Hundreds Apply for Pot Business Licenses in Washington State

Hundreds Apply for Pot Business Licenses in Washington State

OLYMPIA, WA — Monday was the first day budding ganjapreneurs could apply for licenses in Washington to open marijuana cultivation, processing, and retail facilities, and interest was intense.

By 2 p.m. Monday, 299 applications had been submitted.

The state envisions up to 334 marijuana retail shops opening next year; it is unclear how many production and processing facilities will be licensed, although regulators have said they want to limit cultivation to two million square feet statewide.

Under rules drafted by the Liquor Control Board, the state will license up to 2 million square feet statewide for marijuana production and up to 334 retail outlets.

Applications will be processed and forwarded to the Liquor Control Board for review, and should be issued early next year.

Applications are being accepted through December 17.

  • Albert Broman

    Yes but what is happening is that the state is afraid the medical marijuana will siphon off sales from recreational so they are trying to get rid of MM and its provision for homegrow.