Texas Teen Facing Life in Prison for Pot Brownies Has Court Date; Supporters Rally

Texas Teen Facing Life in Prison for Pot Brownies Has Court Date; Supporters Rally

GEORGETOWN, TX — A 19 year old Texas teenager facing life in prison for possession of a 1.5 pound pan of pot brownies was in court Thursday, while hundreds of supporters rallied outside.

Jacob Lavoro, the teen from Round Rock, TX, whose brownies contained hash oil and marijuana buds, also possessed a pound of marijuana, digital scales and baggies filled with marijuana when he was arrested in April, police say.

Lavoro’s father, Joe Lavoro, told CBS, “I don’t understand it…. I’m a law-abiding citizen. I’m a conservative. I love my country. I’m a Vietnam veteran, but…this is wrong!”

Lavoro was originally charged for the total weight of the pan of brownies, which was enough for a first-degree felony, and not the weight of the smoke-able marijuana used to make the brownies.

Jacob Lavoro, 19, faces life in prison under Texas law for making pot brownies. (Williamson County Jail/booking photo)

Jacob Lavoro, 19, faces life in prison under Texas law for making pot brownies. (Williamson County Jail/booking photo)

In court Thursday, Lavoro turned down a plea deal to reduce the charge to a second degree felony, punishable from two to 20 years in prison. His lawyer, Jack Holmes, wants to see the charge dismissed, reduced to a misdemeanor, or go to trial.

Attorney Holmes filed a motion to suppress evidence in the case, saying police entered an apartment illegally.  Holmes says Round Rock police had announced that they were maintenance men when they knocked on the door of an apartment where Lavoro was staying.

Holmes contents that the search was illegal because police said they smelled marijuana when the door was opened, but didn’t see anyone in the apartment trying to get rid of any illegal substance.

“I hope for my charges to be dismissed. That’s the ultimate hope,” Lavoro said.

Lavoro’s case was postponed until August 6th, when lab results are expected to come back on the tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, content of the brownies.  The hearing on the motion to suppress evidence is also expected on that date.

His penalty of 5 to 99 years in prison is more severe than manslaughter.

“This is a prime example of how our criminal justice tax dollars are going to waste,” said Tristan Tucker, Deputy Director of Dallas-Fort Worth National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. “Rather using out law enforcement officers to fight real crime, we’re using them to keep brownies off the streets.”

In response to the harsh penalty, Texas citizens have demanded “Justice for Jacob” and have expressed their outrage through fundraisers, and a rally held today.

From 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. Thursday, people gathered at the Williamson County Courthouse on the corner of 4th Georgetown, Texas to rally for a more lenient penalty for Lavoro.

Rally attendees were able to purchase a “Justice for Jacob” T-shirt for $20 to raise money for Lavoro’s defense fund. The rally rose up to $370 for Lavoro, and more than 477 people RSVP’d on the “Rally to Support Justice for Jacob Lavoro” Facebook page.  Shirts can be purchased online for $25, including shipping.

The next fundraiser for Jacob Lavoro, “Bowl out Injustice”, will be June 22nd at Fiesta Lanes on Onix Road in El Paso, Texas. The event will be put on by El Paso National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and will be $10 per person for two hours of bowling and shoes. For more information or to RSVP, click here.

You can also donate to Lavoro’s defense fund at gofundme.com.

  • cody

    I think that the laws should be delt with by God….The laws need to find something else to do and quit waisting tax payers time and money on arrest for pot when GOD HIMSELF PUT IT HERE…….Its stupid cause the law knows pot is healthy and they allow cigarettes and alcohol that kills you but wont allow the public use what god put here….I think the citizens need to take things back over…we should be able to choose what we do with our own lives….

  • Vernon Ezekiel

    lol oook..but someone with cocaine can get out in a matter of yrs?

  • michael pike

    My God ! What the hell is wrong in Texas ! The state which used to allow an open container of beer while driving as long as you were not impaired ! I surely would never subject my family to such redneck ignorance and blatant stupidity by actually living there. This poor kid subjected to such injustice should be a capitol offense against the state of Texas. Do we really think the defenders of the Alamo would be proud ?

    • John Doe

      Are you kidding me you must be the most idiotic person in the world to think that Texas is a redneck state and is inappropriate for your kid to be and I know this pot brownie case is bullshit but you want to blame to whole state this is one county and your fucking ignorance is showing your stupidity my God did you really think that the defenders of the Alamo would disgrace Texas for this on incident you are way out of line.

  • Faris Mee

    Far better few painful whacks on his back, legs & arms with a jockey’s riding-crop is the punishment in ALLAH’s SHARIA 5 minutes v 99 years. A no-brainer.

    • im not hard to find

      you are stupid. you deserve all of the physical punishment you just put out there. those brownies are legal in other places in this country. should everyone that does the same thing legally in the same country be beatin according to your logic?
      you believe the same stupid shit that suicide bombers believe. we should hunt you down and beat you.

    • slongo

      sharia has no place here

  • Edo Edo

    I only have two words to say to this…
    “Jury Nullification”…

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  • Dominique Wilkins

    That fact that anyone is incarcerated for cannabis is a absolute F#%kin joke and disgrace to this country … That goes for any drug what the F#%ks the point of locking someone up if they’re not violent or hurting anyone else .. Oh yeah now I remember “MONEY”

  • Dave K

    Many people who use cannabis as medicine find edibles to be preferable to using smoked cannabis as the medicinal effects are apparent over a longer period of time and some folks object to smoke. Edibles now include not just brownies but also suckers, beverages, gummy bears, chocolate bars, and a vegetable glycerin (water soluble) extract that can be placed in any beverage or food to turn it in to an edible. Edibles and concentrates offer a less intrusive alternative that few people object to or even notice. The hash oil that Lavoro used makes incredibly good brownies. What Lavoro did was irresponsible as many of us were at 19 but it does not warrant prison, even in Texas. Where is Willie Nelson when we need him?

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  • TKB

    So some rich Kid murders 4 people with his car and gets no jail time and the now this kids father who is a not a billionaire but a vet now will loose is son over pot brownies ?!?!


  • downthelaw

    This is complete and total BS. What a joke!!! This is what I mean when I say that the ONLY bad and unsafe thing about marijuana is the FAILED prohibition against it. If the federal government don’t get the evil DEA out of their ear and their own head out of their a$$. Then people like this boy and thousands of others are doomed and for what. A victim less crime. There’s is no one hurt or in danger here and enough is enough. To hell with prohibition.

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