Arizona 2014 Marijuana Legalization Drive Underway

Arizona 2014 Marijuana Legalization Drive Underway

PHOENIX, AZ — A drive is underway in Arizona to try to gather enough signatures from registered voters to place a constitutional amendment on the 2014 Arizona ballot that would allow the legalization and regulation of the adult use of marijuana by adults 18 years of age or older.

Grassroots reform organization Safer Arizona filed the necessary paperwork Wednesday to start gathering the 259,213 signatures they need to put the issue of legalization on the 2014 ballot. They have through July 3, 2014 to gather the necessary signatures.

Safer Arizona says the proposal is based on revised versions of the ballot measures approved by Colorado and Washington state voters in 2012.

“The intent of the initiative is to legalize marijuana in Arizona and to treat it as we treat alcohol,” said Dennis Bohlke, of Safer Arizona.

Bohlke said the group has no major financial backing to fund signature gathering, and that the initiative campaign will be a grassroots effort relying on volunteers to collect signatures.

 Bohlke acknowledged the lack of major funding will be a handicap, but remains optimistic.
“I’m feeling quite confident that we’ll be able to get the 259,213 signatures,” he said.

If successful, the ballot initiative would amend the state Constitution to allow people 18 and older to consume or possess limited amounts” of marijuana.

The initiative would allow state officials to license grow facilities, marijuana stores and other facilities.  The state of Arizona would be entitled to collect a 15 percent excise tax on purchases as well as state and local sales taxes.

Anti-pot crusader Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is trying to convince a Superior Court judge to declare Arizona's 2010 voter-approved medical marijuana law illegal under federal law.

Anti-pot crusader Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery 

The proposal would also alter driving under the influence laws so that the mere presence of a metabolite of the drug in a motorist’s system is not, by itself, proof the person was legally impaired. Instead, it would be one piece of evidence that could be offered, but legally would be insufficient without a video of any field sobriety tests.

Under current precedence set by an Arizona appeals court earlier this year, marijuana users don’t need to be actually impaired to be successfully prosecuted for driving under the influence.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, who has long opposed marijuana while challenging the legality of state’s medical marijuana program, said legalizing marijuana “would run afoul of the same supremacy clause issues that Arizona’s medical-marijuana program faces.”

The constitutional clause says that when state and federal laws are at odds, federal law prevails. Marijuana use remains illegal under federal law, under the Controlled Substances Act.

A state court judge has rejected that argument, but the ruling is being appealed.

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  • Joe

    Where do I sign?

  • Matt

    Where do I sign?

  • Iam Apatriot

    They left out the good details….where do I sign? Hopefully they will anounce in some manner where someone will be to gather signatures. I am going with smoke shops, pot shops and any liberal hangout.

  • The People

    WERE do we sign-up..? There are alot of People in Arizona that want to see this Amendment Happen. Better for us to make money then the Cartels…..

    • Sherlyn Littlefield

      I was wondering the same thing. Where do we sign!!!!

  • belseth

    I’ve never touched pot in my life and I’m nearly 52. That said most people that vote against this are hypocrites. I’m a rare minority in this country. It’s high time that pot join cigarettes and alcohol as legal drugs!!!! I’ve never read a study yet that considers pot worse than cigarettes or alcohol. Pot is either considered non addictive or mildly addictive while cigarettes and alcohol are considered addictive. Legalize it and tax commercial forms and let’s save a fortune in the drug war! We’d save billions just in releasing people from prison for minor pot offenses. Guess who the biggest supporters of the drug war are? DRUG DEALERS!! This is prohibition 2.0. Focus the resources on hard drugs and let’s change the name of the ATF to the ATFM, Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms and Marijuana.

    • chasinwakes

      More Money is made off pot — by being illegal than (legal) regulated. Think about –ALL– the cogs/wheels in the machine.>GOVERNMENT>>>take that to the bank– the real question is this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (i love to say this) >>>>..FOLLOW THE MONEY???? I bet if some number grinding office geek could add up the numbers, they would find out the the truth is this>>>> FOLLOW THE MONEY???? who stands to be hurt — the most–by legalizing marijuana.

  • Bobb
  • article1sec10usc

    They say the constitutional clause says that when state and federal laws are at odds, federal law prevails,
    ” WRONG”” That’s what they want you to believe!!! The Truth of the matter is whenever there’s a discrepancy or conflict with the “Law” it reverts right back to the Constitution as the Constitution TRUMPS “ANY” LAW! stick that in your pipe and smoke it Bill Montgomery you Oathbreaker you! you should be held accountable for your “Dirty Deeds” smile on that one! THAT’S RIGHT YOU SWORE AN OATH TO UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION That guarantees our Rights will be upheld!!! Well Anti-Pot Crusader, Some people might be in a foggy cloud but not me and you might just be challenged on this very issue, Pretty Dangerous ground you’re on,,, You do know when you’re found guilty you’ll lose your job, pension, and possibly get some jail/prison time, But smart crusaders like you already know that

  • article1sec10usc

    well all this sounds great except for the Public Servant/Officials who deal in Codes and Statutes and meander around the Constitution blatantly ignoring or forgetting about who the real people in charge are! It’s you and me! It’s where they get their Delegated Authority! From “We the People” “EVERY” Public Servant has a “Bond” That Binds the Oath they Swore to uphold. Any Public Official that Violates their oaths of office creates harms and damages “Whomever” that may be! Cops, County Attorneys, Judges, right on down the line. This is why there held to a higher standard and must be held accountable for their actions period……. We don’t do anything! They have downtrodden, Threaten, & Coercing the people for so long now it’s second nature to them. WE Cower to them so much so often it’s become,, “Their the Master and WE are their Servants. Even obama as we have witnessed has NO REGARD for the Constitution or the Oath of Office & could care less for WE the People. They just keep Steamrolling over the peones telling us what’s best for everybody forcing us to obey or your fined & or off to jail….. How many times will AZ Vote on the pot thing and it get’s ignored? it’s because of people like Bill Montgomery who wants his political career to move ahead so he can further LORD OVER THE SHEEP…. 10 years from now he’ll be running for President and still will not care for you! Just his agenda and he doesn’t want Pot to be legal! so guess what? it ain’t going to happen!

  • article1sec10usc

    They have us over a barrel on this one, This isn’t about Private, it’s Public, and according to the UCC, the Uniform Commercial Code, hence the term Commercial,, you’re dealing in Commerce. They control all commercial enterprises through Contracts/Licensing. Once you step into this realm you’ve given yourself over to the rules set in place by them! You have to follow the rules in order to conduct commerce / Run a Business,, for instance,,, if Circle K did not have a Liquor License and sold Booze anyway they would be shut down,,, even though the people wanted to buy beer,,, The Store would still be closed for not following the rules set within the commerce code… Same with Pot,,, They have made their back room deals/contracts with the pharmaceutical companies for REALLY BIG MONEY. Drug Cartel money gets kicked back to em too/contracts, or they would stop that in a new york second,,,, Don’t ya think,,,, so don’t hold your breath to long on this pot thing,,, they don’t want it no matter what you want! just like the BEER @ Circle K,,, it’s just Business,,, No hard feelings

  • Liz

    Finally……….Where do I sign!!

  • MLB

    Everyone register to vote, sign this petition, and use your voting powers to oust this pitiful little man who uses the authority vested in him to harass the very people who put him in a position of power to begin with…

    • Sherlyn Littlefield

      Where do we sign??

  • Ramona Feitshans

    Where do we sign???……it is our choice to smoke or not..I don;t because it is still not legal..but if this passes…I will certainly think about I have a severe back problem…and am constant pain…and I have to get shots on my back..the Pain Center is making alot of money off me and a whole lot of people in constant pain…and the shots relive the pain for just a while…the shots don;t take away the pain…so we have to take pain medicine (that is legal..but addictiing)…all of the time…..I want to make my own decisions about my pain…

  • ken

    I would be more than happy to sign, this will benefit all, the taxes alone will help out schools and more.

  • Mary Louise Dettlo

    Where do I sign?? Best interests @ heart!!

  • alfred

    I want to sign.

  • Danko
  • phatmanswingin

    yeah, where to we sign????

  • dollydog

    I moved here five years ago, now I know all the idiots of this state (those in government) Montgomery will lose this one! I will sign, after all….alcohol is legal isn’t it!

  • Jeff David Hallahan

    where do I sing???????????

    • Puppy

      In the shower

  • legalize

    went to a head shop called blaze near 19th avenue and bell road on the north side and they had the papers to sign hope this helps i would say local head shops are going to have the papers to sign. legalize

  • legalize

    they had a place to sign at this head shop called blaze 1720 w bell road phoenix arizona hope this helps. legalize

  • sir smoke allot

    Smoke Shop Called Blaze Has The Papers To Sign 1720 W Bell Road phx

    • Anon

      Awesome man, thanks.

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  • chasinwakes

    More Money is made off pot — by being illegal than (legal) regulated. Think about –ALL– the cogs/wheels in the machine.>GOVERNMENT>>>take that to the bank– the real question is this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (i love to say this) >>>>..FOLLOW THE MONEY???? I bet if some number grinding office geek could add up the numbers, they would find out the the truth is this>>>> FOLLOW THE MONEY???? who stands to be hurt — the most–by legalizing marijuana.and the black market that will loose millions.

  • Christopher D Blue

    Arizona: The state where they want it to be legal to smoke marijuana, and ILLegal to smoke cigarettes.

  • Disgusted

    legalizing is stupid. You jerks regulated cigarettes for health and to keep it from kids. Now you dummies don’t think making it easier for kids to get that they won’t be cool smoking a Marlboro but cooler with pot….you’re opening a can of worms. Do you really think pot heads are going to buy it from their local supermarket, or from their friendly dealer for any quantity they want. Wake up folks, this country is going down the tubes quickly, you all have already taken away the morals people once had and the family virtues. you all think comparing pot to booze is a real plus for your reasoning, well its not. When someone is high and kills your family member in a car then tell me its okay.

    • Mike

      News for you. Anyone who wants pot now can easily get it. Stupid for a plant God created to be illegal anyway. Country hasn’t gone down tubes yet, although Republicans are trying harder than ever to make sure any government they’re a part of is dysfunctional. You can prance around in moral indignation. Meanwhile the rest of us have work to do.