Ohio Attorney General Rejects Proposed Marijuana Legalization Amendment

Ohio Attorney General Rejects Proposed Marijuana Legalization Amendment

COLUMBUS, OH — Ohio’s Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected a proposed constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana saying the language in the bill was not “fair and truthful” and omitted key information.

The petition for the proposed amendment, the End Ohio Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012 [sic], was submitted by Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis on August 2, with 2,304 signatures from registered voters, more than double the 1,000 required by law.

In a statement released Monday,  the Attorney General says the issue wasn’t with the signatures submitted, it was with the language of the measure submitted.  DeWine says the summary of the ballot measure was improperly written and omitted key information.

The proposal was rejected for four key reasons, according to the Attorney General’s office:

  • The summary omits references to amendment language which repudiates federal cannabis prohibitions.
  • The summary omits references to amendment language that persons cannot be considered to be under the influence of cannabis “solely because of the presence of metabolites or components of cannabis in his or her body.”
  • The summary states that educational courses may be held by licensed commercial production companies or educational institutions to teach people, among other things, about “medical harms or benefits from the personal use of cannabis products.” However, no such language referencing medical harms or benefits exists in the amendment.
  • The summary omits references to amendment language that confer new duties and responsibilities on the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Department of Commerce.

“For these reasons, I am unable to certify the summary as a fair and truthful statement of the proposed amendment,” DeWine stated in his letter rejecting the petition. “However, I must caution that this letter is not intended to represent an exhaustive list of all defects in the submitted summary.”

Ohio residents will likely have the opportunity to vote on the legalization of medical marijuana and industrial hemp in the November, 2014 midterm election. The Cannabis Rights Amendment, sponsored by the Ohio Rights Group with the help of local grassroots organizations statewide, would authorize the medical use of marijuana by adults 18 years or older (and minors with parental consent) as well as the cultivation of industrial hemp in the state.

The Cannabis Rights Amendment has been approved for the signature gathering phase, and sponsors need to collect 385,253 signatures in at least 44 of the state’s 88 counties by July 3, 2014  in order to place the proposal on the November 2014 ballot.

In order for a constitutional amendment to proceed, an initial petition containing summary language of the amendment and 1,000 signatures from Ohio registered voters must be submitted to the Ohio Attorney General. Once the summary language and initial signatures are certified, the Ohio Ballot Board would determine if the amendment contains a single issue or multiple issues. The petitioners must then collect signatures for each issue from registered voters in each of 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties, equal to 5 percent of the total vote cast in the county for the office of governor at the last gubernatorial election. Total signatures collected statewide must also equal 10 percent of the total vote cast for the office of governor at the last gubernatorial election.


  • Jason Whittington

    Pretty damned telling when you see DEA agents standing behind him. Their funding is threatened…

    • Mike

      That’s the DEA for you…
      Tough on Democracy…because someone has to act as the price support mechanism for the drug cartels.

  • Caren Coleman


  • St0mp

    so now we got to wait till 2014 to vote now? even though public has made it very clear? This should have been on the 2012 ballet but the IRS scandal took that away. I guess US Ohio people don’t have the same rights as other Americans. Equal rights my BUTT. you cry about medical expenses but when something can be done about it you sit on your butt. Wile i keep having seizures and destroying my liver with the current meds THAT DO NOT EVEN WORK!!!!! When a more healthy way for me to maintain my seizures is available just not made available to me!

  • Brian Kelly B Bizzle

    Those whom profit from our current prison for profit system will do and say anything to prevent marijuana legalization.

    They will also attempt to throw up as many obstacles, hurdles, and road blocks to marijuana legalization as they possibly can.

    These people have a vested interest in keeping marijuana illegal.

    People who use marijuana are smart, honest, hard working, educated, and successful people too, who “follow the law” also.(except for their marijuana consumption under it’s current prohibition of course) .

    Not the stereotypical live at home losers prohibitionists make us out to be. We are doctors, lawyers, professors, movie stars, and politicians too.

    The President of The United States himself has confessed to his regular marijuana use during his college years, as has a long and extensive list of successful people throughout history at one point or other in their lives.

    I am an educated 40 year old professional, and I am blessed with a wonderful family and life, and I’ve worked real hard for everything I have, but that doesn’t mean a dam thing to people who will make comments like “dopers” and “stoners” about anybody who uses the slightest amount of marijuana although it is way safer than alcohol.

    To these people any use equates to abuse, and that is really ignorant and full of hypocrisy. While our society promotes and glorifies alcohol consumption like it’s an All American pastime.

    There is nothing worse about smoking a joint after a long hard day than having a glass a wine.

    So come off those high horses of yours. Who are you to dictate to me that I can’t enjoy marijuana, the safer choice over alcohol, in the privacy of my own home?

    I’ve worked hard my whole life to provide for my loved ones. I don’t appreciate prohibitionists trying to impose their will/morals upon us all.

    Has a marijuana user ever tried to FORCE you to use it? Probably not… So nobody has the right to force us not to…

    Attorney General Mike DeWine – Don’t try to impose your morality and “clean living” upon all of us with Draconian Marijuana Laws, and we won’t think your such a prohibitionist hypocrite.

  • a

    Sounds like a new attorney general is needed. Is he voted into office or did someone (who was voted in) give him his position?

    • Paul Manning

      i have a petition that people can sign i need to have alot of signatures to have him pulled out of office

  • Artillery Man

    I’m a 21 year old Medically Retired 13 Bravo (Field Artillery) from the Army due to Chronic Back Pain (2 Fractures in my spine, L5 PARS Defect, Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease, Spondylosis with Facet Disease in my L5, L4, and L3), PTSD, Chronic Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depression, ADHD, Constant Tinnitus in both Ears, Right Hamstring Avulsion with Hypertrophic Bone Formation at Right Inferior Ischium (Complete Right Hamstring Tear where it ripped a piece of my Pelvic Bone off with it and never healed. It can’t be fixed and have chronic pain in the upper part of my right leg and have trouble walking and standing), IBS, and Disseminated Histoplasmosis Disease in Multiple Organs which cause Headaches,chronic weight loss (I’m a 21 year old Medically Retired from the Army due to Chronic Back Pain (2 Fractures in my spine, L5 PARS Defect, Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease, Spondylosis with Facet Disease in my L5, L4, and L3), PTSD, Chronic Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety and Depression, ADHD, Constant Tinnitus in both Ears, Right Hamstring Avulsion with Hypertrophic Bone Formation at Right Inferior Ischium (Complete Right Hamstring Tear where it ripped a piece of my Pelvic Bone off with it and never healed. It can’t be fixed and have chronic pain in the upper part of my right leg and have trouble walking and standing), Chronic Sleep Problems, Disseminated Histoplasmosis Disease that causes Headaches, Joint Pain, Muscle Aches and Stiffness, Nausea, Vomiting, and Weight Loss (I went from 200 lb. to 155 lb. in less than a month and that’s what I weigh now and I’m suppose to eat six full meals a day because I can’t gain weight and at my size I can’t due it). In the past 2 years I’ve been prescribed multiple types of medications (Oxycodone (Percocet), Morphine, Hydrocodone (Lortab), Adderall, Zoloft, Valium, Gabapentin, Remeron, Diclofenac, Baclofen, Flexeril, Bupropion (Wellbutrin SR), Itraconazole, Naproxen, Amitriptyline, Xanax, and a lot more a total of 102 Prescriptions not including the refills that the doctors what me to try and see if worked. There were times that I was on so many pills at a time it was like eating a mouth full of skittles for all three meals. (That’s also taking them how the bottle said). There was a 9 month time frame where I had to take over 12 pills with each meal, not including my Pain Medications (I took those as needed, most days would be 2 every 4 hours just so that I could walk or even just try to sleep). I’ve had over 45 injections in my spine in the past year and not one of them have helped, and don’t want to get surgery on my back (There 2 ways and that’s to fuse bone together or to remove bones). I still haven’t found any thing to help with my Mental status yet, and the doctors will have me take an antidepressant for 2-4 weeks and if it don’t work they change it. I’ve been on everything the Army has to offer for my Depression and Anxiety and haven’t found one think that helps other than marijuana. To be honest every time I went home for a long enough leave (Vacation) I would smoke some Mary Jane and wouldn’t have to take as many Pain Pills, I could actually be happy and laugh (instead of being pissed off when I see someone that’s happy when I’m always depressed), and there would finally be no anxiety, I could sleep all night with out waking up multiple times or not being able to fall asleep at all, I wouldn’t notice the ringing in my ears, and I could eat like it was my job ( When I’m smoking I would Maintain 165 lb. instead of 155 lb. and it don’t seem like a lot but it is for me and I’m 6’1″ at 6% body fat and don’t do any type of exercise due to my Back and Hamstring). Mary Jane is the only thing that I’ve found that helps me in more than one way, and it’s a hell of a lot better to wake up and smoke a blunt then eat 12 pills. After I take the pills I can’t eat but after I smoke I can chow down and get my 6 full meals in a day. If the government would look at situations like mine weed would already be legal in Ohio. They say that there’s nothing medical about it, but how isn’t there it helps a person with multiple health issue keep from taking so many different drugs and destroying there liver and getting addicted to all there medications. To me Mary Jane isn’t addicting and if it is to some people that are on multiple medications like me there still a bright side you can be addicted to one thing instead multiple things. This is all a 100% true I used my MEB Packet (It’s the Army Medical Evaluation Board paper work that the Military Doctors and VA Doctors filled out by using my encyclopedia of Medical Records), and according to the Army and VA I am Medically Screwed Up from doing my job in the military and will receive 100% (3,800 a month) for the rest of my life. The Military Doctors have also put in my Medical Records that Marijuana would be the Best Prescription for me. If any of you know anything about the Military it’s vary rare to here someone in the Military to say that and more rare for it to be put in your Medical Records. (That was said by my Mental Health doctor, Pain Management Doctor I was seeing for my back and leg, and the Orthopedic Surgeon I was seeing for my Hamstring. I would really like to find out what all would need to be done to make it legal, because I’m extremely tired of being Depressed and not being able to sleep or eat because of my Medical and all these different type of pills there having me try (and a lot of them don’t work and makes me feel like I’m a drug tester). I would like to here back from someone that knows more on it becoming legal (Someone that knows what there talking about pleas

  • john

    people should come campaign at the casinos, horseshoe Cleveland and horseshoe Cincinnati

  • rrcd3

    he can just go to hell….

  • Paul Manning

    what the bastard did was violated our rights.

  • Paul Manning

    http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/take-mike-dewine-out petition to get mike dewine out of office

    • Chief58

      Paul..That petition with the horrible spelling and grammar will not be taken seriously..Have someone with an education higher than the 3rd grade write it up for ya..

  • Paul Manning

    All who wants to sign the petiton send me your email to jasonwhite47@yahoo.com cause ther wont let me send the link on here

  • Tayzon Martin

    i know who wont be getting my vote and to piggy back the DEA watching over wow
    ohio im sure has one of the higher prison populations due to mary jane being illegal ohio we are behind it is time for a change
    how are we considered to be the heartland yet washington colorado nevada and a few others are pumping the blood through our country
    we are more like the butt of this country always receiving the shyt