Wisconsin Gov. Signs Limited CBD-Only ‘Medical Marijuana’ Law

Wisconsin Gov. Signs Limited CBD-Only ‘Medical Marijuana’ Law

MADISON, WI — Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law Thursday legalizing cannabidiol, or CBD, for children suffering from uncontrollable seizures, joining Alabama, KentuckyMississippi and Utah in having enacted limited medical marijuana bills this year.

Walker, who has opposed marijuana reform in Wisconsin, agreed to sign Assembly Bill 726, becoming Wisconsin Act 267,  due to mounting pressure from families of sick children who would have had to leave the state otherwise.

The high CBD oil was previously illegal in Wisconsin due to it containing a small amount of THC, the psychoactive component found in marijuana, but advocates pointed out that CBD could never be used as recreational marijuana as it delays and even negates the psycho active effects of THC-Delta-9.

The legislation was written specifically to apply only to CBD, and it must be administered by a physician.

The CBD oil that has reportedly been working for children in Colorado will now hopefully be available in Wisconsin by the fall.

While this will help a select few in Wisconsin, a more comprehensive medical marijuana bill, Senate Bill 363, was rejected earlier this month by lawmakers.

That bill, along with companion legislation Assembly Bill 480, would have allowed patients to possess up to three ounces of marijuana, cultivate up to twelve plants and authorized a system of state regulated medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Qualifying conditions would have included cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Chron’s disease, hepatitis C, Alzheimer’s, amytrophic lateral sclerosis, nail patella syndrome, Ehlers−Danlos Syndrome, and post−traumatic stress disorder.