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EOTO’s Time Illusion Pre-Tour Showcase Womps Boston: the Lotus comes to Life

Thursday night, EOTO kicked off their Time Illusion tour at the House of Blues in Boston with a special $5 general admission ticket, bass-tastic tunes, and a much anticipated new stage design with 3-D mapped visuals.  The show's hype and anticipation was well deserved, as they sold out the venue with over 2,200 people womping it out to EOTO's famous "live and improvised" dubstep and face melting visuals. Not only did Thursday's show womp-start their Time Illusion tour, it also marked the debut of EOTO's much anticipated enormous 17-foot 3-D lotus-inspired stage.  But just how big of a debut was it? "We didn’t really get a chance to see it yet," EOTO's Jason Hann told us before the show. "It kinda came down to the last minute, and we never got to that point where we could shut all the other lights out and just see what it looks like when we’re playing onstage.  So when we start playing tonight, it’s going to be the first time." The  enormous lotus was designed by Peter Zebbler and built by Blake Cortney in Boston, a major factor in the dubstep duo's decision to debut the stage design and hold the pre-tour showcase here.  With