Oregon 2014 Marijuana Legalization Initiative Likely

Oregon 2014 Marijuana Legalization Initiative Likely

SALEM, OR — Oregon activists organized as New Approach Oregon will try to put a marijuana legalization initiative on the November 2014 ballot, the leader of the group told the Willamette Week this week.

The move comes after an effort in the legislature to put the issue before voters didn’t bear fruit.

“Our coalition is moving forward with a legalization measure to end cannabis prohibition in Oregon in the 2014 election,” said New Approach Oregon director Anthony Johnson.

Johnson said the Oregonians were working with Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), a move that should help with funding. Fundraising was a key shortcoming of the failed 2012 marijuana legalization Measure 80 initiative campaign headed by Paul Stanford.

Stanford filed two new initiatives in June, but it’s not clear if he’s going to move forward with them.

“DPA will help us draft the measure that we’ll move forward in 2014,” Johnson said.

The move comes after New Approach Oregon, DPA and a group of Oregon political insiders were unable to move House Bill 3371. Lawmakers could have referred that marijuana legalization bill to the voters, but declined to do so.

  • todd

    Is Paul Stanford aligned with New Approach Oregon, or are his efforts separate?

  • Henry Hughes

    Oh no, not another New Approach initiative! Washington’s I-502 was a massive mistake. It did not come close to truly legalizing cannabis. It does not allow people to grow their own plants! And it instituted a laughable per se standard for drugged driving. There has to be a better way.

    One can possess alcohol in any quantity, yet we still can’t possess more than one ounce of cannabis? Idiotic. Incoherent. Indefensible.

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  • Bongstar420

    Read the actual bills. New Approach is not Paul Stanford’s work. It represents a compromise with the Cannabis community and the establishment. New Approach is not like Washington’s I-502. That bill had multiple backwards regulations. New Approach limits home grows to small sizes and possession of various Cannabis products. The limits imposed in the New Approach law on Cannabis possession would be like haveing a law that says a consumer cannot personally posses more then a few kegs of beer or gallons of hard-a. It is reasonable since the only reason to stock up more would be for sales.

    You need to understand Henry, an ounce of Cannabis has the psychotropic equivalent of several cases of beer. 4 oz is a year’s worth for a light consumer. The initiative limits possesion to 4 plants and 8oz per household.


    The tax is $35/oz on the producer alone. That is over a %20 rate (for wholesale prices) that only the producer has to pay (me since that is what I want to be) in addition to the income and property taxes that I will end up paying as well. You wont hear me complain outside of its philosophical aspects (I shouldn’t have to pay any more taxes than any other wealthy person). The mark up the retailer takes will have much more effect on my prices as I refuse to have some talentless retailer raking in better margins than me. I do not mind taxes as much since no one is making millions as a government bureaucrat and that money will go towards the advancement of the public more than the advancement of the rich. Though I should say that we need a rule that keeps rich people out of government as well as a prohibition on government workers going to the private sector after they have implemented regulatory changes that would have bearing on a prospective employer.