Oklahoma Governor Announces Support for CBD-Only Medical Marijuana Law

Oklahoma Governor Announces Support for CBD-Only Medical Marijuana Law

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said on Wednesday she would support a limited medical trial in her state for a derivative of marijuana that has been used in other states to treat toddlers with rare conditions that can cause seizures and strokes.

Activists said the move was significant since it comes in a state with some of the strictest anti-marijuana laws in the country.

Fallin, a Republican, said she would ask lawmakers in the next legislative session to support legalization of medicinal cannabidiol oil (CBD) on a “limited, heavily supervised,” trial-only basis.

Her office said CBD is not intoxicating and research suggests it may be effective to treat toddlers with rare conditions that cause seizures and strokes.

“I do not support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana,” Fallin said. “I do support allowing potentially life-saving medicine to find its way to children in need.”

According to NORML, as of June, 10 states in this year’s legislative season have enacted laws seeking to provide limited access to medical marijuana products that contain high levels of CBD and virtually no THC for qualified, typically pediatric patients.

The group has said the Oklahoma legislation will likely be unworkable for most patients. The products are only available in a handful of states where use in other states could violate federal law.

“Oklahoma embraces an anti-marijuana culture and this move is for pure political symbolism,” NORML Executive Director Allen St.Pierre said.

According to a 2013 report in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, CBD could be a potential medicine for the treatment of epilepsy, oxidative injury, vomiting and nausea, anxiety and schizophrenia.

  • Edo Edo

    The only positive spin that someone might be able to put on this is that with another state jumping on the CBD derivative bandwagon (albeit less than half heartedly), it puts a little more pressure to remove cannabis from Schedule 1 of the CSA. Otherwise, this move is pure political posturing for the media and independent voters…

  • Andrea Boo Deming

    They’re just looking for support from the majority because they’re “supporting it medically” but not in all the ways that marijuana is beneficial, and act as if everyone is going to die if people just so happen to get high from it. I’m just waiting for someone to realize the true harm that comes from alcohol, cigarettes, fluoride, etc, and decides that marijuana isn’t as bad as they’ve been programmed to believe. And seriously, a strict and trial run only? How have they not seen enough evidence over the last decade at least, to be able to see every single benefit this plant has to offer?

  • Dave_K

    Politicians who push the CBD only legislation are rather like hucksters trying to tell us that we can receive all the benefits of an orange by consuming only the vitamin C.

  • http://goo.gl/JyczIy Efrain Baez

    Awesome! CBD is already legal in all 50 States, it is been sold CBD rich Hemp Oil in Vaporizers, CAPs, Beauty Define Line and many more been developed. See the news about CBD – http://goo.gl/JyczIy

    • I Call Bullshit

      Except that the so-called CBD oil you’re speaking of is not the same thing. There have been numerous articles published that point to this “RSHO” shit being unfit for human consumption, ineffective, expensive and causing more harm than good to patients and the legalization effort as a whole.

      This RSHO shit is snake oil being pushed by hucksters, carpetbaggers, and other unscrupulous crooks.trying to make a quick buck by taking advantage of sick and desperate people looking for a miracle cure. I mean, why else would they be charging such unreasonably (and unnecessary) high prices for this “legal CBD oil”? Because it’s a scam, pure and true.

      Don’t forget, for CBD oil to truly be effective, there still needs to be negligible amounts of THC and other compounds found in cannabis — which this RSHO bullshit does not.

      Stop spreading your lies, or educate yourself about the truth before you kill another kid.

      • http://goo.gl/JyczIy Efrain Baez

        You are absolutely right, we all need education as you stated here, and the idea that high prices mean scam? The direction this is heading and the current studies shows where this will be in the future. Science has been the key to what we are and where we stand today. Everyone is entitle to express their believes and frustrations but don’t confuse this with what really matters here. There are many narcotics used today that are doing more harm than alleviating the illness they are used for not mentioning the side effects,,, do you know the price tag for that? Have a wonderful day

  • Big Abner

    RINO Mary Fallin trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. I supported her until she supported Common Core and then came crying to the podium signing the bill to ban Common Core. She was forced to do the right thing knowing to do anything different would mean she would be a one term governor. She should support medical marijuana if she has any compassion in her political body. Democrats are the only ones that get the need for medical marijuana. The Republican’s stance will go a long way turning Oklahoma blue. I’m a strong conservative and I am going to hold my nose and vote Democrat because I can’t stand a RINO. All this and I have never used the stuff, but I believe in others rights to medicate themselves as they see fit.