Iowa Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced, Killed Same Day

Iowa Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced, Killed Same Day

DES MOINES, IA — A bill to legalize medical marijuana was introduced in Iowa on Tuesday, and later that day the bill was declared dead for the year by the bill’s primary sponsor.

Senate File 2215, introduced by Senator Joe Bolkcom (D-Iowa City), would have allowed patients with certain medical conditions to receive medical marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.

The bill would have created one of the most limited medical marijuana programs in the country. Initial qualifying conditions included only cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, or severe spinal cord injuries.  Additional conditions would have to be approved at a later date by the Department of Public Health.

Despite the narrow scope of the bill, however, it was unable to pick up bipartisan support despite a recent nationwide surge in public support for medical marijuana and national media attention on medical marijuana for children with epilepsy.

“I could cry I’m so disappointed,” said Tina McDermott, who’s son Ryan suffers from Dravet syndrome, one of several parents to speak in favor of the bill at a press conference Tuesday.  “There’s not even a chance for our kids. Unbelievable.”

Prospective bills in Iowa have only until Friday to make it through the committee process to be considered by the full Senate this session.  Because Bolkcom’s bill lacks bipartisan support and has yet to be assigned to a committee, the Senator declared the bill dead late Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s dead,” Sen. Bolkcom said. “There’s disappointment we were not able to recruit bipartisan support for a very narrow bill to help these families with children suffering from seizures as a result of epilepsy.”

“We’re not going to be successful creating a program until we have bipartisan support for it,” Bolkcom added, looking ahead to next year.  “We have a lot of education work to do ahead here.”

  • Dave Leo

    bipartisan support? This isn’t a Game. You have constituents suffering and you can’t even appoint a committee because it was introduced by a democrat …. SHAME ON YOU!!

  • budhappy

    Theres not even a chance anymore. yes there is, defy the government. Grow your own. t5’s use barely any power. 4 plants would be enough if you veg longer for more bud sites. Easy to make the oil. Only your stupidity in telling people would get you busted. They would not notice any power draw for 4 little t5’s, and they would be enough to flower. Not great, but enough.

    • none of your buisness

      Wouldn’t even give them the privlege of calling them government. They think they are gods. I honestly believe they enjoy the suffering. The only thing they have served me was veiled threats and heartbreak.

      • jeff

        they make to much money on busting people and making suffering people take the morphine and all the other pills fuck the government i suffer pain issues daily they dont give a fuck fuckem thats what i say

  • Derek Dunkin

    just childish, open your mind to possibile ground breaking remedies for average everyday
    sub par physical conditions. the fact that we dont have the freedom to choose how we are treated for our own issues is so frustrating. so if i get hurt or have a life long alement i have to pop dangerous and unhealthy pharmacuticals, you have to be kidding right. you big industry assholes. i dont even use anymore because of the perinoia that has been created in iowa. a preffer not to be looked at as a criminal for using marijuana. let alone losing my license and being cavity searched. natziistic would be a better discription.

  • Alex

    Just despicable. It’s things like this that shame both the state of Iowa as well as the our political parties. You lawmakers are PATHETIC and controlling dictators. They open the floor to anyone whom wishes to speak on the side of a PLANT and NOT on processed drugs that are chemically changed but we all know that they mute out all of the white noises that are the patients that they should be protecting and helping as leaders. Fuck this state. You people are MONSTERS and don’t deserve even one more day in office for LACK OF COMPASSION!!! You’re NOT doctors and you just make shit up when it comes to research and little things called FACTS! Leave it to the medical providers, because you men and women that stopped this bill are just plain stupid. Try reading some medical books or looking at medical research before you give the finger to thousands of people and sign their death certificates. I hope it was worth it, assholes.

  • Ephraiyim

    I live in Iowa. This isn’t just about the State Legislators. 5 years ago they told the Pharmacy board that they had the authority on their own, without legislative approval, to make medical cannabis available.
    They passed it back and said “oh no we would never do that without explicit direction from the State Legislator.”
    Nobody wants to touch it because there are too many old people in this state who still believe what they were taught in the 40’s and 50’s about the “evils” of marijuana and believe whatever law enforcement people tell them.
    My own State Rep who is a liberal voted to criminalize substitutes because 1 kid in the state way overdid some and died of a heart attack. Well, instead of making it illegal for minors they just made it illegal for everyone. I was using it to help with fibromyalgia and told my State Rep after the vote. His remark? “We were told by LE it was dangerous.”
    Get that? Not medical experts. Not scientific evidence. No…law enforcement. That is all the testimony that leadership allowed to be heard. Leadership in the House here are Democrats.
    It isn’t about Dems or Repubs here. They are all idiots.

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