Poll: Majority of Americans Say Legalize and Tax Marijuana

Poll: Majority of Americans Say Legalize and Tax Marijuana

WASHINGTON, DC — Nearly six out of ten US adults support legalizing the consumption of marijuana, and slightly more than half believe that the substance ought to be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol, according to national polling data released last week by YouGov.com and The Huffington Post.

Fifty-seven percent of respondents said that the adult use of cannabis ought to be legal. Among those favoring legalization, 51 percent supported taxing and regulating the retail production and sale of the substance in a manner similar to alcohol. Six percent of respondents said that they opposed imposing any taxes or regulations on legal cannabis production or sales.

Only 33 percent of respondents said that marijuana should not be legalized.

Seventy-four percent of respondents said that they believed that marijuana would eventually be legal in the United States.

The YouGov/Huffington Post survey interviewed 1,000 US adults and possesses a margin of error of ±3.6 percent.

In recent months, similar national polls by PewGallupQuinnipiac University, and Public Policy Polling have also reported majority public support for legalizing and regulating the adult use of cannabis.

  • Steven_Epstein

    Great, can we now stop offering to feed leviathan and stop analogizing the regulation of the plant and its most well known commodity (marijuana) alcohol.

    Free as tomatoes!

  • firetheliberals

    The tide has turned. Everyone should read the artice by ms. Aldrich out of san francisco who has cured 25 out of 26 stage 3 and stage 4 cancer patients with rick simpson oil, including herself.

    • Republicans are Rich or Stupid

      San Francisco, but isn’t that where those pesky, legalization supporting liberals live? As a conservative, you believe that obedience is freedom, right? So shouldn’t all those liberals who support legalization be in jail? Also, as a conservative, you support jailing the aprox. 170 million people in the U.S. who ever tried pot in order to spend government money in the “free market” on private prison companies, how is that going to work? We already jail more people than any society any history, and you think that 1% of the population in jail isn’t enough. When do we stop, Mr. Conservative? 30% of the U.S. in jail? All 50% who’ve tried pot? Wake up dude, you lost the last election. It’s legal in WA and CO, and despite the best efforts of conservatives it’s not going anywhere. Or wait, I know, you have a rebuttal, “We are for FREEDOM!” Freedom to worship Jesus any way we want, freedom to marry any (opposite sex) person we want, freedom to put any kind of toxic pharmaceutical, alcohol or tobacco into our bodies as want. Let me clue you in, any party that says so much Orwellian double speak lip-service for “FREEDOM!” protests too much.

      • firetheliberals

        Unlike you, I am not a bigot and intolerant of others . Your vitriolic comment just shows what a complete idiot you are in your idealogic hatred of those who don’t adhere to your beliefs. Crawl back into you box and ask your god or atheist master for forgiveness before you die from your hatred

        • Firethestupid

          *Ideological. *Your box. Also are you done? I couldn’t tell due to the lack of end punctuation.

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