Royalty Payments

Across the country and around the world, grassroots organizations are working hard to end prohibition of cannabis.  No single reform organization is financed as well as the DEA, ONDCP, or DOJ, and for the smallest grassroots activists to national lobbyists, every penny counts.

At The Daily Chronic, we want to do our part to help the reform movement, and finance organizations big and small. That is why every time you submit an article, you are asked to designate an activist organization — from your local campus SSDP chapter to the NORML Foundation — as beneficiary for royalty payments.

Every month, we look at the net revenue (n) generated by advertising placed throughout The Daily Chronic, compare it to the total percentage (p) of page views each published article receives, and make a donation of the royalties (r) to the appropriate organizations, as designated by the articles’ author.

For those of you math geeks, the simple “stoner math” formula we use looks like this:

n * p = r

An article needs only to earn$1 in royalties for a payment to be made. Donations are calculated monthly, and paid quarterly.