HARTFORD, CT — A bill to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults was introduced by House Deputy Majority Leader Juan Candelaria (D-New Haven) to the Connecticut legislature earlier this week, joining a similar bill filled in January. House Bill 6703 would make possession, sale, transport, growth and use of marijuana legal for adults 21 or older, “subject to certain […] Continue Reading

HARTFORD, CT — Sickle cell disease, Tourette’s syndrome, post-laminectomy syndrome with chronic radiculopathy and severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis could all soon be added to the list of 11 qualifying conditions for Connecticut’s medical marijuana program. State officials from the Department of Consumer Protection, the agency that regulates all pharmaceutical drugs in the state, will […] Continue Reading

WASHINGTON, DC — NORML has updated its homepage’s medical cannabis section, including a newly designed national map of medical marijuana states to reflect the recent surge in states that have passed so-called ‘CBD-only’ legislation. Currently in the United States, 35 states have reformed their laws via legislation or binding voter ballot initiative to allow qualified […] Continue Reading

HARTFORD, CT — Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) signed into law Thursday a bill to allow the state to study the feasibility of legalizing industrial hemp. The bill will require the Commissioners of Agriculture, Consumer Protection and Economic and Community Development to study the feasibility of legalizing industrial hemp for “the purpose of encouraging economic development and increasing the number […] Continue Reading

HARTFORD, CT — Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection says 300 state residents have been approved for the medical marijuana program with another 150 applications still being considered. DCP Commissioner William M. Rubenstein said this week that since the agency began temporary registration in November, 300 applications have been approved. Patients have already faced several challenges […] Continue Reading

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