Missing Weeds Excites Readers with an UnDead Twist to America's Drug War

"Missing Weeds" is a thriller set deep in California's Yosemite National Park

SCARY MEDIA BOOK COVERMissing Weeds, a new horror-thriller novel by first-time author Tony Thomas, follows a young lawyer whose relaxing weekend away quickly unravels into a terrifying fight for survival.  Andy Sykes and his old college friends are plunged into battling ravenous creatures after stumbling across a marijuana farm hidden deep inYosemite.

Tony Thomas discussed his inspiration for the book. “The idea came to me after I learned Mexican drug cartels are setting up marijuana growing farms in US national parks to avoid detection at the US-Mexico border. The parks are so vast and dense it is near impossible for authorities to locate these illegal operations,” Tony stated. “As an avid horror fan, I wrote the story that I want to read.”

The author elaborated on what he thinks is engaging about Missing Weeds. “The novel has characters that you will relate to and care about, and while it is a horror-thriller, it delves seriously into the relationship issues that the protagonist and his three friends confront as they reconnect after following different life paths.

The outbreak in Yosemite becomes just another ‘force of nature’ that the characters must face. Even with this, there remain loads of action, surprise twists and frights to satisfy any devoted horror-thriller fan,” concluded Tony.

Missing Weeds is published by Green Publish and is currently available in e-book format at Amazon.com for $2.99.