Colorado’s Marijuana Sales Kept $5 Million from Black Market in 1 Week

Colorado’s Marijuana Sales Kept $5 Million from Black Market in 1 Week

DENVER, CO — With sales in the first week of retail marijuana sales in Colorado expected to exceed $5 million, marijuana advocates say that is $5 million out of the hands of black market drug dealers and into the hands of licensed businesses.

Since the first pot shops opened on January 1, the number of stores statewide has grown to about 50. Industry insiders estimate about 100,000 people purchased marijuana legally in the first week of sales.

“That’s $5 million that would have been in the hands of illegal drug dealers and black marketeers, which instead is going to small business owners, who will reinvest it in the community, creating jobs and tax revenue,” says Aaron Smith, co-founder of the National Cannabis Industry Association.

The brisk sales also raised an estimated $1 million in tax revenue to be used for improving Colorado schools, roads and other public projects.

And the revenue being generated for the state isn’t coming solely from the sales of marijuana, either.  Colorado’s tourism industry has seen a boost, as cannabis consumers from coast to coast visit the state for the novelty of being able to purchase marijuana legally.

Other businesses are being quick to capitalize on the new legal marijuana industry as well.  The most beneficial, it would seem, would be the food service industry, with many restaurateurs jumping on the munchie bandwagon.

One Denver based sushi chain, Hapa Sushi, has even gone so far as to create a marijuana “pairing menu” as a marketing campaign targeting tokers.


  • Katmuse

    I’m looking for some reports on Alcohol sales…
    I think those sales may have slightly declined…
    That would be another positive side-effect of Cannibus..for recreational use…or medicine…seems things are turning out quite diffrent from the horror stories about what the consequences of legal weed could lead to…
    If it is a “GateWay”… drug”””>>>>
    The final destination looks good..I’ve stepped thru’ the gate willingly & happily.. as many others in this country have.
    Prohibition will soon be a thing of the past…

    “I’m headed for the trees over there..If that’s not our destination…I dont care..””

    “Im a open book….sic.> I’m a free thinker…..”
    Lyrics from Freeloader/Throwing Muses

    • nooneatallhere

      2004 Cannabis was downgraded to class C on the advice of the ACMD… In 2010 Cannabis
      was upgraded to class B against the advice of the ACMD (Gordon Brown admitted
      it was his personal feelings that prompted the re-scheduling… Democracy? I
      think not..)… In that period, alcohol consumption dropped by 13 %. Since
      then, alcohol consumption (and the associated harms to the individual and
      society) has been steadily rising again….. House of Lords…

      • Katmuse

        Thanx’ so much. Democracy is in trouble when old wives’ tales, propaganda & personal feelings, dictate public policy…

        Colorado hasn’t experienced any of the horrors that were predicted by the anti-pot Trolls.
        Alcohol consumption has always been a problem that law enforcement officers pay special attention to in our State. Just anecdotally..they let the stoners slide most of the time. I’ve had ppl tell me they will be using cannabis more often, and drinking that’s it’s legal here. The studies will prove it out in the end, I think.

        Imagine these combos., and imagine you are a cop patrolling I70..eastbound side of the Eisenhower Tunnel:
        People on the highway that have been recreating at the resorts all day and want to get home on Sunday Evening. Lots of PPL.

        Icy Roads
        Steep Grades
        Wildlife crossing the highway
        Fully “loaded” Cars ( snowboards, skis. bikes. canoes, luggage….dogs in crates, either on top or strapped to the bumper…etc.
        Don’t laff! Most of it’s true.)
        Blowin’ or heavy Snowfall
        Snow Plows trying to manuver around abandoned vehicles
        Cars flyin’ down the mountain…exceeding “Safe Speeds for the Road Conditions”..and the drivers thinkin’ four wheel drive & anti-lock brakes will actually enable them to by-pass the “Slow-Pokes” and “Stop on a Dime” as they’ve seen on TV a million times! ( I’ve never seen Black Ice in a Car addy…….But, I have driven over it! You drive over it, cuz’ at times you cannot.. Stop on it! Hold yer’ breath & cross yer’ fingers till U hit a bare spot.)

        Now add:

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  • Regina Nelson

    Another positive…our DUI’s should drop significantly. Lots of good bringing this public…now for full and real legalization for all citizens!

  • Bonnie

    I’ve been smoking for 45 yrs. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t. Bottom line, jobs, revenue, education & reinvesting in u.s.a. if it was good enough for Jesus & its natural & grown in the free U.S.A it’s good enough for me. Think of all the people it helps .To the C.D.C. get out of the way. The people have spoken!!!!! Let’s not forget all we fought for in all wars, Freedom!! I say it’s time to take it back & change laws.

  • maxwood

    @Katmuse, thanks for bringing up the SUBSTITUTION FOR ALCOHOL question, now check this out:
    “It has been estimated that smoking related diseases cost the National Health Service about 1 billion GBP per year. As this is only a fraction of the tax raised on tobacco products it could be said that there is no overall cost. Except to the individuals and their friends and family of course.”

    Looks like HM Govt is ADDICTED to nicotine?
    (A) Once cannabis is legalized, many may SUBSTITUTE it for tobacco;
    (B) “paraphernalia laws” would fall away, and VAPORISERS and 25-mg-per-serving Long-Stemmed One-Hitters substitute for the 500-mg “joint” among cannabis users and– uh oh– for the high-profit 700-mg “$igarette” format among tobacco users. (Unless they can find some vaping related diseases to trot forward in the Daily Mail?)

    • Katmuse

      >>>Maxwood..Thank You…I believe i understand your point. It is a Money Game……Cost / Benefit sort of situation…?
      I have substituted pharma meds with weed products made at home, and hope to do the same with tabacco..I roll joints in a roller with crutches (Filters) & they feel very simular to cigs. When I started ppl smoked in grocery stores………It’s the most addictive substance I’ve ever encountered..In the form they sell it in, with all the additives.( Did Indians die from smokin’ tabacco straight from the plant in thier peace pipes.. I wonder? ) Add the shame of having the habit these days! No matter what I injest…even things like coffee! seems I end up feelin’ like a social outcast. Weed is more socially acceptble now, but we Must NOT smoke in public.

      ( “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!!!??..I just luv’ THAT line! )

      I envy the ppl Tailgate drinking before sports events.. right out there in the parking lot fer’ all to see.
      No smoking aloud in the OUTDOOR stadium tho’..and suspend the player that dares to use it just like they would openly use Alcohol.
      Double Standard to B sure.

      Now, if I could afford a long stemmed Vap that would deliver about 700mgs.THC/CBD and whatever else is contained therein”’ I would Happily die ……from a VAP-Related disease!

      You may post it in the DailyMail IF I do sir!

      I have just, at this moment, been handed some wax from a friend. I have a new VapPen all charged up…so……
      Relief is just one puff away. Being able to speak out in this manner..about Cannabis…. is the best damn RUSH ever! (Shame on Me! )

      Oh my..sorry..I rambled on agin’…….must be sumthin’ I injested today…
      I’ll be banned from this site fer’ sure.

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  • scarzano

    And the ‘black market’ did what with the money…sit on it? I don’t think so! They put it back into the economy also!