Colorado Springs, CO: No Recreational Marijuana Stores

Colorado Springs, CO: No Recreational Marijuana Stores

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Colorado’s second largest city, Colorado Springs, is on the verge of banning recreational marijuana retail stores, forfeiting a projected $3 million in  recreational marijuana sales taxes for the city.

The City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on whether or not to ban retail pot shops under last year’s Amendment 64, which legalized retail sales of cannabis to adults in the state.

Four of nine city council members have said that they plan on voting against allowing retail marijuana stores in the city, but even if the council votes to allow the retail sale of marijuana to adults 21 or older, Mayor Steve Bach says he will veto any ordinance allowing the stores to open in the city.

There does not appear to be enough support on the council to overturn a mayoral veto.

Colorado Springs is the second largest city in the state, behind Denver.  Located at the base of Pike’s Peak and the Rocky Mountains, the city is a popular tourist destination, with an estimated 5 million visitors annually.

It was projected that recreational marijuana sales in the city would generate approximately $3 million annually in tax revenue for the city.  Sales would be limited to one ounce of pot for Colorado residents or a quarter of an ounce for out of state visitors.

Colorado Springs is the county seat of El Paso County, where Amendment 64 passed by 10 votes.  Even before the election, county commissioners for El Paso County, as well as the Colorado Springs city council, passed resolutions opposing Amendment 64.

Colorado Springs currently allows medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, and there is currently no ban on liquor stores or bars.



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  • Guest

    We the People should now vote NO on everything the Mayor and City Council want, and voter their asses out of office in the next election!

  • Thomas Mc

    We The People, who voted to pass Amendment 64, must now vote NO on everything the Mayor and City Council want, and vote all their asses out of office!

  • Kevin Jones

    The repercussions of denying the retail distribution of marijuana while maintaining a medical marijuana distribution system seems it will push corruption of the medical system while maintaining suspicions on all citizens and visitors. Medical growers and buyers can grow and possess more than allowed by Amendment 64, so there will likely be a rise in registered patients many of whom would not have gone this route given other options.
    The prohibition of retail sales will encourage the black market to keep higher prices and endanger the community. The efforts to keep cannabis off the streets will directly bolster profitable street sales to visitors and locals. Prohibition always fails and it will fail to have the effects intended in this case also.
    Now every patient will be suspect of diversion, and every cop will feel justified in discrimination based on all cannabis presence.
    This will also force a lot of money from the new industry outside of city limits and effect the cities bottom line that way. These politicians are filled with irrational and self defeating fear. I hope they make the right decision, but have low expectations.

  • Aaron Mason

    Nobody cares, we all know marijuana is harmless. STOP WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS AND POLICE TIME ON THIS CRAP!!!!!

  • DanMcD

    I can only assume that Colorado Springs is off the list when it comes to allocating the state-collected tax revenues for school construction, right?

    • Mike

      That would be only fair.

    • Thomas Mc

      I would say Yes to that, and I live in CS.

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  • Jeremy Vasquez

    how sad :(

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  • DaddyR

    I mean, I would say I’m surprised, but not really. I kind of wished the writers of the amendment would have not allowed city councils to ban sales (maybe limit amount of storefronts?). I guess they can go outside city limits, so may not be too big a deal, but I imagine lots of folks flocking into Denver every week or two! These city councils really need to be aware though, most counties in Colorado passed A64, so if you decide to ban sales in your city, don’t plan on winning re-election. After a couple of years, new city councils will elected to respect the will of the voters and reverse these silly bans.

  • jeff

    The last thing Colorado Springs needs is a bunch of unemployed gang members.

    • confused

      The Springs has always been so depressed economi
      Cally. I guess it will stay that way.