DEA, IRS, Local PD Currently Raiding Colorado Marijuana Businesses

DEA, IRS, Local PD Currently Raiding Colorado Marijuana Businesses

DENVER, CO — As many as 30 medical marijuana dispensaries and other businesses in Colorado area are currently being raided by the DEA, IRS and local police according to sources in the area.

VIP raidThe U.S. Attorney’s Office in Denver has issued a statement confirming the ongoing operation, which is being conducted by the DEA in collaboration with the Internal Revenue Service and the Denver Police Department, but declined to comment further citing an ongoing investigation.

“Although we cannot at this time discuss the substance of this pending investigation, the operation under way today comports with the Department’s recent guidance regarding marijuana enforcement matters,” the statement read, referencing recent guidelines issued by the Department of Justice. “While the investigation is ongoing, there are strong indications that more than one of the eight federal prosecution priorities identified in the Department of Justice’s August guidance memo are potentially implicated.”

It is believed that the Internal Revenue Service is the lead agency in the operation.

Michael Roberts from Denver’s reports that Swiss Medical in Boulder was raided, but according to the owner, the raid was prompted by one person among multiple tenants using its space being investigated, but the plants belong to everyone were seized by federal agents. Because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, federal law enforcers are required to seize weed whenever and wherever they encounter it.  All the Swiss Medical tenants lost their plants, even though only one of them was on the feds’ radar.

Shattered glass at VIP Wellness in Denver, CO, where federal agents raided on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013.

Shattered glass at VIP Wellness in Denver, CO, where federal agents raided on Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013.

The raids began sometime after 11 am local time Thursday.

It has also been reported that medical marijuana businesses in Boulder are being raided as well.

So far, we have confirmed reports of three dispensaries that have been raided:

*VIP Wellness in Denver
*Swiss Medical in Boulder
* MarQaha in Denver

It is also believed that Cherrytop Farms in Denver has been raided, but we are awaiting confirmation from sources in the area.

A spokesperson for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was unable to provide a comment on the raids, saying they were unaware that there were any active marijuana enforcement operations underway in Colorado.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

  • Chris Nichols

    and it begins…….. meanwhile the USDA has given clearance for a new pharmaceutical drug to be made out of a schedule 1 drug called cannabis LMAO frigg’in hypocrites.Protect those profits…

  • adaminoregon

    Another example of why its probably safer to just stay in the black market.

    • Oldtimemoonshine

      then worry about rats!

  • arkarian

    um … why are the denver police involved in this? i read no mention of these dispensaries breaking any laws, so if that’s the case, the denver pd shouldn’t be helping out. cannabis is legal in both colorado and denver.

    also, i thought the feds were going to back off state legalization? bunch of hypocrites.

  • Ras Ible

    This can be won very easily. Everyone demand jury trials! Jury nullification works! Feds and State and taxpayers will get tired real quick of this ignorance.

    • Mike

      Good point, Ras. Where they gonna try them? Do they dare export the trial, even a federal one, to another state? It’s time to call this abuse of the justice system for petty political posturing to a close.

      Yes, and WTF are Denver Police doing? Traffic control? Holding back the angry crowds? Let the feds wallow in the sty they choose. There’s no need to waste the taxpayer funds of Colorado citizens on suppressing something they declared legal.

      • Ras Ible

        You know, the reason they didn’t arrest anyone is because they know they can’t convict them. If anything…the raids are harrasment. Better yet, genocide, cannabis saves lives.

  • Ryan Mullis

    Armed Robbery, the culprit being the Federal Government, the victim being freedom and the good people of Colorado.

  • Mike

    I think it’s about time for the Colorado and Washington congressional delegations begin representing their people in DC by holding hearings into the DEA’s unclear and uncertain “guidelines” and the variable and disparate ways they are being enforced. I think calling some of the chief perps in DC on the carpet for some WTF F2F is about due.

    It’s also the case with state bureaucracies now regulating the industry, the feds should defer to local regulators about who is and who isn’t obeying state laws, which the DEA has implied it is willing to respect — but clearly isn’t.

  • smokeybear406

    can we say BU*LSH*T!!??better yet HORSE SHI*!!??at the same time probably hundreds of peeps all around Denver shooting up (yea needles)life threating amounts of legal pharmaceutical narcotics WTF?!?!?! makes a lot of sense huh? let people kill themselves the”legal way”and arrest the people who are truly sick and don’t want to be addicted to government run suicide the rest of their lives-GASP-how FUCKI*NG dare those damn cancer patients and other seriously ill people who want to live their lives with a little bit of dignity instead of becoming a zombie out pillhead begging for a quarter BULLSHI*!!!BULLSHI*!!!! BULLSHI*!!!! BTW: for the record I have had brain cancer since 1998 and have smoked weed daily since ’95 but yea it has no medicinal value sorry to rant but WHAT A FUCK*NG JOKE OUR GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME.

  • Ras Ible

    To be honest…since it’s proven cannabis saves lives, why couldn’t this be considered genocide by the United States against its citizens? With this knowledge, a prohibition that kills a group of people, even gradually, falls under the definition of genocide…

  • Daniel Hansson

    And when they force the legal places out of business, where do people go? Apparently logic on the federal level says “they will quit”. Moronic behaviour.

    • Mike

      That’s why the cartels and the DEA need each other — and neither wants legal, regulated reefer. They both are too invested in the way things are to tolerate change.

      They need each other, but we need neither.

  • dofphish .

    Cut into CIA profits and they take you out. Can’t have competition! nazi thugs.

  • Melekalikimaka

    Further investigation finds ties to to Colombian drug cartel and Cuban gangs distributing Colorado grown MJ in Florida. This isn’t a willy nilly lets raid every dispensary. Don’t go sensationalizing stories now for clicks. Yes, unfortunately several dispensaries growers may share growing space and yes, unfortunately those not even involved got their weed confiscated. Colorado is trying to clear the criminal element out of the mj business, this sort of thing happened after re-legalization of alcohol, there were still black market hangers on.

    • thedailychronic

      The keyword here is “further investigation.” This article was posted as the news was breaking, while raids were in progress, and while federal officials were silent. This wasn’t “sensationalizing stories for clicks,” this was real-time reporting of news as it was happening. This is just one of the articles published here covering the story, as more information continues to become available.

      Here is the latest:

  • yaakovwatkins

    They aren’t telling why they did this. Until they do, we will have to wait.

  • rrcd3

    just shoot the bastards like bonnie & clyde.