Joint Marijuana Legalization Bills Filed in Florida

Joint Marijuana Legalization Bills Filed in Florida

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Two bills to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by adults have been filed in Florida.

If passed, Senate Bill 1562, sponsored by Sen. Dwight Bullard (D-Miami), would allow people 21 or older to cultivate six marijuana plants and legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana.

The bill would also create a regulatory system to oversee the sale and taxation of marijuana, and rename the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco to the Department of Alcoholic Beverages, Marijuana, and Tobacco, who would be responsible for  the licensing and regulation of recreational marijuana sales.

A companion bill, House Bill 1039, was filed in the House by Rep. Randolph Bracy (D-Orange County).

The bill comes as a major push for medical marijuana is underway in the Sunshine State.  The legislature is considering two separate proposals to allow medical marijuana in the state, while a ballot initiative will appear before voters in November, who could decide once and for all the fate of medical marijuana in Florida.

Of the two medical marijuana options pending in Tallahassee, Senate Bill 962, along with identical companion legislation House Bill 859, would create a comprehensive medical marijuana program in the state, similar to a proposal being presented to voters in November.   The joint legislation, backed by Democrats in the Republican dominated legislature,  would specify tight state regulation for doctors to prescribe marijuana for treatment of conditions like cancer, HIV/AIDS, ALS and other severe afflictions.

The second option, supported by Republican lawmakers, would allow a high CBD strain of cannabis to be given to children suffering from severe epilepsy and other illnesses.

Meanwhile, a proposed constitutional amendment to allow medical marijuana in Florida will appear on the November ballot.  Needing 60% support to pass, the amendment would legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

Polls show the ballot proposal has a strong chance of success. If the amendment passes, the 2015 Legislature will have to pass implementing legislation specifying “how will we grow it, how will people who need it get access to it and how will those who are seeking to abuse it receive consequences.”


  • Matt Grande

    This is unreal. I am so happy for our state and especially people who are ill in our state who will now have a better choice of healthy medication. I’m a filmmaker in the process of making a movie “Caring For Christa”, which is about all of these people suffering. So much good is happening, I know this will bring peace, love, and health to our whole world!

  • Dusty Relic

    I think a lot of people will want to take marijuana tourism trips to Florida. Its appeal is more universal than Colorado’s IMO.

    • Mike Schnetzler

      That’s a fact

    • David Puente

      Wow imagine Florida Marijuana tours, The Income would be CRAZY!!!! Why NOT pass it? The law isn’t stopping anyone from using it now anyways. It is a failed prohibition and a wrong one too. There is nothing harmful about this and that is a FACT.

      • Art O’Connell

        The law stops me from using takes days to round some up sometimes..its five times as expensive as states where its legal, and its no where near as professionally processed.

        we are adults. if we want to smoke, what business is it of government?

        • NOto Bullies

          I agree. If we want to sell, kill, smoke ourselves, the govt has no say what we want to do with our lives. We should petition legal prostitution, all drugs, and mercy or not killing!!

      • STEADYxBLAZINGx420

        Agreed, I’m on probation and still smoke. They can’t stop the use of it either way, by keeping it illegal, they are locking up innocent people. Also, I guarantee the crime rate will drop if it is legalised for recreational purposes as well

    • Wes

      Yeah, why do you think the Governor of Colorado is urging the other states to wait a few years? Obviously he wants to monopolize the tourism as long as he can.

    • WordsOfWisdom82

      I think the tourism money will be short lived. I bet it will be legalized federally within 5-10 years. The momentum is just overwhelming. Colorado didn’t go up in flames when they legalized. That will put a lot of people’s fears at ease. The penalties associated with marijuana are MUCH, MUCH worse than any damage marijuana itself causes.

  • Matthew Cunningham

    And that in addition to the billions that patients from around the world will bring to access to MMJ clinics.

  • Matthew Cunningham

    And that in addition to the billions that patients from around the world will bring to access to MMJ clinics.

  • Mike

    Somehow, we manage to have a great nation with marijuana being mostly illegal, yet widely and cheaply available. I think Gov. Moonbeam is looking at the glass being half empty, rather than half-full.

    Imagine what a great nation we could be if we ended prohibition.

    These leaves aside the way marijuana aids the creative process. California has entire industries devoted to imaginative creation of alternative realities, which depend on the availability of reefer to one degree or another. Brown may want to pretend that’s not the case, but it is/

    And how exactly does locking up mostly minority youth over cannabis make us a great nation? It doesn’t. It’s one of those things holding us back from being a great nation.

    And Brown is a Democrat? This just demonstrates how badly the end of prohibition threatens the good ol’ boy network in the Democratic Party. It time for some new blood and new ideas, not a stale rehash of Nixon-era policies from Democrats.

    • Art O’Connell

      Fl will never legalize marijuana for recreational use, it is the back bone of funding for the entire judicial system, they send people to PRISON here for small amounts of pot.

      • Mike

        There was a distinct lack of imagination when marijuana was banned.

        Those who struggle mightily even now to preserve prohibition against all common sense, scientific evidence, and the demands of a majority of Americans likewise lack imagination.

        I would like to think that we Americans, including Floridians, have enough imagination to turn this mess around and end the war on ourselves. Some of us have been imagining there are viable alternatives to the sorry state our nation is in for years and even decades, all because others of us persist in using prohibition divide us, rather than letting democracy end this bizarre experiment in social control and bring us together for a better future.

        Don’t let your imagination fail you, Art.

      • E Cash

        It’s true. They’ll lose money in the system. Less people in prison. Fat judges will be outraged. But let em drink! That will solve everything.

  • neon

    i want someone tell me whats wrong with marijuana???they need to make cigs and beer illegal, that kills..but they dont want to think of that..they want to see people die. legalize marijuana in every state

  • Jane Peters

    I wish we could legalize it in my state.

  • roaddawg

    Prohibition of marijuana has ruined millions of children’s lives in so many ways.
    Save our children, legalize marijuana!
    Ask any teenager what is easier to get, pot or beer?
    Drug dealers don’t check IDs, or sell beer.
    Pot is not a gateway drug, the dealer is the gateway.

  • Mr. BigDickBitch

    Come on Florida! I believe in you. Do something right for once.

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  • Merkinmuffley

    Lol I get fantastic weed in Florida and I can’t wait to legally grow it myself! Legalize it!!

  • raptor_highlife

    Progress like this will only continue if the apathetic people in Florida get behind it and voice their support to their state representatives, friends and family; and show up to vote in November!

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  • E Cash

    I’d rather have people smoke some plants than have the alcoholics running amok, killing each other. At least they’ll stop to think. Whew, Florida is filled with enough morons as it is.

  • danny orlando


  • James Copeland

    Legalize marijuana much safer than alcohol proven fact read all about it before you judge. God made marijuana man made alcohol. People that smoke pot shoot the peace sign people that drink shoot the bird.

  • James Copeland

    When they make it legal think of the little pigs that will get laid off just another way we save $$$. How many jails will close another way we save $$$$.

  • Seph Gibson

    Remember Remember The 6th of November….

    • Groucho Marxist

      right kiddies. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND VOTE….

  • Hunter Shamlian

    This is a huge start for Marijuana. Unfortunately, this plant will still be under the governments control. again, huge accomplishment by far.

  • Mike Murray

    It will take a senators child to overdose on OxyContin and they’ll legalize it


    Response from Senator Marco Rubio, ((( Floridians keep this in mind when voting next time )))

    “Thank you for contacting me regarding marijuana usage. I understand this is an important issue to you and I appreciate hearing your thoughts. Up front, let me say we disagree.”

    “The use of illegal drugs has a profound impact on many people in our country, especially children. Drugs contribute to violent crime and enrich international crime organizations. More than that, they destroy lives and undermine our society. The federal government has an important role to play in combatting drug trafficking and the criminal organizations that benefit from it.”

    • Robert Ta

      Marco Rubio is a stone cold liar! It’s the prohibition of cannabis that creates black markets, and enriches international crime syndicates. The federal government should have no role whatsoever in deciding what we, as adults, can put into OUR bodies. Marco Rubio must be voted out of office. He is out of touch with reality on cannabis, and he supports criminal aliens invading our country illegally, to milk our welfare system and create more Democratic voters. Rubio is as disingenuous and low down as they come.

  • Ron

    What are the anti marijuana people so afraid of? People already smoke it all the time now. Its the easiest of all illegal drugs to score on. Legalizing it will not make everyone who hasn’t used it all the sudden go out and get baked on it. If you have been a chronic user of it and had all kinds of problems with it then don’t use it then. But don’t push your biased opinions on everyone else who uses it responsibly.

  • Groucho Marxist

    wont happen. the rw goobers in tallahassee wont have you hippies hanging around their still…

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  • catsinjax

    It’s a shame that Senate bill 1562 and House bill 1039 were already shot down. Now, we will be lucky to just get the bill passed for the kids that need treatment though medical marijuana. I wish FL would follow CO and just go ahead and legalize for recreational use and medical use, so that it would free up law enforcement on things that really do need their attention and free up our jails and prisons of people that just got busted for pot. I would be willing to be there are many more people killed each year from drinking and driving, or texting and driving, than there ever will be killed from folks smoking pot. Got knows our state needs the funds this would produce, so they could finally upgrade education, health care and other issues. I am quite sure a lot of people in chronic pain would love to have another option to treat their pain, that is much safer than all the narcotic drugs out there (and isn’t habit forming). Wise up lawmakers and step into the new age and pass the legislation to legalize marijuana.