Washington State Now Taking Applications for Pot Business License

Washington State Now Taking Applications for Pot Business License

OLYMPIA, WA — Washington state began accepting applications from those seeking licenses to grow and sell recreational marijuana on Monday, beginning an initial licensing application period that lasts 30 days.

Under rules drafted by the Liquor Control Board, the state will license up to 2 million square feet statewide for marijuana production and up to 334 retail outlets.

“This is a historic first,” said Beverly Crichfield of the Department of Revenue, which will began accepting the special marijuana business license applications Monday morning.

Applications will be processed and forwarded to the Liquor Control Board for review, and should be issued early next year.

In Washington, where sales are expected to begin in late spring, the industry is open to nearly anyone – provided they’ve lived in the state for three months, pass a background check and raise any money from within the state.

After nearly a year of studies, hearings, drafts and redrafts, the Liquor Control Board came up with rules that will at least launch a recreational marijuana industry in Washington.

In Colorado, the only other state to legalize marijuana, existing medical marijuana dispensaries can begin selling for recreational use in January.

Washington voters legalized the recreational use of marijuana by adults in November 2012.

  • guest

    We’ll see what excuse ends up preventing Washington from going ahead in the next few months. In Colorado, every locality except Aspen has banned cannabis outright, despite dozens of “medical” (wink wink) dispensaries operating in those same towns. Pretty fucking blatant. If you’re rich enough to bribe a doctor and the state, toke away! If not, what are you some kind of criminal? Everyone knows non-whites aren’t allowed to smoke the devil weed! They become monsters and use their feral strength to rape and kill!

  • SteveSarich

    It will be interesting to watch how many of these applicants can pass the four years of forensic audits from the Department of Revenue….who will look at every dime they’ve taken in over the last four years and determine how much they own in back taxes. That determination is strictly up to the DOH. As long as they insist that you owe them taxes, you will not qualify for a license until those taxes are paid.

    How many of these people will end up with a HUGE bill for back taxes and still not receive a 502 license? You can bet the there will be plenty of people that will be extremely unhappy with their 502 experience. Expect horror stories.

    Those medical dispensary owners that are counting on getting a 502 license, and are not fighting to save medical cannabis, are going to have a very rude awakening over the next three months if medical goes away and they find themselves without a chair in this LCB game of “musical chairs”. You don’t need to be a math genius to figure out that less than 10% of the current Seattle dispensaries will end up with licenses, and possibly even fewer than that. Most don’t seem to be worried and have an “easy come, easy go” attitude toward their businesses. Perhaps they belong back in the black market where they came from.

    Steve Sarich
    Cannabis Action Coalition

  • Albert Broman

    They are going to abolish the medical marijuana program, make it illegal to grow your own, enforce a five nanogram DUI law, charge 25% taxes at three levels for an effective 44% tax and simply require everyone to pay as much as $17 per gram at retail stores.

    I know some black marketers and they are laughing. They are not afraid of losing their lucrative business. The State of Washington has managed to take a vote on legalizing cannabis and concocted a government bureaucracy that will ensure that the will of the people has been subverted.