Florida to Outlaw Sale of Most Pipes as 'Bong Bill' Takes Effect July 1

Florida to Outlaw Sale of Most Pipes as 'Bong Bill' Takes Effect July 1

TALLAHASSEE, FL —  In just two weeks, the sale of most pipes, water pipes and bongs will be outlawed in Florida as a bill passed by lawmakers in April and signed by the Governor earlier this month takes effect.

Florida lawmakers took the step in the wrong direction in April, with the Florida Senate passing House Bill 49 by a 31-2 vote just two days after the bill was passed in the House by a vote of 112-3, while continuing to ignore legislation to allow medical marijuana for the state’s sick and elderly.

Under the bill, which takes effect on July 1, 2013, the sale of virtually any type of smoking device will be outlawed, with criminal penalties imposed on offenders.

The only pipes — tobacco or otherwise — that will be allowed for sale in Florida must be made of briar, meerschaum, clay or corn cob. Any type of water-pipe would be prohibited.

Any retailer caught selling pipes made of other materials, including glass, would be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor.   Second and subsequent violations would jump to a third-degree felony.

“Rather than just regulating them, let’s just ban them,” Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg), who sponsored the bill. “If we can make people drive to Georgia and Alabama and South Carolina to get fireworks, they can drive to get these utensils of death.”

The vague law does not specify if the ban applies to internet or mail order sales.

Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, one of the two Senators who voted against the bill, argued that marijuana isn’t a dangerous drug and should be allowed under strict regulation.

The bill was signed by Governor Rick Scott on June 5.

  • Mike

    This is all about political grandstanding by politicians who believe sounding “tough on drugs” will get them re-elected. They’re delusional if they think this law keeps anyone from lighting up.

    The best way to deal with this is to take said demagogues to the political woodshed at the next election and demonstrate that such stupidity just won’t win any longer, in fact, will draw the voters’ antipathy and a sudden retirement from politics.

    • Stark

      Well said Mike, next they’ll try to ban plastic straws and bottles :) Unenforceable laws are utterly futile.

      • Mike Beachy

        They are not likely to round up all the pipes in the state, but they aren’t unenforceable in the respect that they can drive what are currently legitimate business out of the industry. These are people who likely spent a significant amount of their own money and enjoy what they do, but since they are peddling “utensils of death” (wtf?) they don’t deserve to own their own businesses. At least not anymore.

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  • coybot

    show me one person who has died from marijuana then we will talk until then this is asinine

    • Mike Beachy

      But standard tobacco pipes are still legal. And cars. And guns. And stupid people. Not that I think any of those should be illegal either, but those things actually kill people. Actually, maybe stupid people should be illegal. That’s not too vague, is it?

  • Fucknuts Kaboom

    Just goes to show that they want money from people. I am going to Florida to purposely get arrested for a legal pipe. I will sue Florida for 200M+ in Federal Court. If everyone else follow suit Florida will be Bankrupt within two years. The people who pass laws like this should be executed by lethal injection for crimes against the American People. They are no more that traitors to the constitution. TRAITORS, YES I SAID TRAITORS! EXECUTE THEM!

    • santiownz

      The Eleventh Amendment, ratified to protect the states from the Supreme Court’s decision in Chisholm v. Georgia, (1793), initially only protected states from being sued in federal court by citizens of another state. In Hans v. Louisiana,
      the Supreme Court ruled that a citizen cannot sue their own state
      either, based on principles of state sovereign immunity and federalism.

      • Richard

        So, more or less the state can do as they please, and if something goes wrong, oh well?
        Instead of legalizing probably the most profitable cash crop in the world, potentially opening up thousands of new jobs for the unemployed, we’re banning the sale of bongs and pipes, which in return gives us less jobs.
        Seams mildly counter intuitive. The problem I have, my grandfather died of lung cancer, and my best friends dad just died of cirrhosis of the liver. these two items are legal (cigarettes and alcohol) but weed isn’t.

        Prohibition causes the problems it’s trying to prevent.

        By putting the creation of these drugs in the hands of criminals, we get the danger of added chemicals. this applies to any drug. Heroin isn’t nearly as dangerous as you think it is, it’s about the same as morphine (heroin is diamorphine, morphine with an added chemical bond). We get issues when criminals grind in shards of glass, sand, and sleeping pills I’m not saying heroin should be legal, but banning substances create MORE danger, it does not mitigate anything. Now kids will be making bongs instead of purchasing, some of more ignorant (not a bad thing, they just don’t know) users might use stuff like glue, or tape, or other objects to get an air tight seal. Some of these chemicals can evaporate and then solidify in the lungs.

        it’s estimated over 83 million people smoke in america.
        83 MILLION! I wouldn’t mind paying an extra 5 dollars for taxes on my bag of weed if I could walk outside and light it up, 5$ worth of tax between 83 million people, that’s 415,000,000$ that’s if each of those people goes out and buys ONE bag of weed(Or possibly even a pack of joints) now I’ll give it about a 3 million person margin, so that’s about 400,000,000$ Assuming people wouldn’t just buy one bag their entire life, with fluctuating values the profit can be approx that much a week, if not a day(minus expenses). so, we could lower our debt ceiling in a matter of months. we’ve done fine without it, so if we put all of our profits from this to lowering what we owe the world, we’d be fine. then after, hell we have money to spend.

        Now after that, this would open jobs, we could get a selling license. this license would ensure you sell clean weed. If someone gets a bad batch from you, your license would be revoked(or temporarily disabled). Now you can go home, grow a plant, and make an extra 200$ on the side. anyone should be able to do that, legally.

        Why is this illegal?
        We should have the freedom to chose is we wish to intoxicate ourselves with whatever we wish to do so with. I understand some limitations, but there is NO excuse, anything you tell me, my response will be cigarettes are legal. “Oh well we’re still testing, we don’t know if there are any negative effects” WHO CARES, cigarettes are legal, and they’re nothing but negative effects.

        • Richard

          I’m sorry for the various typo’s throughout this, none of them are too far off except for the last paragraph.
          It’s should say:
          We should have the freedom to chose if we wish to intoxicate ourselves, and with whatever we wish to do so with.

    • Melissa Gilbert

      Kudos to Fucknuts…. couldn’t have said it better!!

    • Mimi McSwain

      right on i also think when they pass the medical bill next year that should recant all arrests for use gov scott is just trying to beef up his stance he is up for relection and chirst will run against him with the full backing if morgan and morgan the largest law firm in the state who is backing the bill good bye scott

  • Alec

    Fuck you Rick Scott. Growing anti-environmental sentiment and a house that spends more time writing anti marijuana bills than it spends trying to create jobs. Nice job stepping on plenty of small business owners you stupid arrogant bald ass fuck.

    • Don

      Please read the story again, Your blaming Rick Scott? Really? It was a Democrat that sponsored the bill! No love For Rick Scott here, Its a stupid law! but why blame the Gov and not the Democrat that started the whole thing?

      • Nacho Daddy

        Scott signed it.

  • luv2zzzzzzz

    A$$H0LES A$$H0LES A$$H0LES. Not a brain cell left in Tallahassee. And probably mostly from alcohol.

  • SodonewiththeBS

    “If we can make people drive to Georgia and Alabama and South Carolina to get fireworks, they can drive to get these utensils of death.” -Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth


    Pardon the caps, I am so damn mad at our dumb ass state. I am starting to see a pattern in states currently governed by a majority of GOP’ers; the demographics and numbers look bad as far as voters so while they still have some power they are ramrodding all this self-righteous bullshit down the throats of citizens before the next election has the chance to bounce them out. From coast to coast the GOP run states are hitting people with legislation restricting and illegalizing ourselves into nanny states. If we have Democrats we get a nanny state, if we have Republicans we have a god-nanny state. When are we going to get a nation that is GOVERNED EFFICIENTLY and we have true freedom to the pursuit of happiness and equality; not this sick farce we are told is the Great American Way of restrictions and no privacy and greed and malice and fear and ignorance. Today we are a country sobbing from being raped by those who are supposed to be safe keeping its virtue. Sad sad sad

    • Princess Red

      Thank you. Exactly. Well said.

    • Kimmy Jo

      yea all you gotta do is fill out a paper saying you are using the fireworks for “religious” purposes

  • Richard

    So does this mean sales hookahs are prohibited, they’re made of glass and contain water.
    shit, now since hookahs are a gonna be a rarity, don’t be surprised if your local hookah lounge adds an extra 30 bucks to use their hookah, they won’t be easily replaceable.

  • Ray

    So this is what Florida is doing with it’s time instead of focusing on ACTUAL criminals…and think of all the head shops that are gonna go out of business because of a law that can’t even really be enforced. All the pot smokers have pieces, and they’re going to continue to smoke them.

  • esreveR Backwards

    The bill originally listed drug paraphernalia as metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic, or ceramic smoking pipes, with or without screens, permanent screens, or punctured metal bowls; water pipes; carburetion tubes and devices; chamber pipes; carburetor pipes; electric pipes; air-driven pipes; chillums; bongs; and ice pipes or chillers. (“This is a comprehensive list of mellows that will be harshed,” joked Stephen Colbert.)

    But before passing, the bill was watered down to make it “unlawful for a person to knowingly and willfully sell or offer for sale at retail any drug paraphernalia… other than a pipe that is primarily made of briar, meerschaum, clay or corn cob.”

    Retailers, however, can still sell the devices for use with tobacco — so if signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott as expected, the bill won’t have much effect.

    So have a bag of tobacco with you when you buy a piece or order it off the internet o.O

    • Albert Broman

      No kidding. You get a better selection with lower prices by buying over the Internets (tq George W. Bush)

  • mucyou

    yes it sucks ,,, so put on your big boy pants and fight them at every corner they turn or roll over and take the screwing your “elected” officials are doling out ,,,,, or get over it & use amazon or other such means to shop .

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  • Mike

    This bill has no “teeth” supposedly. Even though these articles all make it sound like EVERY water pipe in Florida is going to become illegal, that’s actually not the case. What this bill does is make it illegal for people to sell you a pipe for you to smoke anything other than tobacco out of, which is really how it’s always been… You can walk into any shop that sells glass pipes, or water pipes, and if you call it a bong, they will ask you not to. It is also extremely frowned upon to even mention marijuana in a smoke-shop, and that’s always the way it’s been. The only real threat this bill brings, is that if you ARE caught smoking marijuana out of a pipe, you can be charged with a 3rd degree felony, which really sucks. But then again, I guess no one knows for sure until July 1st

    • The dude

      The article sites restrictions on materials used to construct the pipes. Glass being the main focus I’m guessing. I live in CA and we have the law that drug paraphnelia is illegal to sell. We call them glass pipes, water pipes, medicinal apparatus’, some shops will kick you out if you ask for a bong if they’re not cool but for the most part no one cares. Sad to see ignorance ruling politics all the time

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  • iamfree

    this is why i moved to Washington :)

  • Becca

    I wonder how many of those ftards smoke the ganga themselves? You wanna bet its all of them. They are just like all the other politician out there…. full of themselves and full of

  • D.j. Kripp

    fuck you rick scott. fuck you!!!!

  • Smoky

    Its hard to believe that in a time when most States are looking for tax revenue our elected officials pass this. This will put no telling how many small business out of business and completely destroying and good, very large tax base. For no purpose!!! Being not one person will stop smoking and all that wish to by pipes can buy on line and send their money to other states. Makes no scene!!! I am a republican and helped put everyone of you in Office, but I will make sure I cast my vote in a different direction next time !!!

  • Karla

    FUCK ALL YOU Marijuana haters ! And FUCKKKKKKK YOU RICK, smoke a damn blunt and see if it wont change your perspective !
    I guess its time for me to stalk up on some bongs, pipes, and bowls !

  • Bob

    …… What about Hookahs?

  • Louis

    Lost my vote…Darryl Rouson D rep from St Pete a crack head..thank him for this bill. Scott and Darryl both ass holes

  • orison squirrel

    they should do something about this evasive specie of snake: the politician !!!

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  • Brenda Williams

    HEY! Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg)!
    Marijuana has NEVER, EVER caused ANY Deaths!! What an IDIOT!!!
    PIPES and BONGS don’t cause Death either!!!
    Get your head out of your rear and do some RESEARCH before you accuse Marijuana, the Safest plant out there, of killing people! There are more Deaths caused by Booze, Cigars, Cigarettes, Cocaine, Heroine, Vicodin and many other Prescription drugs than Marijuana, which is ZERO!!!
    I’d rather smoke Pot before taking ANY prescription drugs!! I’d probably Live longer!!!
    I’m a 51 yr old grandmother who has health issues caused by GMO’s in my foods!! I’m not touching ANY prescription drugs!! Marijuana has helped me when I was a young adult and, if given the chance, I’ll smoke it again!!

  • Carole Latino

    that’s terrible, no compassion for the ill people who need their medicine. shame on you Rick Scott!

  • Dustin S.

    We Floridians Need To Band Together get rid of SCOTT AND BONDI TAKE IT BACK…….

  • Nacho Daddy

    This shit has to be illegal, telling a man what type of material he can make a pipe from. Prohibition is fucking illegal. Fuck all of these fucking mother fuckers!!!!!

  • spandyman256

    utensils of death? SINCE FUCKING WHEN HAS CANNABIS KILLED ANYONE???????????????????????????????????????????????????? Bunch of fucking old fuddy duddies over there4 but yet the cartels keep dropping bundles on the beach but yet they allow smoking tobbaco which cause the most deaths period WHAT IS SO EVIL ABOUT CANNABIS IT IS A GODSEND

    IT helps me take less opiates for my nerve damamge and spine fusion im so mad im glad i dont live in that fucking state. but almost as i live in new york almost 165 yrs trying to get a vote on senate for medical cannabis with no avail.

  • flo

    it’s time we crush these war-pig political criminals.

  • guest

    “utensils of death”…? I wonder how he feels about gun sales.

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  • Kimmy Jo

    Instruments of death? r u f*cking kidding me…..this is suck bs…Florida try laying off the stupid marijuana laws and making some harsher prescription laws since we already have the harshest marijuana laws but most leniant prescription pill laws….yea we can drive somewhere and buy pipes,,,,just like every other state comes here to get PILLS….dumbas*es

  • Joe in Colorado

    Maybe if they were used to smoke oxys or other opiates…that would be ok, wouldn’t it?

  • cheif red skin runs naked

    Phuck ‘em and feed ‘em asshole alpo!!! Since when does weed or a weed pipe cause death? aids causes death but they haven’t outlawed butt phuckers reaming each others corn holes… crashing your car into a concrete wall causes death but they haven’t outlawed driving an automobile… phuck all these dumbass political idiots. i’ll smoke weed anyway.

  • cheif red skin runs naked

    So if I drink a pepsi, from a can, then leave the empty can in my car, then get pulled over, they are gonna bust me for paraphenilia because i could have used the can to smoke pot?

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  • http://dandlco.com/ Glass on Glass bubbler

    Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

  • Jordan

    Fuck you Rick Scott and all this political bullshit. Banning things that actually help people most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Why don’t you do something useful with your power like finding jobs for the 671,136 unemployed people in Florida. And for Darryl Rouson who referred to bongs as “utensils of death,” you obviously need to smoke a blunt more than anyone in Florida.

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