Two Year Old Girl Dies in Foster Care, Taken from Parents Because They Smoked a Little Pot

Two Year Old Girl Dies in Foster Care, Taken from Parents Because They Smoked a Little Pot

Removed from her parent's home because they smoked marijuana while she slept, 2 year old Alex Hill was beaten to death by her foster mother

ROCKDALE, TX — The latest casualty in America’s War on Drugs is a two year old girl from Texas who died from complications of alleged abuse by her foster mother after being removed from her home because her parents smoked a little marijuana after she went to bed.

Two year old Alexandria Hill, better known to her parents as Alex, was removed from her parents’ home last November by the Department of Family Protective Services for “neglectful supervision” because her parents would sometimes smoke a little marijuana at night, after putting Alex to bed.

“We never hurt our daughter,” says her father, Joshua Hill, who admits smoking pot at night after his daughter went to sleep. “She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care.”

Sherill Small

Sherill Small

“She was placed into foster care for neglectful supervision because her mother and I smoked pot at the time,” Hill says.

Alex was removed from her parents home last November, and was originally placed in the care of a foster home Hill says was dangerous.

“She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag,” Hill told ABC affiliate KVUE. “It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested because I wouldn’t let her go back.”

Hill says state officials listened to his concerns, and in January placed Alex in the care of 54-year-old Sherill Small and her husband in the city of Rockdale, about an hour northeast of Austin.

Hill, who was just a few months away from regaining custody of his daughter, received a phone call Monday that his daughter had been taken to a children’s hospital in Temple, Texas.

When he arrived at the hospital, he learned that young Alex was in a coma.

She never regained consciousness, and died on Wednesday.

Doctors at the hospital say Alex had hemorrhaging in her brain and eyes, and an autopsy shows she had blunt force trauma to the head.

“The most common cause for [hemorrhaging in the brain of] a younger kid is called Shaken Baby Syndrome,” said Dr. Brad White, a neurosurgeon with the Texas Brain and Spine Institute. “But just routine things around the house that kids can get into, whether they fall out of a crib or off a countertop, wouldn’t cause those types of hemorrhages.”

When Rockdale police interviewed Sherill Small, they found that the foster mother’s story kept changing.

“Originally, Mrs. Small reported that the child was running backwards and had fallen and this is how she had received the injuries,” said Rockdale Police Chief Thomas Harris.  “A two year old child doesn’t run backwards and fall hard enough to get this type of an injury.”

Chief Harris says that Small also claimed they were playing ring-around-the-rosy and the girl fell while she was swinging her, and that Alex had been riding a bicycle and fallen off.

Harris says that on Thursday, Small finally told investigators the truth.

“She actually admitted that she had slung the child down on the floor,” said Harris, saying that Small told investigators that she raised Alex over her head and slung her down toward the floor twice.

“On the third time down she said she lost her grip and dropped the child,” says Harris, adding that it was the third fall knocked the toddler unconscious.

Police say that neither Small or her husband are employed, and were planning on fostering between five and six children as a source of income.

Small’s husband, Clemon Small, was not home at the time of the incident, and is not facing charges.

Another child living with Small, who is eight months old, was removed from the foster home on Monday, immediately after Alex was rushed to the hospital.

Small is behind bars, being held at the Milam County Jail on $100,000 bond. She is charged with criminal homicide, a first-degree felony.

According to a report on, cases where children die in foster care are somewhat frequent occurrences, according to statistics that show children in foster care may be up to 10 times more likely to die than children in the care of their own parents.

  • Twisted Crone

    Do you have the Background story as to How the Parents originally lost custody?

    • Jess Nyx Ravagno

      it says it right there, because they smoked weed after she went to bed

      • Twisted Crone

        NSS! I was kinda meaning more like “Details”, as in like, I would like to follow up on more of the “How” authorities came to Know they were smoking it, when did police become involved, etc… but…Thank You for YOUR Reply Just the Same…were You somehow involved in the details or circumstances in the writing or gathering of information in this story? If you were some kind of pivotal resource, please continue…

        • Mike

          I don’t think it matters much how the authorities became aware of the “crimes” of Alex’s parents. Authoritarians simply want to impose their jackboot on your face if you violate their norms. Any tiny excuse will do.

          This is so sad. My condolences for Alex’s parents who did NOTHING for their daughter to deserve this. Yet, I’m sure some idiot will insist the public — and their daughter — had to be “protected” from the dope-smoking parents. There is no crazy trip like the delusional powertrip the prohibitionists are on that you can buy or ingest. Nope, you get that whack completely without the help of drugs of any kind. Instead, the smug satisfaction of believing this girl’s death is the fault of her parents or that harsh measures are demanded because of the “threat” of marijuana powers your powertrip.

          No, this girl died because of prohibition, pure and simple. You’re bat-shit deranged if you think otherwise — and you might just be wearing a badge, because precious few morally conscientious citizens still support the war on marijuana.

          • RockyMissouri

            Because some Puritan felt they just HAD to nark on them…I wonder how they feel now……?

          • Twisted Crone

            If I had to take a WAG on the situation at this point…a Family Spat?? Maybe someone’s Mother, In-Law, Etc…got mad at them for whatever the percieve indignacy was and this was their “Pay Back” on the couple!?? Again, my read/guess from what I can pull out of my…looking…

    • thedailychronic

      We first picked up this story from readers in Texas on Friday, but held off on printing it because we were trying to confirm additional information about the circumstances leading up to the child being taken into protective services. We have an unconfirmed report from a local FOX affiliate that it was a family member who initially notified CPS because they were concerned about the couple’s marijuana use. CPS has not returned our request for comment.

  • Crass B

    This breaks my heart

  • Pat

    Another casualty of stupid marijuana laws.

  • RockyMissouri

    No reason at all for this….

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  • Zoomy333

    If they’d just stuck to alcohol, that child would still be alive. Anyone else completely disgusted by that (although not as much as the “beating a child to death part” obviously)?

    • Really

      What !?

      “If they’d just stuck to alcohol” ?

      …Are you deadly serious ?

      Apart from being safer then alcohol, marijuana wouldn’t cause the real parents to be drunks at night, and drunks are far more liable to cause damage to themselves and others around them.

      What is a pity is that the laws are so backwards that they cant distinguish between mental foster parents and parents that simply smoke a bit of marijuana at night when there kid is sleeping soundly.

      I’ve seen somebody who has been smoking sober up pretty well very fast,

      I have never seen somebody hammered on alcohol sober up as quick.

      • Crass B

        I think the point was that if they were ‘only drinking alcohol’. No one would have felt the urge to turn them in. I am pretty sure most people posting here are pro cannabis.

        • Really

          “If they’d just stuck to alcohol”


          Looks like a middle finger to cannabis

          But yea I understand your point you just typed it horribly.

          • Crass B

            “But yea I understand your point you just typed it horribly.”

            That was not my parent comment. I was only offering my interpretation of the comment.

          • Really

            Dear Keyboard Warrior

            Please learn how to take a replay.

  • Paulpot

    This is a crime against humanity.
    Imagine the sheer terror this poor child experienced in her last moments at the hands of this retard who was most likely a pill popping alcoholic.
    But those drugs are legal and for some reason it’s OK for our alcoholic authorities to discriminate against law abiding peaceful people.
    The drug war must end and when it is over we must do all we can to put the criminals responsible on trial for crimes against humanity.

  • MauriceRabbit

    How many people return from a night out, pay off the baby sitter and are then left drunk in charge of a child? It probably happens in every street every weekend.

  • Robert Proctor

    Attorney General Holder will tell you that marijuana prohibition – the dispensary raids, the court sanctions, the prison sentences – protects the children. If the beginning of the end of Alexandria (Alex) Hill is nothing but the nightly consumption of marijuana by the grieving parents, the Joshua Hills, then the force of the Texas CPS, and their “authority” under prohibition of marijuana, are as culpable as the hand that finished the child. The estrangement of the Hills is due to the unnatural invasion of their peaceful and happy family that led to the death of a child. Prohibition is a damnation of modern society. Repeal it if you want to protect the children.

  • Chris Nichols

    Probably because instead of doing the foster role as the “right thing to do” ; people turn it into a business; that it should not be.

    • Susan

      I don’t understand how fostering can be turned into a business. My parents fostered, and the money provided per/child didn’t cover much, so my parents paid out-of-pocket for a lot of each child’s care.

      • Michele From Ohio

        I’m sure you parents fostered children for the right reasons, because they actually cared about the welfare of children. Not as an ‘easy’ way to make a buck.

  • David England

    Horrible. I believe there are some people who should not be allowed to supervise a child, and those children should be taken, however we shouldnt be so ready to send them off to a random home with strangers, foster homes SHOULD be checked at least every other week, i knew a girl whos grandmother was a foster parent and honestly out of the year and a half or so i was around there, i didnt see one county/state official checking in to see how things were going. There might be policies and procedures but apparently they arent being followed. We need a reform on every form of govt in our country.

  • Betty-Jean Chamberlain

    Poor little girl :-)

  • Barbara Finger

    So sad. So WRONG. We need to end this stupid war on pot and CPS is a joke. Every week almost this happens it is so wrong.
    I would have been much more concerned if they had been drunks.
    I hope they crucify the woman who killed her.

  • Jordan

    There’s only one solution to this…give Texas and all of the people in it back to mexico

    • Heather

      Umm, I’m a Texan and I’m not from Mexico. And I don’t see how that would fix anything anyway. The problem is, CPS is a flawed system. Too flawed to ever be fixed. It needs a complete overhaul.

      • SICk of Texass

        texacans need to learn that that is where they belong not in the USA they have abrogated there rights as US citizens.GET BACK TEXAS USA DONT WANT YOU NO MORE!

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  • Anne

    I think DCF sucks….they have placed more children in Foster homes where they are even worse off then if they remained in home with their families….alot of Foster parents are the sneakiest, and, in some cases, the most mentally unstable to take care of their own kids…never mind someonelse’s….they know how to “play the game” and fool the social workers and, even corrupt the (state) children by brainwashing & manipulating them by making the children think that everything is “normal” in their “new” Foster home and if they complain about anything, the “new” parents know how to make the children look like (liars) and they try to blame it on the way they were brought up in their original homes. DCF is a joke! i feel bad for these poor kids & their (parents) who enter Foster homes and they are abused & mistreated by the people who are paid very good by the state to care for them.

  • Chels

    If the parents are taking care of their kids leave them alone. I’m against drugs and everything but things like this make me sick. They approve these people and shouldn’t be aloud to take care of kids. She deserves life in prison. This is why I won’t even put my daughter in day care. I pay relatives to keep her.

    • Twisted Crone

      So, Relatives won’t hurt their kin? Your brain should shift a bit to the “right”…

  • Maria

    Gotta be more to the story than smoking some weed at night. Kids don’t get taken away for pot smoking. Hell, they can beat their kids, not feed them properly, leave them unattended, and a lot worse things than smoking weed and they STILL get their kids back. I call bullshit.

    • Marla

      Nope they definitely can take a kid away for pot. Its illegal and just as bad as heroine according to the feds.

  • Lori

    Hold CPS liable! They allowed this psycho piece of garbage to have foster children, they licensed her, HOLD THEM LIABLE>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Liz

      I don’t normally think people should sue, but hell yes, in this case, bring the bastards down.

  • Little Ricky

    Texas Sucks.

  • Kimberley Burris

    sorry to me that was the cps officers fault for wantin to b such a hard ass to begin with and take the child out of the home . to me that was just someone with authority that wanted to use it when there are lots of moms out there on crack n things like that they need to b worrying about..but if i was the parents of the lil girl who lost her life id b owning me some of the state of texas n i would know of at least one less case worker that wouldnt have a job. poor lil girl where is her justice hopefully there will b plenty. does anyone know of someone who smoked or smokes weed that is violent? prob not most people ive ever seen are more layed back and whos to say that the parent smokin at the time wasnt smoking to relieve pains i dont care if its illegal or not this story is just way messed up. my condolences go out to this family.

  • MissV

    A 3-year-old boy was found wandering the streets alone this morning (8-6-2013) at 2 am in Glendale, California. The police have the boy’s mother in custody, and are waiting for her to sober up in order to interview her – she’d been drinking.

    Will Child Protective Services remove the boy from his mother’s custody, since a legal drug, alcohol, was involved – not ‘demon weed’ (marijuana) as in the Texas case?

    Here is the news story:

  • mike

    i hope you rot in hell you dirty fucking cunt

  • slugeater

    thats afwal naurty

  • taylor

    This is just horrible! How could you do this to an innocent child i hope she rots!