Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Becomes Mayor in California

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Becomes Mayor in California

Historic, unprecedented vote illustrates political strength, legitimacy of medical marijuana community

SEBASTOPOL, CA — The Sebastopol City Council voted Tuesday to seat Vice Mayor and medical marijuana community leader Robert Jacob as Mayor of Sebastopol.

Jacob, 36, founder and executive director of Peace in Medicine, two licensed medical marijuana dispensaries — one in Sebastopol, the other in Santa Rosa — was Vice Mayor for his first year before becoming mayor.

After opening Peace in Medicine in 2007, Jacob began serving on the Sebastopol Planning Commission in 2011, then successfully ran for city council in 2012.

“My life has been about service,” said Mayor Robert Jacob. “By addressing social problems such as homelessness, HIV/AIDS, and access to medical cannabis, we can shape a better world for ourselves,” continued Jacob. “As mayor, I will work to facilitate even greater changes to public policy, from affordable housing and safe routes to schools to supporting real immigration reform. There is so much we can and must do to improve our communities by working at the local level.”

In addition to his work as an elected official, an entrepreneur, and a community organizer, Jacob has worked hard to establish statewide dispensary regulations in California, as well as helping officials establish local regulatory ordinances in cities such as Napa, Sacramento, San Jose, and Stockton.

According to his bio, Jacob serves on the city’s Business Outreach and Legislative Committees, the Chamber of Commerce, and the League of California Cities, among other official posts, and was recently named in the “Top 40 Under Forty” list by the North Bay Business Journal for his leadership and business acumen.

Medical marijuana advocates point to Jacob’s ascension to mayor as an example of how the medical marijuana community is being led by everyday people who want to be and are a vocal part of the political process.

Jacob continues to support the election of patient advocates as local and state policymakers in order to promote broader medical marijuana policy reform.

“This historic, unprecedented vote in Sebastopol illustrates that the medical marijuana community has political strength and the influence to elect advocates to public office,” said Don Duncan, California Director with Americans for Safe Access, the country’s largest medical marijuana advocacy group. “Although medical marijuana enjoys the support of 80 percent of Americans, Jacob’s election as mayor of Sebastopol brings additional legitimacy to the patient community.”

  • Jason D. Andrews

    While in So.Cal we are charged for sales and Transportation as well as cultivation and distribution.. There is no equal justice in California.. How is it he can run Two Collectives, While others cant even get access to or find one in Orange County, San Diego or Riverside San Bernadino Counties? I am disgusted with this State… I wonder does he have a State I.D. or Caregiver Cards from the Health Department? Ill be in Court fighting my second Trial, Jovan Jackson just was found guilty in San Diego County for doing exactly what this guy does and Joe Grumbine will be in Court Jan 14th, 2014 Long Beach to see if he will be put through a third Trial like Jovan… Gavin Newsome and the ACLU are a Joke and there blue ribbon panel that they want to create in 2016 is a joke as well.. What about the patients and Caregivers being prosecuted and persecuted know.. Look at Guillermo Aquilar, Been in Jail for over a year, Denied an affirmative defense and sits in Jail, Had a Valid Rec and State I.D. all for a Lb….

    California has no Justice and there are separate Laws in this State that are applied unjust an unfairly..

    Jason D. Andrews
    Executive Director