual effects and history of marijuana, look at the FREAKING cartels that are dominating and terrorizing innocent people. ;alskdfjapsdfaiofjaoifjpsdoifjapsdfoijasdiwer

    • Brahm

      As someone who breaks a leg every time I drink, I totally agree with this logic.

    • beeeee

      i think the problem is your son shares your idiot DNA

      • orison squirrel

        true that!

    • Jennifer Wells

      Marijuana does not contain any chemicals in which are addictive. Do your research of the plant and its contents and what they do before you open your mouth and sound like a dumbass.. oops wait, too late.

    • KevinH

      I feel like your using weed as a crutch for “gets sick more, and is demotivated”. Your son is the only one to blame for this and he only is the one who can change this. Your taking a plant that expands your mind and blaming it for the misfortunes of your child. Tell him to get up off his ass!

    • Lance Smith

      I feel as though your looking at weed as his crutch. This is the reason he fell downward into a spiral? I highly doubt it, maybe it was bad parenting on your part, an unbalance within his mind. Or the fact he has no drive to do anything good with his life.

      Your comment about breaking your leg or having it amputated makes no sense, your comparing apples to bananas.

    • Ali

      Lol. Weed isn’t even addictive. It doesn’t make you sick and demotivated. Read up on the medical facts. Your son is probably just sick and lazy in general. Some of the most productive towards society people have or do smoke week. And by “it’s better than alcohol” they mean it’s less bad for you than alcohol. Alcohol is addictive and causes much more pain and suffering than weed. I won’t call you an idiot because it’s not your fault. The talking heads on tv have gullible parents like you shaking at the knees at the thought of your kids getting a hold of weed.

    • kevin

      Just sad. First off, I’m sure we all recognize that yahoo answers is an extremely authoritative source of information. However, for those of us that don’t live in the 50s, I think we all know and accept that marijuana is not addictive. Furthermore, alcohol is an extremely dangerous substance that is sold to people everyday. A substance that can cause a whole mess of diseases. Let’s even take away the smoking bit, try using marijuana with baking. Ill save the suspense, it turns out to be one of the safest medicines around.

    • Meno

      You can’t blame the drug itself. There is illogicality behind much of the ignorant popular culture that so often associates itself with marijuana that you cannot just say that it was the drug itself. Maybe your son first using the drug was a part of a much larger social context in which he was trying to associate himself with. This association could be very negative, and if not well educated enough, could eventually cause long term habitual problems that have led to your sons apathy, with you blaming the drug itself due to your false preconceived notions of what this drug actually does to you. Those notions also being what stems from sociocultural mindsets. Marijuana actually helped me see the illogicality and rhetoric behind many of these types of issues, and in time with the right demographic switch of the drug (which is what the intelligent senator is talking about) these false ideas an change, and every can benefit from seeing a little more of the truth.

    • Maltese

      This is not a right way of seeing it. If you want your son to feel better, you need to know exactly what’s happening to him. I went thru this already.
      First of all, nothing in this world (even fruits) is good for you when consumed in excessive amounts. Imagine yourself smoking 3 joints and eating 3 Mc.Don*** meals daily. Both are not advised, but you think one is better then the other?
      I am sorry to say that your son lacks self control, which in my opinion for his case its better to stop smoking it.
      But remember, the majority of the population is not the same as your son. So when you are saying these things about this “drug,” you are actually irritating other people, making them feel that you’re intruding in their personal life’s. Which lets face it, nobody likes someone else to mess with there freedom. Just Live and let Live. If you want to smoke then smoke, if you don’t want to smoke then don’t.

    • weed didnt kill me

      you need to except that your son ruined his own life.. if you think weed started his problems your wrong.. possibly alcohol ??? or even bad parenting.. beside the fact weed is harmless. cigs are worse for you.. im sure your son smokes cigs too.. why not say cigs ruined my sons life.. lady get a grip.. your sons a junkie except it dont blame it on weed..

    • agnar150

      Who cares about birth control in Africa?

    • orison squirrel

      go duck yourself!!

    • tete

      i know a lot of people who smoke weed and it hasn’t ruined any of their lives. heroin and alcohol on the other hand is so sad what it does to people

    • Stephen Trott

      I have smoked weed since 7th grade and i just graduated high school and im going to college. Which unfortantly drug tests. You and ur son are just looking for something to blame

    • Mike

      Cut the ambilical cord. Throw him out and make him stand on his own 2 feet. Then he will either want to improve his situation or rot and die… Either way it is not your responsability to suppoprt him anymore…

    • Sam Gross

      HAHAHAHAHA your son turned out shitty using a plant as a “crutch” and you blame it on a plant and not yourself.

      The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree it seems.
      Sounds like YOU are the one using Cannabis as a crutch to avoid having to come to terms with the fact that you are unable to motivate your child properly.

      Maybe you could link me to some of the studies you talk so fondly of in your post.
      Oh wait, you can’t because you never actually have read any studies that support your claims

      Too bad, I was looking forward to proving you wrong with the literally thousand of papers on the NIH website that says cannabis doesn’t pose significant health risks.

      “legalization of weed. Many children need someone to just spend time wth them. Join a big brother or sister organization. Take a walk in the woods and help pick up the trash we toss into animals homes. Work to decrease mountain top removal for coal. Work to prevent the erosion of access to birth control in Africa.” My friends who smoke are all involved in activities such as these, definately more so then the average person. But it isn’t because they consume cannabis or not.

      Pretty much what I am saying is that your post has too many unfounded correlations to be taken seriously by anyone with a background in statistics.

  • truth

    Sorry to day but its the truth. DO THE RIGHT THING. Your son if he was getting sick and was addicted was not smoking weed. You do not get sick smoking weed. Your ass probly found a joint of pot wondering why your son stole your purse. That wasnt because of marijuana thats because of the crack pipe you didnt find. I have smoked marijuana for a long time. I am a productive citizen and I pay taxes. If I lived in abother state I would easily get it legally. But Pennsylvania it happens to be illegal so I still smoke it . Instead people who need it and benefit from are forced to feel like drug addicts and criminals. I dont sell my tv for pot if I dont have it I call a friend if they dont have it I give up. Learn and truly do your reaearch before you talk.

    • CC30

      Thank you. Come on people – end the ignorance, stifle the mother f******* cartels, end the suppression of personal sovereignty.

      • agnar150

        I guess the people who want it to remain illegal would rather have the violence on the street. What is wrong with handling drugs in another way like rehabilitation? Marijuana does absolutely nothing bad it is actually good for you.

  • Ces

    Too much money is being wasted on countless and senseless arrest for what? A simple plant? A plant that can help people with a great number of disorders, that is grown NATURALLY and not made in LABS. I’ve never heard of someone who is addicted to marijuana, but I’ve seen and heard of people getting addicted to prescription drugs every day.

    Think of it like this, whenever you see something smoking weed, ask them, “Do you need a filter to smoke that blunt or joint?” Cigarettes have filters in them for a reason.

  • morgasmic

    Thank god another states senator has some brains. Most states, if not all, should legalize it. The beneficial factor behind is enormous. Marijuana alone would bring in an average 3 billion extra dollars a year. That is more than corn, wheat and cotton combined. It still blows my mind how things such as alcohol and tobacco, which cause an extreme amount of deaths per year, are still legal now. You NEVER hear of any human dying from overdosing on marijuana. Or killing a person while driving like alcohol does. Smoking marijuana is KNOWN to help cure cancer as well as some other sickness. Smarten up America!

    • saint

      pot is no a drug first off you cant get addicted to that it just means he smokes too much and needs to not smoke alot and stop smoking cigs and with it just pick on you do both you are going to get sick more oven it happen to me i use to smoke every day on the the hour til one day i got sick very bad and i decide to stop smoking everyday to twice a week and never got sick again weed is the best thing that this earth has to give with out and other crap that companies put in and now since weed is legal in pa its going to get any better but p.s they should tax the shit of it tho well enough where someone can buy it and not cost a arm and leg and sorry to hear that and one more thing weed does not lead to no other drugs

      • Zach

        Don’t be stupid. Yes, marijuana IS a drug, by definition. When you say it’s not a drug, you justify the same idiocy that goes with saying alcohol isn’t a drug, or nicotine isn’t a drug, or even CAFFEINE. THEY ARE ALL DRUGS. DRUGS AREN’T BAD THINGS. THEY CAN BE. BUT THEY ARE NOT ALWAYS BAD. Marijuana is a drug that is less harmful to people than the drug of alcohol, or caffeine, or nicotine. When you compare it to the 3 most popular commercial drugs, then it IS THE SAFEST. Caffeine is even addictive and people depend on it way too much. Alcohol can be physically addictive and people can develop alcoholism. Marijuana isn’t physically addictive, inhibits braincell growth (helps brain cells grow), and isn’t really bad for you. BUT IT ISSSS A DRUG

  • beeeeeee

    i love how everyone completely ignores the fact this is PSEUDO legalization… you can fail for a DUI at 5 nanograms per mL, which is a completely unreliable method of testing. i could’ve not smoked for a month and i will still fail their ridiculous test… now instead of getting a little possession of marijuana charge with a fine… everyone can go to court for a weed related DUI much more costly, and nearly anyone can fail, also can be used for profiling… i don’t really feel like we are moving ahead

    • Lance Smith

      I also agree highly with this. I just had an incident a few weeks ago, where I got busted for this profiling. I have tattoos, piercings, had my drug rag on last week, skinny jeans and skater shoes. i was on my way home and got pulled over, after 30-45 minutes sitting along the road and passing all the sobriety tests by the police and blowing a 0.00 on the breathilizer I was let go.. hm… seriously. Then they had the nerve to suggest I smoked weed, PROFILING

      • agnar150

        Why do you wear skinny jeans? They should have arrested you for the alone.

  • Charles LaFevre

    It’s no more a drug than Cigarette smoking. In fact Nicotine found and added in Cigarettes is more addictive than the natural ingredients found in Hemp.

  • orison squirrel

    Governor Cornshit Do not want..

  • Eric Jacobson

    Now, if only Governor Halfwit would get behind this measure. But alas, he won’t, because he’s too busy trying to swindle elections and lower corporate taxes…

  • Frater Nshyh

    If you really want marijuana/cannabis to be legal for adult consumption in PA, please do the responsible thing:

    Show you support for this legislation dressed to the nines in your best business friendly attire. Cannabis/Marijuana has a public relations problem, and this PR problem is a road block to the rapid end of prohibition.

  • agnar150

    I don’t understand how our country with so many smart people have kept this illegal for so many years? So many people have gone to jail for a substance that has been placed on the earth by god. People have been using it for millions of years. I think it is essential for human existence. It makes people happy, sleepy and hungry sounds like something I would like have after work to relax rather than alcohol that gives you a hangover. I think
    the people who are responsible for making illegal should be put in jail for causing
    so many people hardship. Come-on federal government open your eyes
    you are wasting our tax payer money on a stupid war.

  • Winnie Jenkems

    This is why, even as a republican, I voted and will continue to vote for Daylin Leach.
    Thank you, Mr. Leach, for advocating sane and rational policy on this, and having the cajones to introduce legislation to actually do something about it.

  • rusty shackleferd

    I really don’t care if its legal I’m going to smoke it if its not legal I’m still gonna smoke it

  • Robert Metts

    This is pretty crazy. I love smoking marijuana, it seems to calm me down or help me sleep. I have a job so I support my habit. I was reading a few comments, and I agree with a few of you people. Smoking pot doesn’t kill anyone. Personally, I smoke cigarettes, and I can even say those cancer lung feeling chemicals should be illegal rather than pot. You get pot for medical use when you are diagnosed with cancer. It needs to be legalized. The government is just one big ass LIE, their not for the human civilization today!! or Yesterday or any other day for that matter. Their disobeying the Constitution! Get off the fact of having pot illegal and just legalize the shit. ITS NOT HARMLESS, I definitely feel that it should not be taxed, that herb grows from god’s earth, stop being money hungry you mother f******! goodbye, that’s all I have to say.



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  • Rigo Perez

    come on we can do it i am always in pain jast by seeing a cop mast wuth others cuz your color in not jast that butt not want to get to now how you are i hope we can make a change how life is in love in takecare if one in others god bless you guys for the help go pa legal are weed

  • Johnny

    I don’t really smoke, I’ll smoke it if it’s offered but I don’t waste money on it. But Hopefully this bill passes because I’m tired of hearing report after report of a kid in my county being arrested for possession. Seriously? The cops have nothing better to do then lurk around looking for teenaged pot smokers? They went through a whole bunch of training just for that? They need to start doing what they police force was originally instated for and that’s protecting the public, not chasing teenaged weed smokers.

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  • help me

    Hello everyone, I am a 16 year old guy and I have chronic pain all over my body. I have researched and marijuana would be the best choice to use instead of other prescribed harmful drugs. I don’t use marijuana because it’s illegal, the last thing I need is to get arrested and my whole life is ruined. Can’t you people see how stupid this all is. Please get legalized.

  • trouble

    just because enough people do something illegal…and decide to “stand together”…why should the law be changed to appease them?? ok so if enough murders stand together and protest does that mean they will make murder legal too?? and somehow it always boils down to money….it’s all so disgusting.

  • thetruth

    it is in the bible people i mean god said it himself… alcohol is so much more harmful it kills people everyday from alcohol poisoning, dui, ect…. but what does weed do nothing but starts gang wars because its not legal if it was legal would people have to go to gangs no i dont think so they could go pick it up at walgreens or something but event if they did legalize it they could tax the shit out of it get millions maybe event billions and get our country out of debt.

  • eziekiel420

    I need to take cannibis for a number of medicinal resons ( bad discs in back ,always in chronic pain, P.S.T.D., anxiety,stress, eye problems…I Need cannabis a.s.a.p., but it is illegal in PA.. What is a needy patient to do?
    Tom Urso

    • Charles Bundy

      Well, you could go to one of the neighboring states that allow its medical use. I’m sure they would be grateful for the tax money they’ll make. Or start a garden… for flowers of course…like ruderallis. It grows rather quickly and has the most beautiful flowers that will lift your spirits.

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  • Charles Bundy

    Marijuana is the biggest cash crop in the US and it generates 0 tax dollars because it HAS to be grown and sold on the black market. Just imagine the tax money it would bring in if the feds would lift their ban and allow capitalism to actually work. That alone should encourage all the money hungry politicians to reconsider.

  • Mark Elrod

    Kind of on the big side, aren’t you?

    Learn to eat sensibly & exercise.

    • Diane Pinson-woods

      kind of on the retarded side aren’t you? like I said, learn to google.

      • Mark Elrod

        You are implying that I am stupid & don’t know how to search for something on Google. Implying I am stupid is a personal attack. Sort I responded in kind. Retarded? No. But, you are overweight, judging from your photo & should really try to not be such a little piggy & get off your chubby butt & move around some.

        • Diane Pinson-woods

          if you think I am bothered by comments, you would be mistaken. you do not know me, nor do you know how much I weigh, but it’s a little creepy to me that you are sitting in front of your computer imagining what my body looks like. I don’t really “imply” anything, as you say. If I had wanted to say you were stupid, I would had said.. you were stupid. But those words came from your mouth, not my “chubby” one as you say. But of course, clearly I cannot argue with that point. You do indeed reek of stupidity.

          • Mark Elrod

            Look, I am not going to keep this going. It’s childish.

            You came off as a smart-Aleck in response to my post, implying I don’t know how to search something on Google. You started the snowball fight.

            You’re right, I don’t know you. Likewise, you don’t know me. SO, why come off the way you did toward me, originally? I don’t go around insulting people. It’s not my thing. But, if someone comes off in an insulting manner toward me I will come back at them with something.

            I would hope that you wouldn’t be a smart ass toward everyone you meet. I am sarcastic & a smart ass with my friends, but not with people who I do not know. Doing it with your friends is one thing, doing it with complete strangers makes a person look like a jack-hole.

          • Mark Elrod

            I apologize for my insults.

          • Diane Pinson-woods

            LOL. If you take things like “learn to google” as an offensive insult, then you should probably stay off the internet. You say you don’t go around insulting people, but yet you did now.. didn’t you? and yes, you are correct, insulting perfect strangers does indeed make you like a “jack-hole” which is exactly how you look. Being stereotypical as you were and calling out someone about their weight, which you assumed was a issue because you saw a picture of a person’s FACE- does indeed again.. make you look like a total “jack-hole”. have a nice day.

          • Mark Elrod

            Whatever. Continue to be rude, as it seems to be your nature. All insults about your weight aside, you’re a fucking bitch. Straight up! I was trying to put aside the argument, but you can’t let it go, can you? Get a life.

          • Diane Pinson-woods

            Narcissistic much?

          • Mark Elrod


  • Jeff Blyshak

    I don’t see what is taking so long jump on the band wagon

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