INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Hopes for medical marijuana coming to Indiana this year — or even being considered by lawmakers — have been deflated following an announcement that a proposal to allow medical cannabis won’t receive a hearing in the Senate this year. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage), sponsor of Senate Bill 284, said Monday that the chair of the Senate […] Continue Reading

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Indiana could become the next state to legalize medical marijuana, if a Democrat state senator is successful in pushing through a bill in a Republican dominated legislature this year. As anticipated, State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) filed a proposal last week that would allow marijuana use by individuals with certain health conditions by […] Continue Reading

A new year brings hope to many Americans still living under the iron fist of cannabis prohibition, as legislative sessions begin to get underway around the country.  Lawmakers in several states have already pre-filed marijuana-related legislation or announced intentions to do so.   The next month will bring a flurry of bills from coast to […] Continue Reading

GRANVILLE, OH — According to a new analysis by the Clemency Report, some states are still suspending the driver’s licenses of convicted cannabis offenders unrelated to any actual driving offense (as part of a federal law called the 1992 Solomon-Lautenberg Act). The report finds that a vast majority of states have abandoned enforcing this unfunded […] Continue Reading

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Lawmakers in Indiana will consider several marijuana-related bills as the legislature convenes for the 2014 regular session, in a state that last year unsuccessfully tried to increase marijuana penalties. Several bills have already been introduced in both chambers of the legislature to allow a medical necessity marijuana defense, reduce marijuana penalties, and […] Continue Reading

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — An Indiana state Senator has introduced a bill to authorize industrial hemp cultivation by the state’s farmers. Senate Bill 357, introduced by Sen. Richard D. Young (D), would authorize the Department of Agriculture to license the cultivation and production of industrial hemp, pending federal approval. The bill would also licensing requirements and authorize the […] Continue Reading

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Indiana Senator Karen Tallian (D-District 4) has introduced a bill that would decriminalize small amounts of marijuana,  reduce the penalties for possession of larger amounts of marijuana, and authorize industrial hemp cultivation. Tallian’s Senate Bill 314, introduced Tuesday, has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Corrections & Criminal Law. If passed, the bill would reduce the penalties […] Continue Reading

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