One Dead in Attempted LA Medical Marijuana Dispensary Robbery

One Dead in Attempted LA Medical Marijuana Dispensary Robbery

LOS ANGELES, CA — An armed security guard has shot and killed a would-be robber outside a medical marijuana dispensary in Sourthern California located near LAX.

The shooting occurred just after noon Wednesday when two armed men allegedly attempted to rob the “Nature’s Cure” medical marijuana dispensary.  According to reports, the men allegedly walked into the dispensary and began shooting at the guard, who returned fire.

“I don’t know exactly where they exchange of gunfire occurred,” LAPD Capt. Brian Johnson said. “My belief is that it was either in the very front of the location or possibly inside at the threshold of the door.”

One of the armed suspects,  38-year-old William Dion Carter, was shot in the stomach during the exchange of gunfire and collapsed in front of The Westin Los Angeles hotel where he died, police said.

The other suspect, who is described as a black male in a brown baseball cap, a beige shirt and green pants, reportedly fled in a dark-colored BMW and is still at large.

A witness told NBC News that he saw the men run from the dispensary.

“I heard gunshots, but I’m not sure who was shooting at whom,” Felix Avilar said. “I saw one guy run towards the Westin, the other guy ran that way toward La Cienega, but he then came back. He jumped in the car and left in his car.”

The security guard was unhurt, but a second person, a female who has not been identified, fell and sustained a head injury during the commotion, officials said.


  • Hank Pym

    I’m sure opponents of the legalization movement will state that this is merely a biproduct of what happens without the “safeguards” of prohibition. In reality, this is another example of why legislatures need to allow legalization at the federal level– even if only for medical purposes, not even recreational– so that dispensaries can have bank accounts and not worry about the feds being the ones doing the robbing.

    Keeping it illegal at a federal level keeps it as a cash only business, making dispensaries easy targets for scumbags.

  • Dana

    It’s a shooting gallery where the criminals get their just desserts

  • Hank Pym

    Yeah, BC there’s plenty of cash. If dispensaries could have bank accounts, they would be able to accept credit card payments and make regular cash drops to their bank, instead of having a hundred thousand dollars cash laying in an office in the back of the store.