West Virginia Medical Marijuana Bill Taking Shape for 2014

West Virginia Medical Marijuana Bill Taking Shape for 2014

Proposal would authorize 5 medical marijuana dispensaries statewide, allow patients to grow up to 12 plants and possess 6 ounces

CHARLESTON, WV — The first details about a proposal to legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes in West Virginia emerged on Wednesday during a legislative committee meeting.

The legislature’s Joint Health Committee was told during an interim meeting that a bill allowing the use of medical marijuana is being drafted for consideration in the upcoming legislative session.

The National Conference of State Legislatures says 20 states and the District of Columbia allow the use of medical marijuana, though it’s still prohibited under federal law. West Virginia lawmakers have spent time learning about the issue in at least one previous interim meeting earlier this year.

Charles Roskovensky, chief counsel for the House Committee on Health and Human Resources, told the joint committee that a bill he’s drafting for them would allow people with certain illnesses like cancer and glaucoma to possess up to six ounces of marijuana.

If the bill becomes law, registered patients would be able to purchase medical marijuana at five ‘compassion centers’ throughout the state that would be chosen through a competitive bid process, he said. Registered patients would also be allowed to have a limited number of 12 marijuana plants, he said.

Roskovensky said the bill was not in its final form and solicited suggestions from lawmakers who serve on the Joint Health Committee, and directed questions about the proposal to the committee’s co-chairmen. It wasn’t clear how much support the proposal would have in the committee. No vote was taken and comments were limited, with most questions and discussion being deferred to another time.

Still, marijuana legalization supporters celebrated that the discussion was happening at all.

“Marijuana has proven medical benefits, and seriously ill individuals should be able to use it without fear of arrest and prosecution,” Marijuana Policy Project legislative analyst Matt Simon said in a prepared statement. “We are pleased to see legislators are educating themselves on the issue, and we hope they will move forward with this compassionate and much-needed legislation.”

  • Jason Hall

    Let them use it. But, if you do use it, you can’t drive, you can’t have a government job, you can’t apply for welfare benefits or food stamps. It is a hallucinogen. There are better drugs out there that aren’t hallucinogens.

    • Reza Nator

      ^ yah, use cocaine and meth like most of our politicians that run our government.

    • thedailychronic

      Sorry, I’m not sure where you are getting your information, but you are incorrect. Cannabis is not a hallucinogen, although it does have intoxicating properties. There aren’t “better” drugs out there, there are “alternative” drugs, just as cannabis therapy is an alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals, which often have much more intoxicating effects, hallucinogenic properties, and long-term side effects, and quite often are much more dangerous.

      • Jason Hall

        It is an hallucinogen. It’s not a hypothesis. It’s not a theory. It’s a fact.

        • thedailychronic


        • Erica Cogar

          Cannabis is not a hallucinogen! your probably confused with shrooms or acid haha and you shouldn’t talk about something unless you have experience in it otherwise you go off what another person has experienced.

          • Jason Hall

            No, it is an Hallucinogenic. It’s an unarguable fact. It’s not a good Hallucinogen but it is one.

          • Ruckus Hull

            It has psychoactive properties that are roughly similar to medical grade opiates like Percocet or Morphine, but it is considered a downer like alcohol not a hallucinogen, hallucinogens are drugs which main purpose are to be hallucinogenic, Cannabis is not one of those substances, but I do however agree with you that if legalized for medicinal use then driving should come into question, the extent of I’m not sure now but there should be restrictions with driving stoned.

          • James

            Mr. Hall I sure hope with your limited education on the subject of marijuana, that you have no vote on the issue. To speekout against something that would help so many people is nothing short of criminal . You should check your facts before public speaking because your ignorance is only amplified by your words.

          • JJ

            actually having some properties if acid which have some natural ingredients as well can put it in a category of hallucinogens so before you smear someone do your research James and if u ultimately agree why do u feel the need to correct someone agree and move on people amaze me we aren’t here to compete or argue we are here to state facts which ultimately may help in the decision to legalize a less harmful answer for many and I mean many illnesses.

          • Educated


            Before you go bashing James, maybe you should visit a few hours of third-grade english class.

            Now, can you try repeating your argument in a form that is readable and makes sense?

        • Justin Akers

          Obviously your someone who knows nothing about mariuana I’ve smoked it for for going on 20 years and if u believe it is a hallucinagen your gullibel and as ignorant as the sources ur reading

    • Danlien

      What, like Oxycontin? Durrrrrrdeeedurrrrrrr!!!1

    • Jesse Ball

      Wrong cannabis is a psychoactive drug only if you eat it and that is only if you eat it. The plant has so many cannabeniods and they all do different stuff. Once you burn all those different cannabeniods even the psychoactive one turn into THC. That’s why you get a different high between eating and smoking. I will agree with u about driving. It’s called Driving Under the Influnce, not drinking under the Influnce. You can get a DUI when your buzzed on anything. I know that Bush Jr. was doing coke while in office. And I say anyone should have the right to put what we want into our bodies, we certainly put things on the outside.

    • fk_yu

      You need an education! wow I’m astonished by your ignorance

  • Bhutcheson

    I hope and prey w.v. Passes bill for medical marijuana.government needs to worry about drugs that kill.many of them are legal!!

  • Kenneth Reckart Jr

    marijuana is safer than alcohol but yet you can get piss drunk and go to work the next morning with a hangover… a lot of people die from drunk drivers every day yet its still legal.. but something that helps so many people with there illnesses is illegal.. and the fact that its just a plant that anyone could grow on there own… The fact that there finding out that it helps with cancer patient should be plenty to get it legalized… I’m unable to drive unless I go a year seizure free. I was told from my Dr. about 6 years ago. all the man mad medications I’ve been put on did more harm then good so I just decided to give up… Its hard to get a job when you have no way of getting there… I experimented with the marijuana and I went over 2 years without having a seizure… that proved to me that this plant was a wonderful thing… its grows natural not made in a lab… I never thought of ever doing drugs or anything in school I didn’t even try marijuana till 2 years after I graduated high school… this was before I started having seizures… sorry for the long post its not all about me there are tones of people in west Virginia that could use marijuana’s medical aspects to help them in there every day lives and who’s to say we have to suffer because of what some people think…

    • Jesse Ball

      I know two guy that are achoholics and they have been drink for so long that their bodies need it or they go into seizures. Truth.